Give me your story

Give me your story

Hey Guys

I have been so blessed to get hundreds of emails, letters and videos from students all over the country sharing your success. I have even been able to become friends with many of my students and that has been awesome.

Each of those stories inspire me to work harder and create tools to get you making money right now when you need it most. I consider my students as an extended family and when you do that, then YOUR best interest is always on my mind. And the truth is, I love it;-)

We have so many videos at - I have hundreds of emails and letters and please know I read every single one. But tomorrow I am doing a TV show and I want to mention a few of you and tell your quick story.

So even if you have sent me an email, a letter, a video or we are now friends I would love for you to tell your quick story and how real estate has changed your life. It will also be a great inspiration going in to a new week.

The DG family as you guys named it is an awesome place and it is an honor to have you all here;-)))

Now post your story.


P.S - I love hearing stories of a mind set change as well. All stories are good to me not just the people who made their first million. so please share how what we teach or this site has changed your life. You never know you can see me on TV sharing exactly what you say below.


If you would like the chance to work with me or one of my fellow real estate investor coaches and our advanced training programs, give us a call anytime to see if Dean's Real Estate Success Academy and our customized curriculum is a fit for you. Call us at 1-877-219-1474 ext. 125

Progress has been slow despite being a cash buyer

This has been a very frustrating experience. Dispite the fact we are cash buyers it has been difficult to buy houses. Many houses can not be bid on as they are available only to own and occupy. We never get to see the competitors bids and we are usually out bid. Being Canadians buying in the US, we can not get any credit, even from Lowe's dispite the fact we are paying cash for houses.

Our first house purchase was an assignment of contract from another investor. We paid a $1,000 finders fee for the lead. It was a great buy, about $19,000 below market, which we now rent for $1,000/mon. Our second house took the 25 -30 offers Dean said it would take. It was a short sale we stuck with from July 2012 to finally closing Dec 28th 2012. This was a fabulous buy about $30,000 below market. We are now renting the property for $1,300/mon. Our latest deal took only 3 offers and will close next month. Our real estate agent and our research shows it about $20,000 or more below market. We plan on renting it for $1250/mon. We have not seen any of these properties in person. Only over the internet and through pictures.

We will have a website built showing our properties and cash flow. Once we buy our fourth property we plan on selling one house or the LLC's that owns it to Canadian investors. After this we plan on travelling to the US were we will buy cheaper houses and renovate and sell. For tax reasons we must continue to sell our properties on an active basis and will continue to buy high quality properties to rent and sell to Canadian investors.


Dean : I HOPE YOU GET THIS AND REPLY.I have read your 30 days in real estate and seen a lot of deals homes that could of bought well under fmv w/very high poternial equity as well as missed several deals w/tenants that would of after exspence brought hime 467.00 and more on some but coukld not do-it!Dean it is so hard to get the first one after two years ,Ihave been reading your books,put out bandit sighns,despersta adds in local small and graigs list that must sell cash cow home to first invester who likes making money!!Dean Ijust have this fear of getting my first one and Iguess another thing what did not hit me the wright way was when I call the academy to ask a question,nobody wanted too talk to me unless I sighn up for a mentor but did,not have money so if I needed a answer to a question i would not call and now all that is passed me but never could get anyone to show me how to use the forms to participate in w/others .

Now it been two years and still need my first one and I read were the big equity firms are buying up all they can blocks,neighborhoods too according too U.S.A. TODAY....If Icould get my first one and get excited ,then thats all it would take.the first one is really hard and now the power groups w/money buying up everything so nit seeems there no way to compete.

Can youy suggest something,I need to focus on building business,if wife was too pass away,I would be in bad shape w./my 1000.00 amonth diability check but working on equity line of credit to use for me out DEAN!!!!THANKS DOC KINSEY "GOOD DAY"

Great To Be A Part Of This Community

Hello Dean, My name is Kimberly Inge and I am an Real Estate agent in Woodbridge ,VA. I have heard a lot about you and your trainings so I would really want to be in touch with you but my busy schedule and work load didn't allowed me to do so but eventually I found out your forums and Now I would like to take part in each and every discussion.


Hi Coach

Coach its a sigh of relief to hear from some one like you that had a the same hurds to get over to do deals, I came in strong and now Iam working to get my energy and confidence back after so many near misses with the buyers, your a real blessing, sincerely, Jim



My life changed because of Dean!

This is what I told you as I shook your hand at 2015 Edge Event: You have changed my life!

I joined your team back in 2012, I own 6 homes in Michigan and one in Vegas for cash flow, fix/flip 2 homes in 2013 myself with my partner friend help, and currently wholesaling in San Diego done couple deals. I love Real Estate, I used to buy/flip brand new homes from 2000 to 2006 made a lot of money.

I want to thank you for all you do for us, from Real Estate to how to eat right and relations and etc.......

Dean, my first teacher!

I first got involved in real estate in 2009 after buying one of Dean's books from a late night infomercial... then signed up for coaching. Now, I've taken many classes and attended many seminars and am still perfecting my game. I'm always trying to learn something new.

I currently own three rental properties, I've done a few Fix N Flips and now I'm concentrating on getting really good at wholesaling. I know I kind of did that backwards because most people start with wholesaling, but that's my story. I started working with a partner this year so we could do more together.

My goal is to own 5 rental properties free and clear and then work on getting a bunch more. I'll always be a loyal to the DG family where I started.

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