Weekly Wisdom #365 - Anchoring Your Goals With Emotions

How would you feel if you looked back at the end of 2016 at all the goals you created on January 1st and you had accomplished NONE of them? Because so many of us sometimes make goals that jazz us up and get us excited... but we never accomplish them.

In this week's Weekly Wisdom, I want to show you how you can make the RIGHT goals and how you can make sure you anchor them in with the right emotions!

Watch now!

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Yes, time to set goals!

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Thank you Dean,

that's a great tip! Especially at this time of the year, when we look back at 2015 and can feel overjoyed with pride for reaching our goals, or a bit bummed for not accomplishing all or any of our goals...
Looking forward to setting my goals for 2016... with Emotions attached to them!!! Smiling

That was really good

Thank you Dean, That was really good video.
And when you said how would you feel in a year or five years from now if you just made a list of things you wanted or goals and did not do them.

For me My Heart would be Crushed and I would still be in my same situation and maybe even worse.

Thank you!!!!! for this site and dginsiderelite, your books, your education
and everything.
Merry Christmas!

Anchoring Your Goals With Emotions

Hi Dean,

Thanks for yet another great video.

I appreciate this weeks subject. You always pick relevant subject material which coincides with the times.

I look forward to next weeks continuation of this.

Oh, if I don't see you before the 25th, then Happy Christmas!




I wanna feel renewed and accomplished everyday. I wake up to a new day but this time I will have the wisdom you teach weekly and be empowered to get started.

Many thanks to you Dean



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Dean have a deal set to close dec 31st I would get $3,800 n the buyer already gave the seller a non refundable deposit so pretty sure that it will close Smiling see you at the edge my friend & God bless & thanks for everything, what if you hadn't decided to live out your purpose in life?

makes me think about my purpose too to not let others down & myself merry xmas n happy new yr


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i wonder do you still read these?

Weekly Wisdom #365 - Anchoring Your Goals With Emotions

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom.......

It's always nice to reach our goals that we set out to achieve....Smiling

And if all of our goals are not achieved....Just try a little harder....No one is tougher on us than we are on ourselves....Eye-wink

Thank you for all you do....Smiling


Never Ever Give Up!!

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If you fail, never give up
FAIL means “First Attempt In Learning”

End is not the end. In fact
END means “Effort Never Dies”

If you get no as an answer
Remember NO means “Next Opportunity”

Be Positive!
Who's ready for 2016?

being honest

Our minds create ideas, but the goals give us our energy. keep on the road is what matters. they're curves and hills but remain on course and you will arrive in 2017

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