Weekly Wisdom #256 - Enthusiasm?

There’s so much packed into this blog, no description would do it justice. So here’s a summary:
- You’ll hear Dean’s response to your requests for more specifics about his personal nutrition regiment.
- Find out how Dean gets his seemingly supernatural enthusiasm.
- The simple steps to living without fear and crushing your goals.
- What to do (and what to avoid like the plague) when talking to buyers or sellers.
- How to let go of things that drag your attitude down and ruin your day.

And, much, much more. So, watch, comment and share with others.

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A quick morning pick me up.

dinoMartino's picture

Hey Dean:
I need to ask you more about that green drink you were talking about drinking in the morning. I am always looking for a quick morning pick me up, and I usually use fruit. But as you just pointed out,fruits can turn to sugars in the blood stream, and that is something I need to steer clear of. Any chance you could shoot me a couple of those green drink recipes ?

being homeless

thanks Dean being strait forward and honest when speaking on deals is the best way. Being homeless is trying to make ends meet to try to get ahead in life with the littel money you have I will allways never give up and keep my enthusiasm up and speak up with honesty!!


loved hearing you say we are obligated to earn money and how we share/spread that wealth...

Enthusiam is so much "LIFE" --

thanks much


Thanks Dean with this weeks wisdom I need to speak honestly to buying or selling or making deals so they can trust my Enthusiasm

Re: weekly wisdom #256 Enthusiam


Thank you very much! I don't have a problem talking to people, but I really caught on to the way you express yourself or come across to people in person
or on the phone with real estate.

Wow! thank you for bringing that to our attention and how that can really sink you in a deal.

Dan Marusin

Wonderful video for ones Nutrition regiment . This video can be proved helpful for the people who are trying make a daily routine for the daily foods. I appreciate Dean's

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