Seeking Florida Folks.

Seeking Florida Folks.

Wow, Dean has a great forum going on here, nice job folks. We're here just above Tampa in Florida. Anyone else here from the sunshine state?

Dan Auito


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Houses in Florida are dirt

Houses in Florida are dirt cheap right now. Go to any seller who can't sell and ask them if they would consider owner financing at 4% interest and a lower price than they are asking, someone will take you up on it!

Here again are the basics of general real estate investing when getting started:

This monster comes out in about a month and will show you everything you ever wanted to know in today's real estate investing world:
Best of luck, go buy something! LOL :~)


Helping those that I can with real estate at

hello all from citrus county here!

hey dan,
great info! cant wait for the new book...
im new to investing but excited and eager!


Dan, i am to...Tampa bay area!
I like the name "magic bullets"...I get it.

Another little resource just for fun



Helping those that I can with real estate at

The people here are GREAT!!!

Thanks so much for all of your wonderful insight and information. Your site is so inspiring and I am really enjoying going throught the magic bullets - I'm reading Spiritual Marketing right now - Joe Vitale is a gem. May you be blessed many times over for the gifts of informaiton you share so freely.Smiling

I am a new Success Academy student. I would love to talk to other local Dean students. I'm in Orlando. I have already reached out to HotWheelz, we have very similar goals. I too, would like to build a local team that can work together and support eachother as we learn, network and prosper; all the while working towards a greater good for all parties involved.

Peace and prosperity to all! M

Thanks Dan

I'm just starting out in Charlotte - Sarasota County area. I'm doing this at work but will really get in to it tomarrow morning. I'm going to follow up on on www.magicbullets.

Let me know if I can be of

Let me know if I can be of any assistance.


Helping those that I can with real estate at

Orlando Area (Serena)

I am in the Orlando area and I have just recently purchased and started reading the book B.A.R.E.M. I will be reading "Profit" soon. Let me know how you have been coming along and maybe we can get together and share ideas once I'm done. I know lots of poeple here that can do all sorts of work, for example, plumbing, remodeling, etc.


Hello form Miami

I am in the Miami area and have started to read B.A.R.M. I like what I'm reading so far. Just need some guidance. I appreciate everyone’s info. Would like to close my first deal by the end of the year. Wish me luck.


Hello from Tamarac

I just bought the book and I am getting ready to digest it. Good luck to all of you.


Anyone in the Orlando area that is starting up. I have read BARM and I am almost through Profit. I am looking for someone who wants to stay in touch.


Northeast Florida

I am new as well,looking to connect with anyone near Jacksonville area. Willing to learn and ready to take REI head on. Please PM if interested in staying in touch.

Looking to Network in FL

Brevard County checking in...and there is no end in sight to the declining market here. Beachside values are 50% what they were in 2005. Too hot to pass up on the REI opportunity. Looking forward to networking with other folks in FL.



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Hello Everyone I see that we

Hello Everyone

I see that we all have onething in common here and that is creating a powerfull network where we can combine our thoughts and ideas I am in the fort myers and lehigh, cape coral areas I am eager to become a part of this fast growing Florida Network if anyone wants to link up with me then pm me and I will exchange contact info with anyone that wants to join forces.



Dont Be Afraid take Action Now I DiD

Central Fl.

Hi, I'm in New Smyrna Beach. Not far from Orlando. DeAnna

Hello from Orlando

Hello FL folks,

I'm looking for someone from Orlando to partner with. If anyone is interested, PLEASE CONTACT. you can send me private message, by clicking the link below (contact the author).

Looking to start immediately!!!

Missed your email

Someone did contact me, and I saw the email yesterday evening. When I came back today to take the phone number, my inbox has no messages. I have no idea why this website has been set up to remove messages within a day. Whomever sent me a message, thanks and please resend it !!

From Largo, Fl

Hello fellow Floridians!

I am also starting investing. I am very excited to start now.


"Success takes Time, Effort, Perseverance and Patience"


I'm a newbie investor in orlando, fl. I'm learning as many techniques as I can so that I can get started on my first deal. Willing to link up with fellow investors.



I'm from the Panama City Beach area. Their are a ton of deals out here especialy being right on the beach. any one near by?


you never know until you find out...

I'm south of you here below

I'm south of you here below Ocala Rob. Find some Doctor's and find some deals. The Doctor's often will be willing to become hard money lenders if you can show them a strong exit strategy. Just let them know they will be first lien holders and have no liability whatsoever. Accountants and Attorneys are the other two entities that can introduce you to high net-worth individuals if you present them with a solid plans to present to their wealthy clients.

Happy investing. Don't forget to get your free website from yours truly brother:


Helping those that I can with real estate at

Go and get this content.

This is the best information I have seen on selling houses within the last 2 years, it is phenominal content:


Helping those that I can with real estate at

Are you still investing?

Hey Q, I'm in the Fort Lauderdale area. Are you up for networking?



Hi Pam,

Are you still investing and how is it going?


Are you still investing?

Hi Shaun,

Have you done anything in Florida as of yet? Let me know


Hi Clyde

Clyde are you investing in South Florida yet? How is it going for you? Let me know.


South Florida Move

Hi Shaun have you received any assistance in getting funding for your move to south florida? Let me know.


Are you still investing?

Hi there PnD,

I'm am interested in networking with like minded individuals in florida. If you are still in the game, let me know


Port St. Lucie

We are in Port St. Lucie Florida. Some of you Floridians may know us as part of the Treasure Coast.

SPR Property Solutions, LLC

Are you still investing?

Hello SoFlo

i am from the area, are you still investing in the area? Would you like to network?


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