COA Phone Helpfulll?

COA Phone Helpfulll?

Newbie here, just wanted to know if the Coa phone system that Dean mentions in his Profit from RealEstate book work? How effective was/is it? I remember reading that it wasn't for someone? Is there another phone service someone likes better? Low cost please! Trying to get this up and running! Thanks in advance.



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I used COA for years... it

I used COA for years... it always worked for us.



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A Littlle Curious

I'm a rookie myself and would love to know what the COA phone system is and how its used?


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what is it and how does it works and how do you get it



We have had it for a year

We have had it for a year now, and it's a great time saver. Once you get your marketing down, you will get more and more calls, so the phone number allows you to screen these calls and determine which ones you want to call back (we call back all of them, just in case).

It also receives faxes and makes PDF's out of them. Completely worth the $30/mo, and if you REALLY want to, you can refer it to people and get a discount or even free! So if you decide to get it, PM ME Laughing out loud hahaha



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