Weekly Wisdom #256 - Enthusiasm?

There’s so much packed into this blog, no description would do it justice. So here’s a summary:
- You’ll hear Dean’s response to your requests for more specifics about his personal nutrition regiment.
- Find out how Dean gets his seemingly supernatural enthusiasm.
- The simple steps to living without fear and crushing your goals.
- What to do (and what to avoid like the plague) when talking to buyers or sellers.
- How to let go of things that drag your attitude down and ruin your day.

And, much, much more. So, watch, comment and share with others.

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You are absolutely right. That's why I check in with you every Monday morning. You help me make it through the week. Thanks for sharing your personal life and what you consider the important things that have made a difference for you.


What a great weekly wisdom. I have forgotten about things in my live I was enthusiastic about until now. I will use what I used than to achieve my goal. You are so wise Dean and we thank you so much for your weekly wisdoms.


Weekly Wisdom

Thanks always Dean for these weekly wisdom I look forward to Monday because of them. First what exactly is the specific name of the greendrink product I couldn't find it.

also I found my first motivated seller talked with her and hope to be sending her a contract today. I've also talked with some cash buyers that have an interest. So I could be on the verge of my first deal ever I'll let you know thanks Rich

Weekly Wisdom #256 Enthusiasm

Wow! I am so glad I watched this video blog.
Thank you! Dean. Yes your right you have to be balanced your physical health and your mental health it is a 50/50 thing for sure!

Thank you again for your time!!!

Just What I Needed

Hi Dean,

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on enthusiasm. I wish I had just 1/10 of your energy!

That right there tells you....I need to make a change. I'm a work in progress. Smiling

Great thing that I can re-watch your videos to help me along the way; because they do!

I appreciate you sharing your wisdom. Have a blessed week!

Some help for Freedom4me

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Hi Freedom4me,
It can be hard to start hard core like Dean mentioned, especially if you don't already have a love for vegies. You can reap the benefits of juicing without gagging. I suggest that you add some granny smith apples to your juicing. They will sweeten up the taste but have the lowest sugar content of all apples. Carrots are a great thing to add as well - if you have a juicer. I suggest you do a little internet search on juicing recipes. There are some really great resources out there. The green powders are hard for most people, when they start. But you will get used to it as you ease into it. If you don't have a juicer, you can buy some organic super food juice and add it to that. I like following Joe Cross http://www.rebootwithjoe.com/. He has an amazing story. And also Drew Canole http://fitlife.tv/ has some great recipes. I know you can do this!
Best, Sonya

Enthusiasm/whole life success

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Dean, fantastic post!
I love that you are sharing a little more of your personal commitment to the success of your whole person. Afterall, we can't be truly successfull unless we are successful in our whole life, not just business/money.
And thank you for the very useful and usable tip of taking a moment to get your game on before you go on stage. We can all use that tip in some way, shape or form.
I know making the calls is my biggest fear so this really hits home for me. Thank you!

Enthusiastic and Motivation

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I do enjoy your weekly wisdom, It does get me feeling better, Since I don't have a personal trainer calling me anymore, I have slowed down and looking for help. I am around negative people and its hard to turn them away. I also like your green drink ideas, I would like more information on this subject.

This is one that I can

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This is one that I can really really relate to from personal experience. By nature I am an introverted and shy person. Showing enthusiasm when talking to others was very hard for me. I used to use that as an excuse not to move forward until I met someone that told me, "that shyness is just an excuse and you are being self-conscious." I was like what? I later found out he was right. Then this same person would also always tell me, "you have what it takes, but you must first deal with that self-consciousness and worrying about what others will think." So I took that advice and quit using that shy excuse and i LEARNED how to be more enthusiastic and how to display passion when talking with others. Thats the beauty of it, enthusiasm can be learned! It definitely is contagious! Im still not one who just bounces off of the wall 24/7, but I have learned how to display authentic enthusiasm when needed. I don't have to force it, so if I don't have to force it that lets me know it is a gift that has been there, but my excuses clouded it. I also learned just as you were saying, not to let my insecurities or bad experiences of the day to affect my enthusiasm. Not always easy but again its something anyone can learn to do!


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Thanks Dean for yet another dose of your enthusiasm. I am so appreciative of your weekly wisdom entries. To add the green drink is amazing. I am starting this green drink as well.

I awaken every morning stating my positive affirmation in the mirror that I am successful R. E. Investor using Dean's 25:1 technique.

Thanks so much Dean.

Holy cow..

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Have you been spying on me Dean?? Ha..I make pretty much the same drink after my workouts in my vitamix! (Raw plant based protein is the way to go ! )

Take it lite...and eat right!
Hazco Investments

Enthusiasm is key

Thanks Dean, for that wisdom, your always on target, you have to think positive going in.

Thanks Ray


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Stuff happens, and really got to debunk the funk. When you don't expect all your wrongs to show up on one day, life don't seem worth living. Thanks for stirring up the inner confidence, enthusiasim, yes don't care if I got to fake it. You really do blow me away with such timely Weekly Wisdom vs the Wailing Wall.

health again

you are so right about acidity and enthusiasm. your invigorating message is such a perfect lesson. I am honored to be a part of your family. my next door neighbor is loosing his house, all paid for, for tax reasons. moved away and owes 4 years of taxes. I contacted him and then called my Coach. the owner is going to make out if he lets me help him with your education. Bless You and your team.
-ofcourse I'll assign the contract to someone on my extended buyers list, right! you are one speacial dude.

Lemons to lemonade

The house I bought in April is a nice cash flow now that small issues are fixed. But my tenants now tell me they want to buy it if I'm willing to sell. So much for buy and hold; or why not a lease/buy option? That way I keep the asset until it actually closes. It's a win-win. This is fun!


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I NEEDED THAT!!! Thanks again.

You Are One Outstanding Teacher for Encouragement!!!!!!

I so enjoy all your lessons on weekly wisdom. You are totally right 100%. Thank you so much, and you are great, enthusiasm is what it takes, god bless you always, we love you so much, we are blessed to have you as our teacher encourager, and whatever it takes, for now have a great week, awaiting your next wisdom lesson. Your student Maureen Emerson.

You give so much of yourself

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Not only do you give a lot of yourself to us but its genuine which separates you from the rest! That's for another uplift Dean you're a class act!

Deans good advice

Dean I really like this blog as I am older and not in as good as health as you. However I am going into wholesaleing and I really do think I can do this even though some say I can't, but I am rereading your books and have a few homes picked out. (I have flipped three homes) I hope I can work this out Think I can Thanks for the encouragement!!! Really helps!!!!

Attitude works!

Thanks Dean for reassuring us that is ok to make mistakes but to keep a good attitude! Attitude and self confidence says a lot for a person. Keep us up on our toes!! We all need a push at times!

Great Message Dean!

Thank you once again!

excellent weekly blog

Enthusiasm: Great blog dean: I am so glad to hear about you drinking the shake,sharing the ingredients. staying healthy.Thats what it takes for all,to be able to work. great tips.Carol in texas

Thanks Dean

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I started on Green VIBRANCE which we received on Saturday and believe it or not I did not feel the heart burn today.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this and with all your advice I want to achieve success in RE


How Can I Talk To My Sister's Boyfriend?

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My sister's boyfriend has stopped paying his mortgage and seems determined in giving up his property in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I want to help but I don't know how to talk to him about buying it without money to make a purchase. The property is located in a nice neighborhood on 36th Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dean, what do I do?

Thanks for the nutrition tips...I've been doing the same...sparingly. I love kale!

Love It! Workin out, Eatin right, Good Livin, It's all addictin

You are so refreshing! I'd like to start a poll & be the first to vote for some of "DEAN'S DAILY DILLIGENCE"! I know you are busy enough, but that's how much your efforts are appreciated buddy Smiling

My day is coming, it has to be Dean. I'm daily working hard . . . well, perhaps I'm just taking it hard. Hmmm. Maybe I'll try your way to see if that helps me stop drowning & start sailing. God bless you and thank you so much! -Carolyn


Thanks Dean!
Loved it!
Needed it!!

3 food groups

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HA, Dean I am not so dialed in on the food thing, I always say there are 3 food groups, meat, potatoes, and chocolate. Might have to adjust to some type of shake or smoothie to get some fruits and veggies, we'll see. But always a BIG THANKS to keep us motivated and to keep our minds running.

$256 Enthusiasm!

Go Dean! You are an Ace! Thank you for doing this, thanks especially for the: "you can do it" portion of your talk!
I love that you are encouraging: good health, low consumption of sugar, exercise and so on. We all know this in theory, but it is so good to hear coming from your lips, as you are: Guru for us!!
Just hearing it motivates me to get going and try it. So far I have the ingredients at home, except for the Kale, which I have never even tried! There is a first for everything. Thanks again Dean!


Glad I click this weekly wisdom in. Fantastic! Thanks Dean. Just what I needed. Everyone needs to watch this one.

Minnesota Bill

Perfect Timing! :)

This weeks weekly wisdom really couldn't have come at a better time! In the past 7-10 days I've been figuratively hammered with doubt as a result of a series of conversations with other R/E investors, buyers and agents. When I came into your program I set a high benchmark for myself, and knew that there would be frustration and obstacles along the way. I just didn't expect my faith in your program, and my decision to go "all in" to be challenged so heavily so soon. Seems the market I've targeted (near where I live) is currently very poor for wholesaling on 1st time buyer properties. The inventory is very thin unfortunately, and since this method of obtaining fast cash is the most comfortable to me, you can imagine my disappointment.
In addition I'm STILL looking for a great agent as the ones I've interviewed and met with are not interested in making multiple low offers at 50-60% of ARV. In addition some people I spoke to gave a lot of resistance to the idea of running assignment contracts and using OPM. They even mentioned R/E gurus coming in, marketing and selling their ideas and then moving on. It was as if they could see right through me, and doubted my resolve and ability. A little bit of panic started to set in, and I was wondering how I'd ever be able to break into the R/E scene here. Your mention of feeling doubt because I don't have the answers really rang true. I was losing confidence with each phone call/meeting, and I wonder how many opportunities I may have squandered because I couldn't sell myself. :/
Well I let a few days go by and then remembered what you said a few weeks ago where there is always a solution to a problem. So I've decided that last week was but a challenge I can learn from, and press forward.
I knew upbeat energy was required to sell myself. I just needed a reminder to try harder at shaking off the "stink of the day!"
Thank you Dean and God Bless you!

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