Weekly Wisdom #384 - Gifted vs Grit. What's The Difference!

In this week's Weekly Wisdom I talk about one of the biggest misconceptions in the ENTIRE world when it comes to what truly makes someone successful!

After years and years of being an entrepreneur, traveling all over the world and meeting thousands of successful individuals, I've come to realize a similarity that they all share...

So what is this crazy misconception our world has about success? And what is something almost ALL successful people have in common?

Check out this Weekly Wisdom where I explain it all!

Watch now!

And also, as I mentioned in this week’s Weekly Wisdom, to get two of my best-selling books for free, go to http://www.deansfreebook.com.

Enjoy this wisdom and have a great week!

gifted vs grit

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Thank You! As always you are so right! We all want what is on the other side. You know nothing comes easy. If it did we all would have it. How boring would that be. I know everything takes time. I got your book 30 days to Real Estate Cash four yrs ago. Man I am kicking myself hard. Because you repeat over, and over the academy phone number. Why did it take me til now to get that?? I don't really know. Maybe I had to finally hit bottom enough to say that's it, I'm done. When you gave us all the opportunity to get the Insider Elite for $1 for 14 days! I was on that!! I'm still on it!! Thank You! I just started calling on Real Estate Agents! I'm still confused a bit. But I'm trying! I have a hard time comprehending things. That's partly why I'm on social security disability. But I'm very blessed with a husband that keeps pushing me, and telling me I can do this that he believes in me! I've NEVER had that in my whole life. So it scares me and confuses me! But at the same time it excites me to do this! I know once I get my first to second deal! I'm going to be ok! I'm so thankful for you Dean and your DG Team! Without you all backing us we would still be lost. God Bless you! God Bless us all!

Hey Dean!

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Excellent video message, thank you!

Make it great week!

*Great timing*

That message really jumps out at me
& seems like great timing Dean.

Coincidentally, there's new construction
on a building close to where I'm staying
and the company's sign out front reads:

Funny how things come along and jump
out at you just when you need them to,
so you know what to do to reach that
next level in life.

Thanks Dean - preciate your messages!

Right On Target

Excellent, Dean.

Weekly Wisdom #384 - Gifted vs Grit. What's The Difference!

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Hi Dean,

As always,..... inspiring.....Smiling

Thank You for all you do.....xo



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