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Dan & Brendalee Schlesinger
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We are actively placing offers in Massachusetts trying to make some great deals for the buyers we have met. It was great to meet you Dean !! Smiling

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Real Estate Investor
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Some College
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Mainly Just This One


learning as we go

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Great wisdom and knowledge here. Many thanks to all that post and montor through here. Not relying on my 401k I have for too many years wanted to invest in real estate. and never once thought of it the way Dean and his companions, that's us Smiling , presented the facts knowledge and strategies.

three months since the first seminar,
and we have been sending out offers, building a power team, and meeting wonderful people at that. Reantals are our main target, however bird dogging will have to be our focus now in order to build capital to reinvest.

Thank you all for sharing all that everybody does.

"That's where i am gonna make my happy home"

Dan & Brendalee - Massachusetts

step by step, inch by inch, NIAGRA FALLS :)

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As we take each step forward we encounter many obstacles. Not one high enough to cause us to abandon our goals. Just speed bumps, right? The latest is a great deal that the selling agent did not want the assignee clause used.
So i withdrew my offer and now will go back and offer 6k less just to cover the added expense of double closings. Another deal we walked away from. Better to learn the bad ones and wait for a great one. They will happen. Great to see you, Dean. You're looking great. Thanks for the new book. we are on week 3 Smiling

welcome Dan and Brendalee

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Looks like you guys are putting in offers; that is great! Best wishes!

Keeping it forward

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As each deal tried has been denied refused, or just plain fell apart,
We will continue to attack the market
using the MLS, the MAO, and working with very aggressive buyers, we certainly won't stop !! It's a blast and it will happen.

how to set up an escrow account?

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HOw do we go about stting up an escrow account so our buyers can deposi into this until the closing?

First Deal Done

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Hey hey thank you greatly Smiling

First wholesale deal done WOW !!
Our buyer is just as happy ..

Fantastic ! and who knew?...Dean and all of you..That's who..

Thank you and keep on smiling, it's worth it