Seeking Florida Folks.

Seeking Florida Folks.

Wow, Dean has a great forum going on here, nice job folks. We're here just above Tampa in Florida. Anyone else here from the sunshine state?

Dan Auito


Helping those that I can with real estate at

Are you still investing?


Are you still investing? I'm interested in networking with individuals in my area as well. Are you still in the game/


We're wholesaling about 4

We're wholesaling about 4 properties a month AJ. Plenty to look at here in August as well.


Helping those that I can with real estate at

Tampa Area


We live in the Tampa / Brandon area and are looking for other DG people in Hillsborough County. We are new DG Students and believe teaming with someone might make it easier in the beginning. If you live close by, we would love to get acquainted.

Randy & Sherry

Hello from Winter Haven Lakeland Bartow (Polk County)

Hi folks. I am hoping to connect with someone in the Winter Haven, Lakeland, Bartow areas. I have done some activity 4 years ago and I am getting going again now. I had some real set backs (nothing to do with real estate) and I am ready to really hit again now.



Keep on Keeping On !!! Expect it, God has already given it to you. You just need to get out there and grab it!
If you want to follow my journal:

Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

Help how to get started

I live in Miami,Fl I'm reading Dan's book but I don't know where to start any ideas.

Home Foreclosures

I am in Hollywood looking at forclosures read your message on Dean Gra ziosi web page please give me a call at 954-962-5320 my name is John

Hello I'm a residence of Miami

My name is Grover Mitchell, i'm 28yrs old and working real-estate on a part-time basis. However lacking good credit, no funding, and lack experience that comes from having complete a first deal. I'm stuck in a (what to do first) phase and want to break ice. Any experienced investors that have been in my situation have any advice on what should be my first step to complete my first deal

Heres what i have to give

Since we are both in Miami and seem to be in the "what to do first phase" I have a website that may help you with networking with others [] or send me a few messages perhasps we can work and grow together as real estate investing beginners.

Real Estate Investing D/G

I'am new to all this,but learning a great deal.I live in Hollywood,Fl.and just getting started.I have good credit,but have been out of work for 3 months and i'am short on cash.Many houses here are sitting empty with no for sales signs!!!Not really sure how to proceed have you got any suggestions? Thanks John My home phone number is 954-962-5320

Florida newbie

Hi everybody my name's Reuben and I live in Vero Beach Florida on the treasure Coast I'm just starting out and getting my act together soon be looking for my treasures, if there's anybody in the neighborhood who would like to brainstorm give me a shout.

PS I will be starting my journal this week.


Hi Rueben,

We are in Port St. Lucie. PM me. I'm looking forward to reading your journal and learning more about your journey in REI.

SPR Property Solutions, LLC

New to all of this and excited.

I just received Deans books on Friday and am ready to learn and start investing. I would like to learn more about investing and attend a meeting or gathering to get to know people and to learn from them, and not be scammed, but to learn and to make a good living and partnership. I am willing to work 24 hours a day in order to make this work. Any advice or local meetings would be of great help. Good Luck to all..

Tampa / Plant City area

I live in Tampa / Plant City area and would like to speak with other close investors taht are just starting out.
kc.vincent@**** Please no spamming, just serious like minded people.

Orlando area

Hello all , I`m looking to put together a good networking team to work together with myself and others I am already working with, If you have an interest comment here or send me a private message....All the best to ya. AA213

JV with Kevin

I, my group may have some interest , however we do have someone that does that so it will depend on what you do and what connections/contacts you may have with what banks and lenders; if any & what particular ones.pls reply

where r-u

what county are you in

Hi Shaun

The reason things are cheap in Cape Coral is because of the "investors" that timed things wrong. They were getting in as the bubble burst and got stuck with homes that were pre-construction, and overpriced due to the bubble bursting.

You have to remember that Cali, Florida and Nevada were seeing HUGE increases in prop values and many were exaggerated appraisals. The people who got in and out on their flips made a killing in Cape coral. The ones who didn't couldn't make their payments and they went into foreclosure.

Cape Coral is a newer, beautiful area. I am sure that if you researched specific blocks you could find foreclosures that are inbetween occupied homes. The closer to the shopping area's, banks, and stores will be best. Good luck.



Challenges are only challenges if you view them that way. Try looking at them as OPPORTUNITIES instead and success will follow!!! "ME" Eye-wink

Looking for partners

Anyone investing in the St. Petersburg area? I live in Gulfport, have just finished reading Dean's book "Profit From Real Estate Right Now" and I am fired up. Let's network and encourage each other.

New To Tampa, Fl - Buyers Needed!

Hi everyone, we're moving to tampa, fl in two weeks and are excited to start applying Dean's techniques. We're trying to build our buyers list, Let me know if anyone is interested, we've got a great realtor who is finding us some great deals.

Kevin Dietz

r-u still interested in that jv you were talking about ?

Daytona Beach area

Hi Dan,

I live about 20 minutes south of Daytona in New Smyrna Beach. Do you know of anyone from DG in this area? I have lots of experience in the real estate world. Joined DG to learn some new ways to work in this economy. Purchased a foreclosure from the county this year and also a REO a few months ago. I love to bird dog. If you know of an investor needing a bird dog in this area please let me know.




"looking to Bird-Dog"

Hello out there!

I am a new investor and new to the Kissimmee Florida area. Love the postings and are so helpful! If anyone needs a Bird-Dog or just needs to
network please contact me.

Thank you,


Temple Terrace

I have been in the sunshine state for about a year. I live in Temple Terrace, just few blocks away from USF and Busch Gardens. Lookinig forward to network with likeminded people. I have read Deans Books over and over again, but havent take any big action yet but to talk to a mortgage broker and real estate agents I meet, but so far no luck in the hunt for a good real estate agent. I am about to loose motivation so I consider networking is a good Idea to stay in Focus.



I live in orlando but very near to kissimmee. I live in Hunter's Creek off John Young Pkwy.
It would be nice to meet up. Havent's finished the book yet though.


short sale

I'm interested

Does anyone live in Destin

Does anyone live in Destin or Panama city area??

Any Cash buyers in Fort Walto Beach?

I live in Tampa FL, but right now am working on a deal on Ft Walton Beach, FL, close to Panama City. The equity created on the deal is over 60K. But since I am so far away am willing to flip it.

Orlando North Metro Area

Hi Everyone,

I just finished reading Dean's Profit From Real Estate Now! book and I am interested in doing some assignment deals. The area is loaded with short sales and REO's at up to 65% below fmv at listing prices.

I did an inverse purchase back in 2007 back in Texas just before the sub-prime market crashed and made 18k in less than 30 days using John Alexander's real estate course so I know it works (no $ down techniques) if you have the belief and just do it!

I am a go getter and ready to rock and would love to share ideas and techniques with anyone interested in making some money Now!

Javier Martinez

Alaskan Success,Inc

short sales, foreclosures, bank owned. it dont matter. we will buy you out. make your problems go away
I will not reply

need to be a cash buyer, refi your home, sell your note, short sale, commercial deals get pre-approved-pre-qualififed TODAY


Alaskan Success,Inc

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