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Darlene Morris
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30 Days To Real Estate Cash

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I just ordered it! I'm looking very forward to receiving it! I haven't done my first deal yet! But I'm very excited to learn how to start! Our lease is up at the end of Aug 2012! our goal is to be in a house!

My Daily Check In!

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Hell-o Everyone!
Today I'm at the library so I can print up a few things that I believe will be helpful to me!
1) My Agent Finder call list that I tweaked for myself!
2)A post from Rock Bottom Blue Print from user #160 I like a lot of his post!
I've been on the side lines now for 4 years. Like Dean says If you keep doing whatever it is that is holding you back you will have more of whatever that is for now and years to come. I know I didn't quote him precisely but y'all know what I'm saying!
Well part of what has been holding me back is Like everyone Fear. Fear of losing my SSDI. Which is what I live on every month do to my disabilities and a work injury from 17 years ago. I'm tired of Not being in control of my life any longer. This is my WHY! I used to work two jobs at a time just to make it. I haven't been able to do that now for 17 yrs. It is really killing me that I can't go and provide for myself the way that I feel that I should. If I can't help myself first how am I going to help my husband, my family, my closest friend's or even a acquaintance that I believe deserves better!
It seems like it took me watching Dean on his Rock Bottom Blue Print to catch my breath and go OH! wow he's right! So yes it's called a 30 days to fast cash! But it may take some of us 60 days and if so that's ok! at least we are doing it!
Then it hit me duh! It takes me a bit to comprehend what I'm ready and learning. I think that is been what has put the break's on for me is, I see 30 Days to Real Estate Cash on the front of my book. I keep thinking to myself OMG I'm not past finding an agent so how am I going to be making money in 30 days? Bam I just set myself up to fail or to keep failing.
Well not any longer!! Thank You Dean! God Bless You! Also all of the DG Team! They are great! I just watch Carol S. daily wisdom about letting knowledge conquer our fear of failing! It makes a lot of sense! It's on the insider elite! Thank You again! God Bless us All