Weekly Wisdom #383 - Why Don't People Change?

In this week's Weekly Wisdom I wanted to send you a message about change... Cause here is the craziest thing about change in my opinion...

Throughout our lives, change is one of the most common aspects there is! It's about as common as breathing or taking a shower! Yet it is one of the things we as humans fear the most!

But why do we fear it? Why is it so abundant in our lives? And how do we get past our FEAR of change and instead EMBRACE it!?

Watch this week's Weekly Wisdom and I think you'll find out Smiling

Watch now!

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Enjoy this wisdom and have a great week!

Why don't people change ?

Good ? I hooked up with you when you put out "think a little bit different". Because of you I have grown a lot during this time. As a result I have changed for the better. Still some decisions take minutes, some take hours, some take days, some take weeks and months and yes some take years. Why ? You know I have complained time and time again about being stuck and in a downhill slide. What I know is that 96% of the people are programmed minions. 2% are working on get in with the top 2%.
I have more knowledge now thanks to you and I get overwhelmed by the magnitude of what could be if I were actually able to take action and pull it off. People have a tendency to settle if they don't believe enough in themselves. And too it is a matter of taking the risk to get uncomfortable. Why do we want this or that or the other and too a lot of people gave up long ago on dreaming. In many cases it is because when they set out to make a dream come true and then got de-railed they were not able to recover and started believing that their expectations were too much. I know I heard many times life isn't fair,, just live with it. Get over it. Get a real job. As for me, I do want to be a part of something bigger and I want to call my own shots. No one to motivate or push me onward so it is up to me. So, yes it is a process and I do need to just do the work one step at a time. Soon I hope - I look forward to freedom and acceleration by the Grace of God. Thanks for the weekly wisdom.

Ready to make a change!

Valuni's picture

thank you Dean!

you always have these little golden nuggets of great advice! Very true.. taking baby steps towards new goals will get us there!

Weekly Wisdom #383 - Why Don't People Change?

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Hi Dean,

Thanks for another great weekly wisdom to think about....Eye-wink

Change takes people out of their comfort zone...Sad

People fear what they don't know or understand....

Regards, xo


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