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Mike Kessler
Salt Lake City, Utah
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I'm a fairly young investor. I have a young family. My wife Brittany, and 3 little kids.

I grew up in real estate building homes with my dad. He taught me how to work hard and earn everything I receive in life. I started my own remodeling business at 21 and bought my first property at 26 when I married my wife. We lived in the Condo for 6 months renovated it and moved. I still have that condo and it rents beautifully with very little maintenance.

I love real estate with a passion. I will always be in it and hope to pass my knowledge and experience down to my kids. That is my ultimate dream is to change my posterity, and allow them to live a life totally fulfilled.

Hopefully I can be of use to others on this site. But I also thank others that are here that give me so much inspiration to want to go out and do more.

My Family,Real Estate, Church, Out doors, backpacking, canyoneering, rafting, traveling, Art, Creating win win deals

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Mike Kessler -- Official Coach ??

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I'm new to the site and noticed your title "Official Coach". What does that mean?



I work with dean and coach students

Great question. I do my own investing and have my own deals going all the time. But I also coach students. I work with dean and his programs to help students succeed in real estate.

Hey Mike!!

I just wanted to say that your advice to check with another DG.com member on a technique for lease options is why I'm spending more time on DG.com at all these days.


I think it's really cool that the coaches here are also the coaches there... it helps make everything feel so cohesive and integrated.

On my way to 500 points and REI success!

zeroing in on your target

Hello Mike it's Keith Hughes, we spoke over the phone the other day. Seems I have forgoten how to zero in on the map like you showed me to do. I should write down. Remember we were doing it in Fort Walton FL. can you show me again and this time I will write it down.



My wife Jean and I attended the Boots on the Ground inn Independence, Ohio presented by you and Ali. Just curious how you are doing. We are still working on that 1st deal and that may happen next week. Have 5 2-family houses we looked at last week. Four are owned by the same person and he is highly motivated. Next week should be a good one if all goes well. Did you have any success with the realtor you were going to meet while in town? Thanks for your help and insight at BOG.

Greg & Jean

Thank you for your contact

I'm excited for you guys and are working hard out there. Those deals sound awesome. Yes I did find an agent there in Cleveland and am excited to get going out there. I set up a few things and unfortunately haven't been able to move on anything quite yet there. I have 3 deals here local i'm finishing up and have run into a number of issues i've had to take care of. I think this week i'm now in the clear, it has been about a month in the works getting them resolved. But we should be good.

keep in touch, I always love hearing students successes. If you ever have any questions let me know, i'd love to help anytime.