Green Hornes

Im sure there are other people out there like myself who have been wanting to do something in real estate for a long time and we have all probuably bought many late night tv real estate packages and books trying to learn more about giving us the life we dream!
And Im hoping im not the only one who just doesnt give up! Knowing that one day i just new if i thought about it long and hard enough eventually I would draw it to me!
I just ordered the book several weeks ago and I havre not read a book all the way thru for many years!
However I had only 350.00 dollars in my bank account and I saw dean on tv and for some reason he just sounded real and I believed what he was doing I to could have that knowledge and make a better future for myself.
I bought the book and the aff system so you already know it almost took all my money but i didnt care because i knew there was something good inside that book.
And since that time I know work with many investors and im finding deals.But more than that i am up late everynight shapening my tools.
We all have weak points and strong points.
Many of us focus on our strong points and many of us want to make ourselves well rounded.
For me my weakness is learning how to fill out the contracts and the paper work.
And that is what this group is all about.
I understand the strategies and deals but i have didnt know how to fill the paper work out like purchase contracts. A very important piece of paper.
Are they easy to do yes they are but i think thats why they are over looked on showing us how to fill them out with the right clauses.Right!
I know because of this one issue it slowed me down. I didnt have the money to let an attorney make me on or advise me sometimes the simplest things can be big bumps for some of us.
And I also think this could be holding many new investors back. Well no more!!
This is hopefully going to help many of us and get on our road to makin offers and assigning contracts.
So for the ones who have been in the game a bit please keep an eye on this group because i believe in all of us.
I read deans book in one day and guess what i still read it everyday now. I basically sleep with it.
Thank you dean for making a great path to follow in!

Need To Raise 30K in 60 Days

I've heard stories that some people in RE biz make 1 million dollars per year and even more...that's awesome!
I need to find a way to earn $30,000 within the next 60 this possible? What do you recommend besides the last two books I've read by DG?
This not only would change my life, but it would literally saved it.
Appreciate your experienced feedback,
Thank you.

New Investor-Solano County CA

Hi Everyone,

My name is Kim Liew, Realtor for Solano County, CA area. I am an active part time Realtor, who would love to someday do Real Estate Full Time. However, with three kids, and a mortgage I can not at this point just do Real Estate. My husband and I work too much, and do not have enough time to spend with the family or each other. I have two jobs, and my husband works long hours.

I beleive in Deans program, however I need some guidance and inspiration from those who are having success.

Housing Market Will Fall 10%-15%

**** Bove: Housing Market Will Fall 10%-15% When Fed Stops Subsidizing Home Prices
Posted Mar 19, 2010 10:09am EDT by Henry Blodget in Recession, Housing
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For the past year, the Fed has been buying mortgage-backed securities in an effort to keep mortgage rates low and provide some support to the housing market. On March 31, the Fed says, it will stop buying mortgage-backed securities.

So what will happen to mortgage rates and house prices?

No one knows, says **** Bove, the wise and fearless analyst at Rochdale Securities.

Looking for an investor-friendly realtor

I am looking for a realtor who is also a broker, who would be willing to help me out with some short sales that I need for one of my investors.


ITS Training question

Is there anyone who could please tell me if they are able to log on to the ITS Training courses. I am unable to and wondered if they are temporarily offline or website is down for some reason? Thanks

ITS Training question

Is there anyone who could please tell me if they are able to log on to the ITS Training courses. I am unable to and wondered if they are temporarily offline or website is down for some reason? Thanks

Where to go next?

Hi all,

I received Dean's book, Profit From Real Estate Right Now, on Saturday and finished it up mid-day yesterday. Since then I have found a realtor, and mortgage broker, set up my toll-free voice mail (mostly) and am starting to look for houses to lock up.

I still need to: get business cards, signs, etc. Obviously, this needs to be done quickly. My question is, what else should I be doing?

How to determine DOM

I am trying to find out how to determine the dom of sold comparables for investing in the Orlando, FL area. Is there a web site or other resource I can use other than getting my information from a real estate agent?

Investors needed

Hi everybody,
I recently finished reading the BARM book and from information I have seen on this site,I realize that the only way to start without credit or money is to do some bird dog deals. Can anybody tell me what are the best places on this site to advertise for an investor in my area? I tried placing an AD, but I am not sure what other forum to use. Does anyone have any ideas? I am open to suggestions.

i need help

i am a newbie to all of this.i have read deans book and i dont know where to start.i have bad credit no money and i really want to do this! does anyone have any suggestions for me???thanks


I would like to see some one put up a link for a purchase contract filled out and explaining what goes where and the conditions. Maybe walk us thru the whole proccess from filling the contract out, where the escape clauses go and where the information goes about the closing date.

Also would like to see a contract assignment filled out as some of us may have gotten one of these forms from the site but just dont know what to do.

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