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My name is Robert Gonzalez. I live in Cutler Bay, FL and work for a respectable software company. I am married and have 1 child, he will be turning 5 in February. I'm never good at describing myself. Lets start with good traits. I feel a good trait about me is that I have a great ability to learn and pick things up fast. When I put my mind on something I have great determination to see it through. I think my worst habit is that I procrastinate too much. I blame a lot of that on me, but it doesn't help when no one helps push you in the direction you wish to go in either. My favorite food is pizza. I love any type of italian food, but pizza is my favorite. My greatest love is computers, my greatest fear is failing at anything. I am dominantly left handed. My favorite season of the year is winter. Not sure what else there is about me...

I seem to always ask myself the same two questions every morning when I wake up, "What can I do to get myself motivated and stay motivated to become finacially free in my life? How do I get there?"

I have visioned two things that I have set a goal for in life. A 3bdr/2bath house with a decent size back yard, and a Nissan 350Z! But I don't feel just thinking of those two things everyday is enough motivation to keep me focused on a track of becoming financially free through real estate. Dean's book "Be A Real Estate Millionaire" has opened my eyes to so many opportunities that lie within real estate investing. I, like many others out there still have that inital fear and questions, so many questions that would comfort us if they could be answered before "getting your feet wet". Sort of like crossing your T's and dotting your I's.

My interests has always been computers, both hardware and software. My hobby is magic tricks.

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Winters my favorite season too

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Listen robert,
I understand you, and where your coming from. I know you dont have much money right now, but hows your credit? I only ask because if it's good that could OPEN a couple more doors for you. Your right as to what I do, I'm a WHOLESALER, have been for about a half a year now, still kinda new, but @ least i know what i'm doing now. Wholesaling is definitley a possiblity for you: it's easy to do, and has very, very low risk and NOT a bad reward either. I know you had a question as to what to do if you CAN'T find a REHABBER to sell your deal to, well in that situation 1 of 2 things happened; 1) You mis-calculated the REPAIRS on the property and consequently have NO DEAL, or 2) You just flat out paid too much for the property(YES, their is a formula on how to buy deals). But lets say that you just ran out of time and no one was interested, in that case you will ACTIVATE one of your "ESCAPE CLAUSES" in your contract and BOOM! your released from the deal and your "EARNEST MONEY" is returned back to you. If you have any more questions, you know where to find me, SULLY.

Locking up a deal

I've read about locking up a deal many times in Dean's book. I'm still not confident I understand the process and all the angles of it. Could you possibly shed more light as to the process?

What are examples of scenrios where you have assinged and stated escape clauses, and the works?

The problem is.....

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i dont have 2 hours to spend on here explaining everything about WHOLESALING, sorry not trying to be rude, but i work like 56 hours a week and need to go to bed soon, I'll tell you this, Elena did a pretty good job in explaining the WHOLESALE PROCESS, you just need to find the thread, i'm sure if you PM Elena she will be more than happy to give you the thread, BUT if your STILL unclear on anything else, just post the question here and i'll do my best to answer by hopfully tommorrow(thurs), SULLY Sticking out tongue

I think this is the one you mean

Thank you Sully and Rina!

I enjoyed that section so much! I have gained a lot of knowledge on this, taken a load of notes! I wanted to know, who could I turn to for advice when I've found and gotten everything together to really understand how to crunch numbers or obtain a formula to calculate these deals so I don't make any misakes when diving into my first deal. I want to have the confidence of knowing I have done as much as I could to CMA(cover my @$$) and escape plan etc. I've noticed the assignment to purchase contract provides an escape clause stating that if I choose to back out I get the escrow/earnest money put forth paid back. Is that all there is to it?

My credit

sully wrote:
Listen robert,
I understand you, and where your coming from. I know you dont have much money right now, but hows your credit?

My credit is POOR lol. I have school loans and a couple revolving accounts still open that are holding me back. I am working to reduce that. Wen't to FCR ( and found out my score and saw what was revolving and holding me back. I have a total close to $2k in debt. Slowly have been working on it.


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You can still get a contract locked up with bad or no credit. You just have to flip the contract to another buyer with money or financing. Investors do it all the time. That's what CBR is doing, assigning the contracts to other buyers and collecting his fee of $2,000 or $5,000. Did you read his post? That's the way you do it my friend! Eye-wink
God bless,
Elena Laughing out loud

Elena's right.

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And you're not limited to any certain amount. The better the deal, the better the fee. Here are the posts Elena was talking about. Read for inspiration Smiling

Hey, Robert, welcome to the site! It's good to have you here.


Your Very Close.....

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Your Almost there, the ONLY thing that i would adjust, notice i said "adjust" not change, is the FORMULA NUMBERS, your first offer should be 60% of ARV -repairs, -assignment fee, instead of 65% of ARV, this way if the seller "balks" you can raise to 65%, you really dont want to go to 70% unless you absolutley have to, SULLY


I will make the adjustment in my calculation.
What do you mean, if the seller "balks"?