I'm New...

I'm New...

Hello Everyone. I am interested in starting off as a "Real Estate Bird Dog" and eventually start real estate wholesaling. Which of Dean's books go into details about these 2 opportunities? I appreciate any assistance that I can get. Thanks.





What are friends for? Eye-wink

Hey all!

I'm new too! I ordered the book and am waiting for it to arrive, i've spent about two days straight on the site researching. I went on craigslist to see what kind of ads there are and if could identify other wholesalers. I signed up for some Bird Dogging and hope to learn the ropes that way also, since I dont have a book. I have simply googled "bird dog real estate" and got some results. Also my local real estate group has a section just for creative real estate.

Keep digging and keep searching! Good luck!


Hi Sheryl and Kristen, please tell us something about you! We are Family here and it helps us to get to know you.Deans new book is helping alot of people"30 Days To Realestate Cash" we are all here to change our lives for the better and Iam sure thats your feelings as well, welcome and we are wishing you success and the best, Jim



I agree with James

sheryl and Kristen please fill out your profiles and others will more readily connect with you. The book 30 days to real estate Cash as James also recommends is probably the best book to start with, but they all have some very good information that will help you along. Best wishes! Tammy


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Hi all!

Glad to see so many people wanting to help out the new people. Another way to learn to birddog is to go to eHow.com and type in How to birddog. I got some results that way. I am currently birddoging some and I am also looking for birddogs in every part of the country, especially California. I hope everyone is doing great with their RE goals.

I can feel the love

Thank you all so much for reaching out, i have so far updated my profile the best I could for now . It's amazing already, you just say "hi" and people want to know more! Feel very welcomed!

I want to be a millionaire

Ever since I was a kid I have had a burning desire to be a millionaire. I started with a paper route, then a lemon aid stand, working for other people and gaining experience as a kid. working has always been a big part of my life.

But as an adult I finally learned how to achieve my goal. I wish I would have learned it at a younger age.

I need a snowball of money, that I can re-invest and re-invest. This snowball will keep getting bigger and bigger.

This is a lesson for all new investors, and the younger you learn this the more successful you will be in life


I always say Keep Moving Forward! Never Give Up On Your Dreams!

As Matt Larsen says "Feed the Need" - Edge 2013

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