Weekly Wisdom #395 - Living Like You Were Dying...

In this week's Weekly Wisdom I want to talk about the theory of "live Like You Were Dying"

And I don't mean it like how you may think... I am not talking about if you had one more week left to live what would you do.

What I mean is this...

If you had one more week to live, what stuff in your life that is bothering you on a daily basis wouldn't bother you anymore?

Would traffic bother you? Would not getting a thank you at the coffee shop bother you? HECK NO!

Yet we let things like these examples bother us every day and steal our happiness!

So watch this week's Weekly Wisdom and let's talk about how you can live like you were dying... but with a twist.

Watch now!

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My first deal!

Ok Dean I may very well be your biggest procrastinating student. I have been following you almost since the beginning. I have taken your education and I have followed you as part of the DG family for as long as I can remember. All without really taking the action I need to get going.
This summer however I finally decided I was going to get moving and take the action I need to change my life. I noticed a local investor wholesaling in my area and I jumped right in. I contacted him and we had an immediate bond. He was fairly new to real estate like me however he had done several wholesale deals, he had some rentals, and he was also offering his own property management company to his buyers. Unfortunately like all good things it ended much to soon with him committing suicide just a month after we started working together. I was so upset and still hadn't gotten to close my first deal. I decided giving up was not an option any more! I'm definately not dying without completing my first deal! I now have a property under assignment and have my buyer. I am currently working on getting someone to do my closing which has been challenging with my assignment. I refuse to give up any more though. I will get through doing my first deal and many more. I do by the way have another deal i'm hoping to close soon as well. Thank you Dean for all of your inspiration! There have been alot of days when you were my only inspiration and I can't thank you enough for that! Amanda

every day is new give it your

Hi Dean great stuff, we all have to deal with what kids and others have to deal with each day and for some it takes longer to get our WHYS straighten out and then on with it , we are all different to up bring and other things.I love getting up in the morning very early and get at it, give each day the best you can, who knows what it will bring, dont be stale give it every thing like kids do.Yes this earth will be back to a paradise some day cause God said he will make it that way and life will be for ever( Revelations 21 1-5 )he saids so, but for now we have to deal with imperfections, death and so forth( the Devil started that in the Garden od Eden some years back( Gensis 3:1-5 ) this is why we die due to unfaithfulness of our first parents and shame on that hateful Devil, first murder and manslayer, he had it all and I mean it all.But any way give life our very best and if we are around unkind people make a change and be happy, get away from them, some we can help and others we cant, move on and give Jehovah our God the very best and we will be our best as well, enjoy life to the full better days are coming, mant thanks Jim


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Whats up Dean, its crazy to know that a tiny thought can be so powerful yet so difficult to control. Its almost as if thoughts are living organisms. When you first realize that you can actually disagree with what you are thinking about, its quite intriguing. First you learn to identify the thoughts that come with reactions. Even though you recognize it and reject it, it's as if your thought stands in the background throwing things at you so you cant quite shake it. Its still makes you mad even though you decided that you don't need to be. The more often it happens your conflicting thought becomes stronger. It gets to the point were you are like a third person standing there watching your thoughts fight back and forth with one another. Then you realize that the first thought you had isn't even the thought you wanted to have. Your trying to change it but it doesn't cooperate and go away. Then you start to get angry with yourself for even having that thought in the first place. Then instead of being mad because of the thing that happened or mad about having the negative thought, your now mad because you cant seam to stop yourself from getting the thought in the first place. Then to top it off all the conflicting thought patterns start you to question whether or not your loosing your mind. Then you start contemplating bagging the whole questioning your thought thing altogether. I'm thinking maybe people should be aware of this. Lol. Did you find this happen to you? Like they say, the brain is a muscle that needs to be exercised eventually it becomes trained and the change occurs. Isn't it fascinating! I'm much better at controlling this now but it was a struggle at first.

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Weekly Wisdom #395 - Living Like You Were Dying...

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom.....Smiling

Every day is a gift.....Let's not waste it...

Thank You Dean.....xo


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