Weekly Wisdom #256 - Enthusiasm?

There’s so much packed into this blog, no description would do it justice. So here’s a summary:
- You’ll hear Dean’s response to your requests for more specifics about his personal nutrition regiment.
- Find out how Dean gets his seemingly supernatural enthusiasm.
- The simple steps to living without fear and crushing your goals.
- What to do (and what to avoid like the plague) when talking to buyers or sellers.
- How to let go of things that drag your attitude down and ruin your day.

And, much, much more. So, watch, comment and share with others.

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Motivation X 3

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GREAT GREATER GREATEST!!! thanks Dean.I felt your goose bumps too!

Endorsing enthusiasm

I can't really imagine Dean having a bad day. I think he probably chooses to have good days instead. For those of us that don't have that mental toughness, take notes on what Dean does because it is obviously working!

Good week to all!

Good In, Bad Out

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Dean: It's refreshing and encouraging to me as part of the training/coaching staff with this real estate program to see that you recognize and promote the importance of bringing positive things into our bodies, whether that is on a physical, emotional, social, or spiritual level.
I've been an herbalist and natural health advocate for even longer than I've been a real estate investor, and concur completely with your statements in this Weekly Wisdom. I'd also like to add that it is also important to detoxify--keeping our bodies and minds free from harmful toxic substances or thoughts and attitudes is clearly something that you live and advocate. I hope each reader of these posts takes this wisdom seriously--a sharp mind, a healthy body, and the ability to live the lifestyle we are creating for ourselves are our greatest wealth!


Thanks for the encouraging words.

You're talkin' my language!

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I love hearing you talk, Dean, about your healthy lifestyle and spreading the word Smiling I live as you do- I do the little bit of extra work it takes in the morning and make healthy drinks to start my day! (It all starts when I wake, with my quart of water). Taking care of yourself does make all the difference!!!


Dean I have been listening to your blogs for ages and they keep me UP, they keep me POSITIVE and on those STINKY days, they let me know that I CAN DO IT!!! You are my biggest mentor. You inspire me and many thousands of people. I am so grateful that my son and I got to meet you in person in Las Vegas at the Inner Circle. You ROCK our world.
You reminded me of when I went to a customer training course. We were taught that if you have a smile of your face when you are talking to someone over the phone they can hear it and feel it....it is so true.
Thanks I look forward to watching each and every daily wisdom.
Michelle Smiling

Your Health Is Valuble To Family & Friends

Hey Dean great health tips and motivation for keeping your body working for the duration of this life so to speak this is a journey we can make pleasant or unpleasant using the coaching of the corner of the one who is training the body and mind of wisdom to keep our vision to do something different without failing to see it through this is what a mentorship is all about not just talking the talk but walking the walk in this world of toil and snares I continue to take good advice from you thanks I appreciate this.

Hey Dean

Just want to thank you for your weekly wisdoms and great tips. This is my first time posting on DG. I know life has been beating me down with the daily routine living check to check with the economic down bills up high and now the goverment shutdown it getting pretty scary just can't wait for that financial freedom some day I Know your system works I have friend in miami that's doing very well and has been to your edge event a couple times I Tip my hat off to him hopefully some day it'll be my turn Dean keep up the great job in making a differance in our lifes

You Change Peoples Lives.. I am one of them!!!!!!!!

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I have been working this deal for over 1 year and we finally closed today!!! It is a package deal from a living trust. Two houses on two lots in Rockland County NY.
The houses were listed two years ago for 429K. I started my offers 2 years ago at 120K. Well to get to the quick because I am gong out to celebrate...I purchased both for 150K today with my own cash as a cash deal..(could not qualify it for your insiders cash deal...even though I thought it should qualify). Each house was appraised for over 200K. I am going into the bank in the morning to HELOC the properties and pull out the cash!! I should double my money tax free and collect rents for the next 5 years here>..Ready for the next deal... and by the way... I have lease options in discussions for both properties!!!

I have three more deals similar in contract an hope to close by the end of the year...

DEAn... because of attending your free seminar and then the 3 day in Westchester with Matt Davis...who was outstanding!!!... I have gotten back into the saddle and I am on my way to 21 houses in 21 months!!!

God Bless you for your drive and inspiration to all of us!!

I hope to one day meet and work with you here in the NY try state area... My daughter is a freshman at Marist college and I have been investigating the Poughkeepsie area for over a year. With the right strategy and some source of large capitol we could change the area over a three year period...

And to all those out there in DG land.. it is absolutely possible to change your life if you choose to change your mind!!!

Frogman...out on the town tonite and toasting myself and The little Italiano!!!

Make it a Great Real Estate Deal Day!!

Green drink & enthusiasm,

Oh WOW!!.. signing up and becoming a member on this sight has been perfect and this was the perfect timing for everything from the green drink to the our fears to enthusiasm!!.. Thank you for the pick me up!!.. I needed it!

I talk out loud to myself!!

Dean, this was a fantastic tip. I have been painfully shy for most of my life, even as a little kid. When I first learned about real estate investing, I got all excited about the possibilities. But when it came time to talk, I would get extremely nervous. I have literally talked myself out of at least $55k. How? the first deal I did was a wholesale deal to another investor. I was so excited to have a contract and then to have a buyer for the contract that I talked the assignment fee right out of the deal. I originally told him I would assign for $2k. The next deal was another wholesale to an investor. Everything went perfect until the day of closing. Well the seller saw how much money the investor was getting for this rehab project and she flipped. the title co called me and asked for my help to calm her down. I was so nervous and embarrassed that I told them to give her my share $3k. It was on the contract and only needed my signature. The last one was on a $1M deal. I went to my local REI club and just foolishly gave the deal to another investor because I was way to nervous to talk about assigning a contract that large. Now, I have to talk out loud to myself before I have a conversation, but it works! Do what you gotta do!!

Very good video. I have

Very good video. I have bookmarked this page, I will visit this site again or I can say always. I liked the advice on enthusiasm.

Weekly Wisdom #256

Hello Dean:
Being enthusiastic and carrying oneself in a determined and positive manner, when dealing with buyers and sellers in the Real Estate Investment arena, will definitely give us, the Real Estate Investors, a better opportunity at accomplishing success with business deals. Buyers and sellers will be more confident about our capabilities to deliver successful results. Thank you Dean for your weekly input and professional wisdom.

Love it!

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Hey Dean,

Great one! Thanks for sharing!

Many thanks dear Dean !!!!

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Thank you for your enthusiasm. First time I take to comment one of your weekly wisdom, so take note I'm always watching them. For more than a year , I using Nutribullet with their recipe. Yes I can't stop taking it, taking all the good stuff at the morning. I bought my first investment property in Montreal area, Qc, Canada, in August, did a big renovation with my team and I just put it back on the market this week. I'm so proud of what I have done yet. Now I'm transposing your enthusiasm to sell this property. I expect to do a ROI of 60K$.
Thanks dear Dean for being what you are !!!

See it at:

I'll try it.

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I'm going to see if I can go to a health store and look for this stuff, I need more energy and sleep since I wake up in the middle of the night for no particular reason.

Enthusiasm is the sparkplug of LIFE!

Nobody wants to do business with a dude. They want to talk with an intelligent, vibrant , alive person who is excited about what they are doing. Real estate is exciting, so "Light up" and show it.!


Like Always Dean You are full of motivation for us your ENTHUSIASM always keep us moving forward. You never let us down you are always do everything to get us up there and I MUST AND WILL! Thank you Dean very much.


ok Dean...

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first, thank yo so much for sharing your tips about being healthy!

The green drink challenge for a week... I did it! it was not the most pleasing tasty drink I've had, nor the worst...
The green smoothie... went to the market, bought all kinds of greens (kale, spinach, celery, cucumbers, green apples, mint leaves, etc) prepared my green smoothie... but honestly, I don't think I can do this every day Eye-wink
I think I will stick to my salads and steamed veggies...
But please, do keep telling us about your healthy lifestyle on the weekly!

I talk to so many people on the phone that are out of state where I invest, and whenever I talk with a smile, I always get the help that I need, or an issue resolved...from complete strangers!

I need to get the alert for the forclosure homes

I have been trying for a couple of weeks and am not able to get in. Reason I do not know. I follow the instructions and the steps but I get a msg saying there has been a problem.
Can you someone help me out. I called and left a massage and I am not sure if someone called me.


David Jahani


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Wow Dean,
This is a true example of enthusiasm at its height. I have not been on in awhile and what a great WW Blog to start back up with. Thank you.
Best to you


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deep !

You are such a great

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You are such a great motivator Dean. Thank you And you are right you have to believe it if they can tell you do believe in yourself than they will no either. Now Im going to return some phone calls!

Motivation and body language

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Hi Dean, I want to thank you for sharing this, you are so right about people carrying their day with them, I had to work on that. Now that I have worked on that and show my motivation and drive and passion for real estate and how much money there is to be made for financial freedom, it has really made a huge difference. If I have had a crazy day, I have a little chat with myself and flip it around before I get on the phone with anyone. I have found I don't get back down after I get off the phone!! Awesome advice!!


Thanks so much Dean, for this post and for all of your posts! You are so right about enthusiasm and how it sounds in your voice! Even over the phone, this is easily picked up, or: Not! I have been asked : 'are you tired" (by a friend) and I am not tired at all. But I let my enthusiasm go, and very fast it is picked up and noted! A lesson here for sure, acting enthusiastically is another great way to actually stoke it up!!
Live, Thrive, prosper!

Rosa The Cat

Enthusiasm is the key!

Hello Dean and DG Family,

Thank you Dean for reminding me the obvious and already verified that when you are enthusiastic about anything, everything follow, energy, self confidence. But so many times I forgot that. Thank you for reminding me this today. I will try the green drink. I need to make a change in my diet, but I am not sure I will give up coffee, yet. Great weekly wisdom as usual. Glad to be part of DG Family!

Thanks Dean Without your

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Thanks Dean

Without your words of encouragement every day It would be very hard to be motivated by you help keep the enthusiasm, strength and someone who believes in me that keeps me moving ahead.

Thank you so much for giving your time for us.'
'Donna Marie'

New to Dean's Website

Hi all, I'm new to Dean's Website and I just joined. Can anyone direct me to where to find Dean's original blog on his personal nutrition regiment.

New to Dean's Website

Hi all, I'm new to Dean's Website and I just joined. Can anyone direct me to where to find Dean's original blog on his personal nutrition regiment?


Wow...talk about being
in state...you were fired up
this week about the topic
of enthusiasm.

Loved this message and the
energy behind it Dean!

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