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Gena Horiatis
Seattle eastside
About Me: 

I am a real estate investor and student-turned-mentor! I say this with joy, humility and pride all at the same time. I started with Dean's program in 2009, the result of watching a late night infomercial. I bought his books, devoured them and took the recommended education. I successfully completed a number of deals in Seattle and then built an inventory of buy and hold homes in Cleveland to create passive income. I am now building power teams in several different cities. I offer private money investments to fund my homes, offering a handsome return to my investors.
Now in 2012, I have the honor and privilege of traveling the U.S. and Canada teaching "Boots on the Ground" and doing one on one mentoring.
Dean is passionate about his desire for our success. The "DG Fam" is the best. There's a lot of support, education, wisdom, and inspiration on this site.

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Church, piano, gardening, my kids.

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Real Estate Investor and Coach
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Congratulations for being part of the DG website community. The website is packed with great information and inspiration. I just wanted to stop by your guestbook and wish you good luck with real estate investing. Each day continue to increase your knowledge with real estate and before long good things will happen. Go for it, you can do it! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Well thank you!

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Hi Joe,
Gosh I just found your encouraging comment! How kind of you to take the time to write to me. You have been one of my inspirations. I am most happy to report that I (finally) have 2 deals about to close. One is an REO that I persistently offered on 4 times. Finally the bank gave in, and my offer did go up a bit. The second I bought at an auction. Through my connections at the real estate club here in Seattle, I already have potential buyers. Thank God this is going to really work. There were times along the way that I almost gave up. This site and stories like yours helped to keep me going. I appreciate the time you always take to contribute to this site. You are a blessing.

A happy Thanksgiving to you!!!


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HI! I just saw your post on the send me away 2009 blog about our video. I am so glad that we were able to make you laugh, twice LOL. One of our other many things we enjoy doing, besides helping others and real estate investing, we love to make people laugh. :0)

Well thanks for the kind words.
Carpe Diem


Congrats on your wonderful success so far. Many more to come. You are an inspiration to me. I'm looking to move to WA myself in the next year. See you on this great website:) and keep up the wonderful work.

Congratulations on the Send Me Away Contest!

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Congrats on the runner up position. Even more importantly though on the success with those deals that got you in the running in the first place. Wow, you really are the example for the rest of us to emulate.

So does this mean your husbands coming around, haha?


congratulations Gena !!

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i have been out of town for 18 days and no cell or internet so hence the late congrats .great job on your video and runner up ....way to go ..and esp on what you have learned and put into action.we are so blessed to have an awesome mentor in dean graziosi !!

success to you Gena !!

Cleveland DG Fam - where are you??

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Seriously now - no DGers in Cleveland? Step forward please. Its a crazy ride ahead.

Hey Gena

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Just want to stop by and thank you for your words of encouragement.

Hi Gena

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Just stopping by to congratulate you on your remote deals! and wishing you many more!
Your fellow Ohio DGer Eye-wink


Hey, Gena,

I've seen your smiling face in a couple of Dean's video, and I find your story inspiring. I'm happy to see so many women doing well in real are setting a great example for those of us following in your footsteps.

With all those great deals behind you, and more to come, you have reason to smile!

Happy investing!
Sandi C.

Hello Gena

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Noticed you are in Seattle, I am north of you in Blaine. I am not seeing too many from our area here.

Just wanted to connect with you.

Wishing you the best in your dreams.


Hi Gena

My name is Tammy it's good to meet a women who has a good sence of direction like you glad to here of your sucess I'am having a hard time getting started maybe you can help me alittle please!!! thanks I would like to do some wholesaling first to build some capitol this its my passion just need some help


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Hi Gena this Amer,i live in Nashville TN.i am staring out in real estate investing.i am a wholesaler my buyers are tell Dean graziosi is a scam.i watch your video on Dean graziosi website and i see that i need help with this.there are alot of people that fell in real estate.can you help me out?


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Dear Gena,

My husband and I are just starting out. This week we are calling real estate agents, sifting through to find the best one for us. Saw your posts and felt encouraged seeing a successful, take action woman. Wish us luck.


All your Success

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Nice Work!

Hi Gena

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What's boots on the ground?

BOG Boots on the Ground

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Hi, it's the most fun training I've ever had. We took our training in Rochester, a city I'd never been to before and we sure knew it in 3 days. BOG is practical experience with inclass training prior to going into the houses and to an auction site. Step by step you actually do the practical lessons. I'm in the Inner Circle so did things a bit backwards but it didn't matter, there is so much to learn in practise. Go for it! You meet some wonderful people from all over and have the class for support as you go through the experience. I would recommend doing BOG in the beginning if you are new at this, it makes it easier. I had some personal experience prior so it wasn't as important the order I did the training in. It boiled down to the closest city I could get to from Toronto and timing. Have fun! Do yourself a favour and get cards from your classmates. I now know so many terrific people and you never know when you'll be in their town and need help. Cheers!

Add us to your buyers and sellers list

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We are a new real estate company wait to score on our first whole sale deal.

Thank you for being there for a DG family member
God bless you always if you need us were here


How are you ? Thank you for all your contributions to all of ou success....

I wish you the best !!