Weekly Wisdom #351 - Come hang out with me and Tony Robbins!

This weekly wisdom is action packed!! Don't dare miss this one!! Get a special message on the power of "Vision" and learn how you can come hang out with me and Tony Robbins LIVE all in one video... Watch now!

Seriously go watch this entire video and even see how you can get my newest course called "Abundance Mastery" for FREE before it goes available for sale in the near future!

This is one weekly wisdom you cant miss!

And to get tickets to see me and Tony LIVE together for the first time EVER in America go to http://www.deansevent.com Smiling

Hear Something New Everyday

Well that's a new revelation never heard before. Dean went through a divorce?

Not that it's anyone's business, but you would think it would have come up within the past 6-7 years of weekly wisdoms.

I am NOT throwing up my hands before the finish line!

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Peter was fishing all night long, throwing his net out over and over again. Pulling it in over and over again - Empty. But Jesus said - go out one more time and cast your net. Peter reluctantly obeyed. He brought in so many fish, his nets burst! I want my nets to burst! I'll be there in Phoenix to see you and Tony. Can't wait for your new Abundance Mastery course!


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I'm freaking out like it's my favorite concert coming to town but even better!

I've never been able to make the Edge Event or any other event like this because it never was in Denver, CO.

(me at the event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHz8ft56lQQ)

Definitely going no matter what especially since I finally am blessed with the money to do so and it's in my backyard. 303 Represent! ha ha

Weekly Wisdom #351 - Come hang out with me and Tony Robbins!

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Hi Dean,

I always like hearing what you have to say on a weekly basis......Smiling

Thank you for sharing........xo


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