Dean's Coaching program

Dean's Coaching program

So after the call the other night with Dean I decided to get some information about the coaching program, well after about 7 total hours talking with an interviewer I will be HIGHLY recommended for the coaching program. I think this will boast my goals and help me close my first deal within my time frame. Has anyone else been this lucky?


Im gonna make him an offer he cant refuse

Experiencing the Coaching Program 1st Hand


I have been in Dean's Success Academy since August of this year and words cannot describe enough how they have helped. In just 2 months in their program, I had my first offer on my first property accepted. I must have called the Advisory line at least a dozen times just on this property alone. With each and every call and no matter what Coach answered the call; the wealth of information, motivation, tips, suggestions, etc. could not have been replaced or done without.

The extensive knowledge provided by each one of them has allowed me to not go it alone and not spin my wheels.

Could I have done this in 2 months so far, probably not. I say this even though I am an extremely motivated, vivacious, goal oriented & driven person, I would have had to learn this all on my own and would have got to this point later than sooner.

I want to emphasis to everyone out there that may say, I can't afford this program.


You may think thats easy for me to say...

Well let me tell you, I am a Single Mom with two growing boys, about to be Laid off from my job, $1,500/month rent plus I pay for all my utilities.

Did I have the money...NO but then the light bulb went on. I did have a 401K from my job so I took a loan against it to pay for the Coaching.

Why in the world would I do such a thing..isn't that a bit risky?

Just so you know, my money in my 401K is risky..take a look at the economy right now, guess what a lot of 401K or other investments are doing?

Life is about and full of risks. Learning to ride a bike is taking a risk of getting falling and getting hurt. But you dust yourself off and get right back on that bike and eventually succeed.

By placing yourself in Dean's Success Academy, you are aligning yourself with Seasoned and Experienced RE Investors. Your receive Assignments and Homework to complete that takes you step by step in a series. but remember, you must take action, you must follow through and complete what is laid out.

Besides the best part is after your 5th deal in 12 months you are refunded your fee.

As an added point the fee paid is so much less than some other coaching programs.

You have nothing to lose except success.

I wish all of you great success and see you at the top!


Love, Light & Blessings,


What is the cost or should I say the "investment" of the Coaching Program? I know if I could look into the future, it would be "Priceless"!!! But, for now, I am on a very strict budget Sad.




I recently inquired about that. After being interviewed and letting them know my situation (barely any money).


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Well Im enrolled into the

Well Im enrolled into the program. I've set my goal to close within my 30 day period to pay the money back. Will have updates as my time progresses


Im gonna make him an offer he cant refuse


Bernie, Well it is probably the best move you ever made. I have been in the program for 5 months and my perception of REI has done a 360. Some Advice to you. Take your time. Don't try to be Donald Trump or Dean Graziosi in 1 day. There will be a ton of info for you to digest and it can get hectic, especially if you work a full time job to boot. In fact I am in the middle of writting up an offer that I have been working on, and if it wasn't for the program, I would still be reading the book. Best of luck to your future...Jan

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