Proper way to ask for a cash buyer list ??

Proper way to ask for a cash buyer list ??

I spoke to a real estate agent and asked for the homes sold in the last 90 days that were bought with cash, then she told me that, that information was private. I believe I asked her the wrong way and wanted to know if there was a proper way to get this information from a Realtor



but we can live without them. she just doesn't know how to do it. homeowner information is public record at the courthouse. Realtor gggrrrr Alton fill out your bio. That way we know a little bit about you what city and state. What you hope to accomplish your goals and dreams, that way we can give better advice.

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Ask Another Agent

As long as she can understand you.... she knows what you want.... She figures she isnt getting paid for giving you that info... whats the incentive?? I would.... # 1 ank another agent... and keep askin til you get one... and # 2 Get access to the MLS yourself..... It makes life so much more easier..... there are several ways to get it and its not as hard as you may think.. Happy Holidays !!


Hey raven1234

How do you get access to the MLS yourself?

Contact another agent

Sold records is public information, so for you're agent to say its private is just silly. Either they don't know how or they misunderstood what you are asking.
I would tell you're agent it is indeed public information & if they don't know how to pull it up, tell them to call their MLS hotline.
Or I'll agree with Raven1234 & simply contact another agent.

HOW? / raven1234

That is my question; Just how does one get on the MLS themselves?

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MLS Acess

You can become an agent and a realtor to gain access to the MLS or you can have an agent give you access. They are not supposed to give you full blown access to the MLS but some agents will/do. Those who do not give you full blown access will sometimes give you temporary limited access.


as Walt suggested, you may want to fill out some info on your profile so that other investors here know a little about you and where you're from so that they can network with you...

as far as your agent, you should interview several and find one that works with investors, then you build rapport with him/her, and you will get far more than what you need Eye-wink



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If you have a Title Rep on your team, make an appt to go in to talk with him/her. Ask them what kind of farming tools they provide and if they can give you a list of the cash buyers for the last six months in your target zone. That's how I got mine-plus they printed up the mailing labels for free.



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I apologize for commenting

I apologize for commenting so late. A few weeks ago I started working with a real estate agent and I basically had to do there work for them so they gave me all there log in formation it was a couple different sites and the MLS was one of them.

Try bandit signs

I put out bandit signs and in two days I had 48 calls 5 where cash buyers.

You can use bandit signs

I put out bandit signs and in two days I had 48 calls 5 where cash buyers.

Awesome folks !!

Also now is prop trend software that includes lists of cash buyers for specific areas as well.

by bandit signs you mean the

by bandit signs you mean the yellow posters with black hand writing ??? and what is prop trend ?

Bandit signs

I got a 800 number to make a pre recorded message for sellers and ordered signs on line.
For buyers yes I used hand made signs yellow with black writing
Home depot

I ran into the same issue

I ran into the same issue but here is the email I sent my Realtor after he told me that information was private, and it seemed to ease him up a bit:


I completely understand your concern, I would ask the same thing! Let me try to explain what my plan is a little better.

Often times we put out more than one offer at the same time, sometimes more than one of those offers will get accepted at the same time, but we might only have the funds to do one of those deals. In Kansas City, we work with a group of cash buyers that want any of our overflow that we can't handle.

Not only is the cash solds list a way to do research on new areas, but it provides you and me both a way to make money on deals my team can't buy for ourselves. In this scenario you still get a buyers agent commission because you would be the agent for this new buyer, and we make something too by selling the rights to the purchase agreement, and no ones time is wasted. It's not a way to go around you on the seller's side, it's more of a "Plan B" on the buyer's side.

This isn't by any means the only thing we will need you for. We have a rehab project out in Kansas City listed with a Realtor right now. So you would also be our selling agent in deals like retail flips. Some deals we will flip, but some deals we will hold, so we won't need a sellers agent on those until we are ready to sell. We don't have a set strategy, we look at all the factors to determine which steps we want to take on each property.

Hope this gives you a better understanding. Have a good Sunday, go Bears!!!


I'm not sure if I worded everything properly, but it worked! He eventually gave me that list. But I had to fire him soon after that because he was being too difficult to work with. He was a pretty good Realtor, but I couldn't see working with him because he didn't have the right mindset for what I wanted to do.



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Another solution for Diana's

Another solution for Diana's 800 number is a FREE Google Voice number. You can sign up at

You will have a local number, instead of an 800 number, but usually people are more comfortable calling on local numbers anyways. It's all your preference though! Best of luck!



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This is one of my faves from Matt Walton who is a Coach on here.

"Cash Buyers List From Real Estate Agents

Quote from original post on this listing. "One thing I need help with is finding out how to find the addresses of people who have bought properties with cash in the last 90 days. I live in Michigan. The book says to contact real estate agents and get the names and/or property addresses that were purchased and then find the tax records using that information. That would work great, except the agents I contacted have not sent me that information yet. I don't actually think they know how to find it."

Many people ask this same question. "How do I get an agent to get this information for me in a timely manor?" I have done this with real estate agents all over the country and it works every time. As you are talking with your agent about properties and as you are developing a relationship with them, here is a way that you can get this information from them very easy.

If you just ask them to get you a list of cash buyers from the MLS, you will get a bunch of blank stares, or they will say "sure no problem" then you will find yourself waiting and waiting with no success and no list.......

Instead, ask them this way. Ask the following questions by making statements of fact to the agent.

1- "you know how when a property sells that is listed on the MLS there is a place where the agent has to check if the property was purchased using Financing, or Cash? (the agent will say yes to this if they have ever closed a deal because they had to do this).

2- I then tell them "and you know how the MLS is one big database where you can search for information using a ton of different criteria right? (they will always respond yes to this one if they have ever closed a deal again)

3- I tell them "I need you to do something for me". "I need you to run a search using the main criteria,,,, Properties that sold using CASH as the way of financing and get me the addresses to the property. Doing this works every time.

I have found that in some areas like Ohio, once a property has been sold for at least 90 days, the name of the buyer is released to the MLS and they can give it to you because it is public record. In other states, you can still easily search county records for names of buyers if you enter the address of the property.

Using this strategy works great and it helps to teach the agent how to do the search for you without making them feel like you are talking down to them.

Happy investing.

Matt W."


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