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Kristen Sobolewski
Salt Lake City UT
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My name is Kristen, 30 years old originally from NJ and recently divorced. Trying to find my way in this world! My current job is a Full Time Police Dispatcher, working the ole graveyard shift for the last 3 years, it's challenging and stressful all at the same time!

My ex's military career brought me to UTAH, and while it's a pretty place, I'd like to make my way back to NJ as soon as I can, it'll be a lot of work as far as investing goes to get started then uproot eventually, but i'm up for the challenge!

I'm excited for my new career in Wholesaling, and am most interested in Assigning contracts and getting familiar with REO's, will be concentrating right now on learning strategies and marketing techniques, and buidling a buyers list. Have a lot to learn and i'm looking forward to it!

Sewing,Crocheting, QVC, Shopping, Reading,Crafts and Wholesale Real Estate!!

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Full Time Police Dispatcher
No Children
Completed High School


Hi Kris I'm a Jersey girl too!

A lot of good information on this site, it can become addictive!

Thanks Kris

Really felt good after reading your response and good to know you are new at this too. I am looking forward to an exciting Journey. Would like to talk to you more about how you are progressing. I have posted on craig list, upillar, backdoor (i believe) and have gotten some responses. I have one side of the equation(sp?)properties; need buyers. This is such a great website. Dean is ok with me.