Give me your story

Give me your story

Hey Guys

I have been so blessed to get hundreds of emails, letters and videos from students all over the country sharing your success. I have even been able to become friends with many of my students and that has been awesome.

Each of those stories inspire me to work harder and create tools to get you making money right now when you need it most. I consider my students as an extended family and when you do that, then YOUR best interest is always on my mind. And the truth is, I love it;-)

We have so many videos at - I have hundreds of emails and letters and please know I read every single one. But tomorrow I am doing a TV show and I want to mention a few of you and tell your quick story.

So even if you have sent me an email, a letter, a video or we are now friends I would love for you to tell your quick story and how real estate has changed your life. It will also be a great inspiration going in to a new week.

The DG family as you guys named it is an awesome place and it is an honor to have you all here;-)))

Now post your story.


P.S - I love hearing stories of a mind set change as well. All stories are good to me not just the people who made their first million. so please share how what we teach or this site has changed your life. You never know you can see me on TV sharing exactly what you say below.


If you would like the chance to work with me or one of my fellow real estate investor coaches and our advanced training programs, give us a call anytime to see if Dean's Real Estate Success Academy and our customized curriculum is a fit for you. Call us at 1-877-219-1474 ext. 125

Still investing in real estate

Hey Dean,

I am not sure if you remember me but I had the great opportunity to meet you and your wife in Arizona a few years ago and give you my story. Ironically, when I went to the media page my testimonial was on top. It made me laugh but I couldn't believe how much time has passed. I ended up here, I saw this post and felt I should touch base with you and let you know that I am still investing in real estate. I can't get enough of it, I LOVE IT!

Our last two deals were rehab's that we sold to retail buyers. One in 11 days and the other in 3 days. WHAT BAD MARKET? We have two more under contract right now scheduled to close this month. There are so many details and stories I would love to post but I will be up all night typing this. If you get a chance, I would love to catch up and talk shop with you someday.

Switching gears a bit, I watched your new infomercial several times and a couple of things came to mind. The first thing I noticed was that I wasn't in it,(kidding). Seriously, it was how your product has changed to meet todays demands. Your program is current and it truly helps people in todays times.

It got me thinking of a few other things as well, like how cool your new logo is and did you read all the books behind you?(sorry couldn't help myself)

Actually, I flashbacked to when I first saw your infomercial a few years ago and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. At that exact moment, there were people all over the country watching and asking themselves, is this the real deal? I know that feeling because that was me, I walked in their shoes and I want to assure them that this in fact is the real deal. Dean is a man of his word and he does his part to put you on the path to success.

All the best and I hope to hear from you soon.

Louie Bevilacqua

My story.....

Hey Dean,

FOAMC (Jeff) here! Yeah I read the millionaire book and went to work. It took me 10 months of probing the REI boarders but I eventually found the first property for entry. Bought a tri-plex in June, makes at least 400/mo cash flow, rented to a niche market here and took what was a tri-plex making 1300/mo at market rent and brought it up to 2100/mo!

In July bought a 5-plex apartment home, makes 1900/mo now, cash flow is 600/mo at market rent. Have to rehab the basement apartment (should be done by September 1) and will crank 2500/mo after that at market rent, that is 1100 cash flow on this property.

Also working in a partnership on rehab for an old hotel building in a 4 yr college town. Not sure of the end result yet but should cash flow about 30 - 40,000 a year after a two year process of planning and rehab.

Total that is two properties in 60 days, real estate valued over 120,000, cash flow of 1500/mo at market rent (but I have a niche market), company making 4000/mo, and deal #3 rolling as we speak for the month of August. All this in a small town of 7000 in central Kansas, and all because you wrote your book and I made the effort to read it. $18 investment, not a bad return!

Went to the bank today to ask a few questions, 3 gathered in the room to shoot advice to me. They asked if I had seen property A or another property B. I said yeah, "I bought that one, and the other one too". I'm not sure they really knew what to think standing there looking at me, lol. What a feeling Dean!

Thanks a million Dean, headed upward every day. Will work for myself in a year, and a millionaire in a a few! Opportunities abound, I hope to get a camera from you in a few months so you can post a new success story to the list, been a while since a new one was added.

Thanks Dean,

FOMAC (stackin benji's)

Hi Dean

Hi Dean, No I don't have a story to tell right now when i do i make sure I be the first to tell you. I just want to say Thank you Dean like right now it is 2:24am and im up just reading what everyone is talking about and i came to post to see what this is all about I could say that i was up one nite and had the tv on not realy watching and then i heard your voice and i stop what i was doing and watch what you was saying and then my daughter came in the sewing room said i have seen him on talk shows and he for real. I keep thinking what could hurt to order the books and read them if i can so i got my books and i read the first one with in four days remind you i dont alot of reading for anything just before i get to the chapter i would look on the website for houses then bingo you said to go on the website and look well i did it before you telling me. After getting your books and read the first one i call about class's i sign for them. right now im at the power team and network. Then i got on line about getting real estate agents i got one that did email me his email was not to hot for me what he ask me. I guess that my story. Im moving along with the class's. Thank you for being on tv that nite Dean.


Pray for what you want but work for the things you need.


WOW, I don't even know were to start. I really wish I was better at typing and had more knowledge to put all of this into words, The more I look back I still wonder why it took me 9 months to do my first deal. Yes I did start doing this when things were really stating to change in the Banking world. I did move 600 miles to get started, But the funny thing about all this is I am investing 600 miles from were I live today, Yes I am back right were I started off at. When I started all this I told Matt i wanted to own homes. As A lot of people know I started off with a bankruptcy no Job and a wife making 9 Dollars a hour. I now have a realtor that I started out with that is talking about going full time with me She does already have her brokerage lic. We are working to set up a property management co. I now have some great partners This story I will hit you with at a later date, I am still buying my homes subject to, This way i get the deed. But it is a lot more indelth than that. I target a different market on my lease to own. I do no credit checks. Their Down payment is their credit checks. I look for people that had a bad time for what ever reason, Just like me. That needs someone to give them a new start. My wife moved to tn last June. we bought her her first house. And due to all of this we-have now purchase our second house for her. TWICE THE SIZE. We have been ale to help our kids and people around us. I could keep on and on, But you didn't ask for a book. I am getting real close to having 50 deal done, And All I can say is DEAN thunk you for all your hard work and haaving such a loyal staff behind you.



Where to begin ...Well I

Where to begin ...
Well I saw Dean late one night when I couldnt sleep, I was always on edge wondering what I would do to pay my bills each month and thinking what would happen if my job was lost. SO after listening to Dean I decided to buy the tald program. I figured i can spend more than that going to lunch in NY.
Read that and then found site after that ,which was like a light at the end of the tunnel, so many great people were answering questions.
I have to say I failed a lot for a while because of different circumstances. But I never gave up because I knew what I wanted to do and wasn't letting anything stop me.Since coming back from the EDGE, I now own a duplex that I bought with no money out of pocket also am in contract on my second buy and hold on the house next to my duplex and will close within a month on that too, and I have others in the works. I have a SS that is now listed on the MLS and bids in on other homes. I have a wonderful private money lender/friend whom I met through I am heading towards my goal and I couldnt thank Dean enough for making that informercial that made me believe I could achieve my dream with the tools he provided and my work ethic to get things done.
thanks again Dean.

My First Deal

In the spring of 2001 I thought I had tapped out my income potential. I was in my 30’s and barely making the mortgage and putting food on the table. I felt that somehow opportunities for making money had passed me by and I didn’t even know it. I was working in a dead end job with no possibility of advancement and the only way to make more money was to spend more time at work. Not my idea of getting ahead. I had hopes and dreams but no real way to accomplish them with empty pockets. Others around me seemed to have found their place in the business world, and there was me, just barely paying the bills.

I had learned a little about real estate investing and wanted to try my hand at it but was scared to death. I didn’t have any savings to invest, so when a real estate agent friend of mine said we should look at a VA foreclosure down the street from us, I thought, “what’s the point”. Even if we could get the loan, we couldn’t afford to make the payments until the home sold.

My wife and I eventually decided to at least look at the property just for fun. We set an appointment with our agent friend and did an initial walk through. It was dark out and the home was not well lit because the previous home owner took many of the light fixtures with them before their home went into foreclosure. The home appeared to be in good shape and didn’t seem to require a lot of fix up.

At the urging of our agent we decided to put in an offer. The home was worth about $130,000 and the VA was asking $114,000. We went way out on a limb and offered $112,000 with the VA covering 3% toward closing. We went back to our home to draw up the contract. While our agent was with us we felt confident, almost like real investors, but as soon as she left, my wife and I both became scared. We wrote out a $500 earnest money check earlier but had to use our overdraft account because we couldn’t cover it with our own funds.

Later that night I told my wife that we had to back out of the deal. I couldn’t bare the thought of being stuck with a second house payment when we were struggling to pay on our own. She agreed but we decided to sleep on it. The next day our agent gave us some comparables showing the home to be worth $130,000-135,000. This gave us some hope and we allowed our agent to present the offer.

In the back of my mind I was thinking that the VA wouldn’t really take the offer so why worry about it. A day later our agent called back with the devastating news, “They took the offer, congratulations, you just bought your first investment property.” I was sure she was kidding but she confirmed it was true. This wasn’t supposed to happen, what was the VA thinking by taking our offer. We were supposed to get turned down and be able to get on with our meager lives. We could have told everyone that we tried and failed and that real estate investing doesn’t really work. We still had to get approved for the loan so I knew we had still had another out.

We applied for an investment loan and hoped that, despite our good credit ratings, we could still get turned down. It was not to be. The lender called a few days later with the terrible news, “You’re approved.” 3 weeks and many sleepless nights later we closed on the loan and actually bought our first investment property, whether we liked it or not.

We immediately began re-painting and fixing the home. My dad came over to help my wife and I paint and I even hired a buddy of mine for $300.00 to help get the home ready for sale. The fix up took about 5 weekends and a total of $500.00 to complete. (This came from overdraft also)

Next we listed the property in the local news paper and put up some signs in the windows of the house. The first payment on the home came and went. We used our overdraft account. I began to think we had gone completely insane. We were never going to sell this house. We live in one of the slowest real estate markets in the nation. What were we thinking! 5 weeks after we closed on the home we got a strange call. The guy sounded like our neighbor, and I thought he was calling to harass us about not selling the house yet. It turned out the caller was in town from Nashville, Tennessee. He was looking for a house because he just got transferred to Utah with his job.

The guy picked up the keys from me and went to the house by himself (I have never been much of a salesman so I didn’t bother showing the home to him). After looking at the home the potential buyer said he would like to come back in a few days and take pictures to e-mail to his wife back home. A week later we had a written offer for $129,900. I could hardly believe it! Three weeks after the offer we brought home a check from the title company for $17,000 over our expenses. No-one else was paying us $17,000 for anything, so we decided to stick with real estate investing and have been buying ever since. This is my story, if I can buy and sell property anyone can. Good luck investing!


If you would like the chance to work with me or one of my fellow real estate investor coaches and our advanced training programs, give us a call anytime to see if Dean's Real Estate Success Academy and our customized curriculum is a fit for you. Call us at 1-877-219-1474 ext. 125

Being a true entrepreneur

Jill & I have investing in RE for 12 yrs. & have done pretty good. Ten yrs. ago I retired, sold my oil company & went into RE investing full time, well actually working about 3 months out of the year. I know the reason Dean used us in commercials & the last book was because we did over 20 deals & made
over $ 500,000. This made it possible to take 2 month vacations in our motor home all over the country as a family, it let me take & pick up my son, Joe from school & help him with his homework everyday. It let us afford some of the finer things in life. Now that's all well & good, but the best thing about investing in RE is that you become a true entrepreneur; you learn how to "think outside the box" & begin to look for any & all angles to make money. The gears begin to always turn inside your head, & you wonder if there's a better way to get from point A to B; if you can accomplish the same end result with less time; but you know deep down inside you will always be alright, even if you lost everything, you could start all over because of your knowledge & determination.
We could have just done it just like we have in the past, especially since we had somewhat of a sucuss, but we realize that there are better, faster, more efficent ways of making money in RE, & that's why this "old dog" is looking forward to "new tricks"... we can't wait for this automated system so we can start to wholesale also, quickly & efficently.

Just Getting a My Feet Wet

Aloha Dean,
I Purchased your Be a Real Estate Millionaire a few years back on a Internet Drive you held. You were giving away lots of gifts with other IMarketers. Well, at that time, the market was soft and I purchased a 2bdrm 1.5 bath condo for $40,000 FMV was 60,000. able to get 100% financing 5000 in closing costs. 1000 in escrow costs. Could have sold it when the Market went up but became disabled from work TDI didn't help much couldn't make the mortgage but got my brother to take it over.
Went through a bad patch for a few years ( self destructive ) and basically blamed everyone else except myself. I started reading the Real Estate Bible again and without vehicles but took the bus or got a friend to drive me around started looking at properties in my area Maui, Hi. While looking at a short sale found a jeep Wrangler 4WH Auto in need of new brakes bought it for 100.00 brakes (fixed by a mech. friend) 80.00 and REg and Title 120.00. Placed in the free bulletin for 3500. OBO got an offer first day for 2000. holding out for 3,000. At another REO (bank owned) found a Mercedes 450SL 1979 classic for 6,000 offered 2500. no down 100. per month with a 25% bump to the owner if sold for over 8,000 ( anything over 8,000 the owner gets 25%) Kelly Blue Book on that car is 16,000 but Classic Car Review has just increased it's value to 32,000. Doubled in value. Requires some work though and parts are not cheap. Just working with what I have. This is my stepping stone towards working with REI. Also enrolled in the Core 4 micro enterprise program tuition was waved. 2 month program on developing and training on presenting financial statements feasablity and general financial statements. Everything a bank needs. I know the forms and such are here on this site but nothing like knowing how to do it and understand it from scratch. This program is offered in most States and is Federally accredited. They also back a micro loan for people with poor or bad credit. The great part comes later when you prove yourself and make payments on time is federal grants for expansion and such which you don't have to pay back and at larger amounts. Several conditions: 1) has to be sole proprietor, no corp or LLC. 2) No Real Estate, which is why I'm using the auto opportunity.
Hope others with similar credit and financial issues take note of this thread and find a reason why it can work instead of why it can't.
Blessings to All and especially Mr. Graziosi for making this all HAPPEN.
Aloha Dean. Blessings you all and you and yours,

Daryl Mau


For every adversity there is the seed to an equivalent or greater benefit
( W.Clemente Stone ) Founder of Combined Insurance and Author of The Power Of OPM

1031 Exchange

Have been in Real Estate rentals since 1981. Made it through the 18%interest era. The savings and loan defaults and 100+ homes auctioned at ballrooms in hotels. Have never seen such an opportunity as now selling some long term hold rentals to take advantage of buying in this market. Anybody out there having trouble dealing with lenders on R>EO>'s when disclosing the buyer is acquiring property inside a 1031 exchange? Have you had a Lender tell you that your bid is not the only one? They call it a multiple offer disclosure they ask what is your final and best offer. I have stood firm with minimal success. You might want to try this technique. It is called the 21 day terminal ascending offer Calculate the lenders holding cost for taxes, insurance and upkeep on a daily basis. Explain in the final and best offer that your bid will increase that amount for the next 20 days following your best offer on the first day. It works because they have not seen this approach before and they gravitate towards the unique in this market but beware of brokers entrenched in the box they can not see out of! By the way your out of pocket does not go up because the higher bid amount is reduced by the smaller closing amount for taxes and insurance at the later date!

2nd read

I got your book last week, Dean and am on the 2nd read. Self observation is difficult and your book makes the reader examine the mind's reflection like a mirror. I even started reading "The Law of Success" by Napoleon Hill, thanks to you mentioning it in your book.
This DG website is great for learning even more and meeting people all over the country. It's like a forum for meeting great minds. Thanks Dean for all you do.


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The Sky's the Limit!

Are real start to be SFL

Hi. Its Bob and Sandy from Topaz Solutions Inc. We have been members of the success academy for the last 15 months and because of my own fault haven't made a deal yet. I'll save that for another time, but that is all about to change. We are now members of the SFL program and are on our way to finally changing our life and be set for life. I just finished watching the Edge 10 videos for the second time and have everything I need to look back on referenced to the disk # and the hour and minutes so when I need it I know where to go. I want to personally thank Greg, Joe & Stacy, Carol, Matt. Thank you all so much for sharing everything you did, on how you all made it work for you's. It did just what Dean said it would. It re-lite the fire in me and nothing is going to stop me now. For the last 4 weeks have made my list of goals and have completed every one of them, if not on time then I did the next day along with that days goals. We have a great agent using Matt's method's. She has hooked us up with a good attorney, accountant, rehab people, bank that has no seasoning, and credit repair people. Is that cool or what???. Our flyers are out and bandit signs are out, people are passing out our business cards and I'm making our videos next week to put on traffic geyser and post on Craigs list and we joined a REIC this week. Were going to 3 auctions to get more buyers on our list. This is really going to happen for us and Sandy can't wait cause she is sick of hearing me talk about it but she does have faith in me and in real estate. But most of all I want to thank you Dean Graziosi for being the best of the best at what you do and that is to give us the education, the wisdom and knowledge and the motivation to get us out there and take action. We can not wait to meet you in person cause we will be one your greatest success stories and I can wait to share it. Bless you all and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!
PS we live in buffalo NY and would love to network and market with anyone in the area or other DG members that would like to make some deals happen we are finding some awesome deals we need more buyers, we are working on that as we speak.
Have a great day everyone and a successful year


robert a sanfilippo

Addition to post # 8

Aloha Dean and anyone else following this topic,

Well, I am now closing in on my first Deal. Funny how things work. I was looking for owner financing and have been interested in making a move to the Continental US. Also starting a buyers and inverters list. So, I contacted a person in Colorado and killed two birds with one stone. That didn't sound right. Let's say I caught two birds with one hand. They happen to be REI's for 40 years and I negotiated a deal for 5 acres, vacant land, county maintained road, and year round access for 150. down and 150. per month payments total price 9,500. Will be closing on or about the 1st of Oct. They are REI's and own a financing firm who have a passion for helping people get ahead with real estate with financing. So my first deal, my first investor, and possibly my first buyer. ALRIGHTY THEN


For every adversity there is the seed to an equivalent or greater benefit
( W.Clemente Stone ) Founder of Combined Insurance and Author of The Power Of OPM

where to start

in 2008 we moved out here to Indiana from California. I don't know what I was thinking, especially asking my husband to give up a $22 an hour job. I didn't know the motor home industry was going to tank. I missed my sister and wanted my kids to be able to grow up with hers. Well, it took my husband ( who has an excellent track record for working ) a couple of months to find a job, and even at that it was through an agency, so he made 9/hr to start, and they took their fees out of that. After a year he was making 10. This year he went to work at a manufacturing place that makes wire, but at least he now makes 12.50. It has been a struggle since day 1 really, but even worse when he left his job and joined us here. From the beggining we had decided we were going to start our real estate investing business when we moved here. Well, we had private funding available, and lots of properties to get, each one was 1100 down, but we even had the money from his 401k to do it. For some reason we decided to wait and get to know the area first. After a year we got our feet wet by buying a lot in MI. It was only 400, so it wasn't to bad. Only thing is it's only buildable if you own 5 or 6 ( not sure which ) found out after we bought it. Lesson learned about due dilligence. On the other hand, if someone owns 5 or 6 already and they want to build, it could be worth something. So after seeing the infomercial for Dean's book for almost a year, and struggling paycheck to paycheck we knew this was something we could do. The first time I had seen the infomercial I had called the number to order the book, but we didn't have the money to buy it so I decided to wait, which we did - almost a year. Then these commercials started coming on tv about a free workshop available in our area. I called the number and registered for it. We prayed that if this was the path God wanted us on then my husband would be able to get that day off, since they don't do a lot of workarounds at this place. Well, his boss said he could have the day off so I knew we were ment to take this journey. It seemed obvious anyway because everytime we were down and out and ready to throw in the towl, the infomercial would come on. So we attended the free workshop in South Bend. There were lots of people there, and I wrote down every scrap of info I could, if I could write fast enough to catch it. We were even given a free copy of the book PFRERN, which I wanted to buy anyway so this was a plus! When they offered the home study coarse, and what it included, we decided to get it, it was free with a paid three day training. So, we knew we didn't have the money to buy right on the spot and we went to the back anyway. Normally we would have just sat there or left, but something was pushing us to go. We talked to them and they allowed us to order, and dated the purchase for my husbands paydate. We were walking on the clouds at that point. So, we didn't get to leave holding the homestudy coarse, but we were happy because we knew it was coming anyway. When we got home, I started reading the book, and read it all the way through. I then signed up on, and even got the free website that was mentioned in the book. The thing I absolutely loved was the fact that I can go on here and speak to the people that are actually in the book! How many programs do you buy that you get to speak to the testimonials? Until now my answer was never. And the most amazing thing, you can get all the help or encouragement you need absolutely free. So after reading the book, I decided not to wait for the coarse to arrive and began my search for properties. I just happened to come across a house offered with seller financing, and I wasn't even looking for it. I was actually looking on zillow for some value estimates on some fsbos around our house. I was nervous when I emailed the seller, I had never done this before. I emailed him several times before he finally got back to me. I wanted to buy it right away, but he wanted me to call. Now at this point my heart stopped, this is the hardest thing for me. I go to a store and if I can't find something i will leave rather than ask someone where it could be. Talking to people just freezes me up. I don't know why I get so scared, my husband laughs because he always says, it's not like they know me. So I sucked it up and called, he wanted to go over the condition of the place with me, and me to see it before I made my descision. It paid off because I saved 10,000 by doing that. Of coarse it does need a lot of work, and the private funder I knew in the area dried up some time last year, so I have been unable to find a loan for the rehab and are doing it out of pocket. However, one tip from one of the coaches on here is call local construction companies and see if they have materials left over, so I am going to do that. Since I first read the book mid May of this year, I have changed alot. I can talk to complete strangers, and I can even negotiate with realtors. I'm not afraid to ask for help finding things at the store, and I even can call people when I have to, although I do still get a bit nervous. I have noticed now, my husband is shyer when having to call someone and ask questions, and I find myself taking over that task more often now. I always have several deals I am working on at one time, so even when one doesn't pan out, there is another right behind that might work. I even have a possible deal to buy a rental now, near the local colleges, 5 bedroom for 300-500 down, owner financing, yet it does need work (although not near as much as mine I am fixing right now) so I have been hesitant to buy it, because I don't really have the extra cash flow right now to do the repairs. I have even been contacted by the president of a local online auction company to help them get properties for their auctions. I am supposed to call them next week when our phone is turned back on. It just had to be due on this paycheck. Since May, so much has happened for us, we started our own company, actually own 2 properties and a lot, and have so many investor connections it's unreal. Had we not moved foward with Dean's workshop, we would be stuvk with no hope for the future. I'm not saying I don't get down sometimes, I do. It's frustrating to try and find funding when you have bad credit, and no money to spare. I had great credit before we moved here, but lack of money caused me to not be able to pay lots of bills. My credit isn't totally horrible, it was 517 last I checked, and as soon as I get some cash flowing I am paying it off. We had a run of bad luck the year we moved here when my husband was on disability for a surgery on his shoulder, and it just compacted when we moved here, but we are slowly climbing out of this hole. Now we see a brighter light at the end of the tunnel. It's pretty cool to hear my husband talking to his family back in Ca and how excited he gets when telling them about deals I am working on. I grew up in a family of 7 kids, and we never had money for anything. I never got a yearbook, school jacket, or ring. I never even got to purchase senior pictures. My first bike as a teen was purchased by me from money I earned babysitting. I also purchased most my school clothes through high school this way as well. My dad had a decent paying job, and my mom worked mostly but they had bad money management skills. Not only that, but I wasn't one of his real kids so he didn't pay for stuff like that for me. That was ok though because I knew when I had kids I would always make sure they came first, which is what we have done. They don't understand things are different here, and money is tight right now, last year we couldn't even buy them anything much for christmas, a few small things like a canister of choc covered pretzels and an outfit. The school however had an awesome program, and a family shopped for them and they had presents under the tree. I thought the part about Carol and the peanut butter sandwiches was pretty good, for us it has been top raumen most nights. Things have been a little better the last few weeks though because we have been able to scrap up some money for food. We also found the local food banks. You have no idea how wonderful these are. You also wouldn't believe how much help you can't qualify for making 12.50 an hour. We don't have free lunches for the kids anymore, but they do get reduced at 70 cents a day for breakfast and lunch, so we do that because no matter what they get two meals everyday. We also don't qualify for foodstamps. but that is ok because soon we will be earning so much money that we can help others like us. One important thing to remember is to always remember where you came from. Well that about sums up my story, and my drive behind my story.

My story is basic, I was

My story is basic, I was going to college for 5 years to get a degree in Animation. Though in order for me to go to this school, I had to end up pulling out several student loans. I realized, I will be in enormous amounts of debt. So I bought Dean's Think a Little Different Real Estate program. However, I didn't do anything with it. I eventually bought the Be A Real Estate Millionaire book and I started to realize this is for real. However, I got sucked into my daily routine. Fast forward to now, the economy tanks and I am having more difficulty finding work in my field. So I said to myself "Enough's enough! take action now!" So here I am, getting ready to close on one deal and possibly another soon! I even look at the negative things and see it as positive. I checked my credit recently and saw it was far from stellar! If the old me saw that, I'd be really depressed. Not the new me! I see it as a motivation to take more action and make bigger profits to bring my credit up to excellent!

Still think Dean's program doesn't work? I say "OF COURSE IT DOES!"

Thank you Dean and to everyone here who have helped me see my own potential. As well as to others potentials, together we can all succeed!


Together, we can be successful!

Same old song

I think there are some fantastic life stories on here but mine is the same old song. Wasn't sure how things were going to go until I did something different. I haven't read any of your materials because I have already read a boat load from other RE professionals. A lot of the things I see and hear on this website I already know about, the only thing I didn't get before was a website. For a lot of years I saw Dean on TV and thought that he was someone else that wanted to sell his material to whomever wanted to buy them and I didn't want to spend my money on more materials I didn't think would benefit me. I did like the fact this s website was here and thought I would check it out. Sure enough it got me motivated to do something but it took me a while to decide what. I have just signed a couple of contracts to do birddoging for people I found on this website. Even though I haven't been at it long I have one of them wanting partners and tells me those that are motivated may be one of them. I am working towards this goal so I will have a steady job history and others to work with. I belive that working with people on this website has been one of the best things I have done for myself and my family because it produces the hope of success I have been longing for. God bless all those that participates and those that want to make it. This website will help you do it.


It sounds like you have come a long way in your investing adventure, good luck to you and your husband.


a story of how real estate and your books,events,success academy and this site has changed my mindset and life forever !!! after reading your books,joining your success academy,contributing on,participating in empowering conversations,attending gain the edge 2010,and TAKING ACTION FROM what you teach along with ordering many products that you have available such as the think a little different program and the SFL system.I have set in motion the very principles you teach your students every day.every day i come on here to get the valuable lessons you share and i have set some high goals that i know i will achieve because i am using your strategies and doing the very things you teach.when i first joined your academy i did everything that is taught and did 5 deals in one yr AND RECIEVED MY REFUND from you as promised.that gave me the utmost confidence to keep taking action and learning more from you and other success students.i have done to date 13 completed deals.These deals are from lease options,buy and hold,short term funding,wholesale.Iwant to express the gratitude and total appreciation for your never ending goal to see each and every one of your students and customers to succeed.I would like to say i feel blessed to be a dean graziosi student because you and your program is NOTHING but 100% positive,life changing experience.
i now have 1200 per month passive income after everthingy pd and i use very little of my own money to make this happen.I am now teaching my son who just turned 21 to do what you have taught me and he has purchased your sfl system,read your books and is taking action with your lessons.Real estate is now what is on my mind 24-7 and being involved with your program has PROGRAMMED MY MIND FOR SUCCESS !!
jay sthilaire


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I just wanted to once again

I just wanted to once again thank the man who changed my life, Dean Graziosi. I never would’ve thought back in 2008 when I was up at night and sick of life, that an infomercial would completely change my life. I remember how inspiration Dean’s infomercial on “Profit From Real Estate Right Now” was to me. I had a dead end job and never believed in myself but a fire was sparked when I believed in his courageous words and picked up the phone to get the book.
I had no hope for the future because of past circumstances and because of always knowing poverty as the only way of life. Real estate gave me a passion in life and saw a vision of the life that I could have if I worked hard. For the first time in life I started to believe in myself and went from a pessimistic to an optimistic. My whole attitude changed towards life and I actually started to care about it and people. It is insane to think that one man inspired me that much when no one else ever did before.
Fast-forward to today and I have done 10 deals and made more money in the past year than any other year I worked, almost made as much money as any other 2 years combined I had in the past. My last deal I made $16,000 wholesaling a house and I made some nice profits before that. I remember how hard it seemed in the beginning and how many road blocks I hit to finally hit my stride. I know that it will only get better and easier with time. I still can’t believe my success.
While I give Dean the credit to get me inspired and get me in the game, I also want to give credit to a local mentor that helped me put it all together. He knows who he is and he already knows how appreciated he is. I would advise someone out there to also find your local mentor to help you get through it. There’s no reason why you can’t have more than one leader.
I wrote this to show my appreciation for the change that Dean had created in my life and say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I also wrote this to maybe inspire a few out there who are struggling like I was in the beginning. I haven’t come here in a while because of my busy schedule but I will try to come here from time to time to help out wherever I can. My signature was FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION and that has come true. Go get it! God bless!




Starting Over


I too want to say thank you for your books and being on late night TV.

I'm starting over at 50. There ain't much I haven't done or tried at least once. I've dreamed of being an investor for as long as I can remember but just didn't have the courage to step out on my own.

I partnered with a friend of mine back in the 1990's who was a successful investor . He told me what to do and I went out and did it. I looked at several properties before finding a bank reo, analyzed it with him, made an offer that was accepted by the bank at the time and was approved for financing. Unfortunately he messed up on his meds somehow and skipped town - wound up in Canada, lol. I got cold feet even though the bank was still willing to do the deal for me alone and backed out.

Anyway, after that I continued buying the usual programs, you would know their names, to try to figure out how to do this thing on my own. I even attended a week long real estate investing class but still did not have the courage to strike out on my own.

Several years went by and then I saw and watched you several times and ordered your book in June 2009. I read it and it made sense. I remembered some friends of mine who had been trying to sell their home for several months and on a whim I asked if they would consider a lease option. They politely declined. A few weeks later they needed some help with a project and I helped them with it.

When we had finished the project and were sitting down drinking a glass of tea they said they would really like to see me buy their home. I told them I would like to but didn't have the funds to do so right now. They asked me if I had considered a lease to own? I said I thought that was what I had suggested.

Over the next few weeks we put the deal together and I now am living in the home and on my way to owning it (my very first one). Had it not been for your book I am sure I would still be renting because it had just not made sense to me before I read your book.

I'm still in the process of getting my feet wet so to speak but I know that this home is the first of many I will purchase thanks to you.

Wow, having difficulties with my first property

Hello Dean
I've been connected over the years, all the early stuff and now, real estate. I've owned 14 properties, mostly in the 1980's/1990's. I'm now single and involved in the new market. I have a home under contract ($112.5K with after repair of $170K (with comps) and 3K in rehab. I've been dealing with a hard money lender and this gentleman could not be making things any harder. We need to close and his 9.5% lender has closed shop and he now has hooked me up with an 18% lender. I'm no fool, i'm sure he smells a good deal. Now, tho, our appraisal has come in at $24K rehab (I've been "directed" to rehab 2 perfectly good bathrooms to the tune of $8K). One of my buddies suggested that they want the financing to fail because they want to snag the property for themselves.
I negotiated in good faith, creating a win/win with the seller (he got the property at forclosure sale), with cash for both he and his soon to be ex-wife. Since I'm new to this 2011 game and am in a new state (NC) I don't have a buyer's list as yet. I am shocked at the ineffectiveness of this hard money lender. We are three weeks past settlement date.
Have you located any lenders as of yet? I have a score of 710 but my debt to income ratio does not allow me to go to a regular bank. Any suggestions would be helpful. I understand you are looking for lenders - any hope there? I have financing available in April; but, I may loose out on this property. The sellers have already moved out and they will be affected also.
This property came to me so easily I knew it was a blessing and a new beginning for creating honest, win-win deals in my Cornerstone LLC. This doesn't only effect me, it effects 4 people working with me, too. Our little team that could. Any suggestions from anyone would be gratefully received.

HI Dean, This is my story

Hi Dean,

I first want to say that I'm your biggest fan.
I was fresh out of the Navy when i First heard of you in 2006 i just had read rich dad poor dad for the first time and wanted and knew that i had to change my lifel. I did not know what or how i was going to do it but i knew that i had to do something and always wanted to learn about real estate,but thought i needed money to start so i was up late watching tv one night surffing through the channels on t.v when all of a sudden i saw your show on itv and after watching and listening to you i didn't know if you were crazy or i was but seeing how the other people lives had change from getting your think a little different course and seeing you on the tube every night i started to believe.About the time your book came out be a real estate millionarie i was in a bad situation and living with family and didn't even have the money to buy your book so i had to wait until it was at the library,but when i got it i read it in one night and read it everyday after that i carried it around like the bible.

I came to this site and joined soon after and have been meeting and networking with a lot of great people i watched every blog,read almost every post but that was about all. Fast forward a little things got bad i was homeless but i kept coming back to this site everyday and everytime i left i felt better and was ready to take on the world. But things in my life kept going down hill . I was at rock bottom but i didn't stop and i kept coming here listening to you and knowing that i could make something happen.

I started putting up signs and using your techniques and things started to happen and this is a testimonial to you and you strategies because i was homeless i had no job no money no phone nothing and still using your techniques i got my first house under contract doing the things you taught with no money i never even went inside or met the owner and i made 5,000.00 on my first deal fast forward a few more years i have 38 deals and counting right now and i could'nt of done it if i never took action as you always say i mean you have change my life and so many others i dont know what i can say or how i can repay you hopefully i can meet you one day and tell you how much you mean to me and how you have changed my life


Classified Ad Area

Hi Dean,

My name is Tony Grant I was seeking a loan so I looked In your classified ad area I notice Loan Offer is this a real ad I also notice this person has change names a few times you may want to check on this before someone make a Big Misstake!



"With God All Things Are Possible Matt. 19:26"

"Give a Man a Dollar he's Rich For The Day, Teach a Man To Make a Dollar
He's Rich For Life" - T. Grant

Hello Dean This Is My Story

Hello Dean
I want to thank you for allowing all the other posts here on the page. Its lets know I am not the only one who has diffuculty. I was a very goor real estate investor at one time. When my mom got sick with cancer I used all my money and assets to save her life. Now my mom is cancer free I have to start all over again. Living in Los Angeles its been hard to do deals and find a good one. I understand most creative techniques and I just want to earn 10k to 15k in this new new real estate maket to jump start my business. I want to assign just one wholesale deal to an investor then try to take off. I have no money, but I have re committed myself to the process. My goal is to have a deal by this week under contract. I am no longer feeling sorry for myself. My mother has been helping me with my bills because she believes in me and saw me do it before but I was have horrible luck. Now I really determined. I dont care if I have to go every deal on craigs list or whatever. I will make this one deal happen to put my life back together. I love your blogs, and the posts of others because it talks about todays real estate market in real life and real terms. I will keep you posted on my progress and I will do whatever it takes to make it.

If I may Dean this is Our Story

Hello Dean,

Well our story starts like this. It was 2:30am April 2010 I woke up to your voice and my husband was just waking up for work. We watched your infomerchial and I had asked if we could order your books "How to Profit from Real Estate Now" and "How to be a Real Estate Millionair" next thing I knew I was on the phone ordering them. I could not wait to get them. They came and I read them first and I told him that he had to read them they are vary exciting. My dream for the last six years is to get into real estate. I just did not beleive in myself. Thank you Dean you have motivated me to move toward my dream and now It has become our dream.
My husband Charles and I Lucinda signed up with the Success Academy Apirl 2011.
We have diligently been going to the Library to get our assignments done. We so want to start our first deal we really need to replace Charles's income. You see Charles has been layed off sence September of 2010. We have decided that this is what we want to do to replace his income. It will take us longer than some and soon than others but success is in our future. Our three young childern deserve this as well as we do.
We hope that it is not to late but we have been filing out the application for your reality show we just need to find someone to do the video and figure out how to send it.

Thank You Dean
Partners in Success
Charles and Lucinda


Thanks to All
Have A Great One
Lucinda Bingham

Variant for stressed homeowner

A wonderful real estate investment strategy that I recommend you become very familiar with is known as a subject to transaction. Essentially what this strategy does is allow you to purchase property from a homeowner that is subject to its existing financing. This technique does not require you to go to the bank and get a new loan, have good credit, or jump through all the hoops that some of the other strategies do.

You can utilize this strategy to purchase your own home or as a means of controlling property for investment purposes. Here's how it works: If you're able to locate a homeowner with a property they can no longer afford to keep, you can offer to purchase their property subject to its existing financing. By executing a Deed transfer agreement, the homeowner is agreeing to transfer their ownership interest to you. Because you're not taking over the loan on a property, the owner is still on the hook for ensuring that the monthly payment is made.

However, you have to keep in mind that these homeowners are facing a desperate financial situation and are looking for relief that can save them from the threat of foreclosure and lasting credit damage. When you come into the picture, you are a superhero of sorts because they are already resigned to the fact that they're going to lose their home. By providing those with a graceful way to silently slip off into the sunset you can rescue them from the embarrassment and societal stigma of foreclosure and possible bankruptcy.

By completing a subject to transaction and agreeing to make the monthly mortgage payment on behalf of the homeowner, you're solving their most immediate problems. In exchange for a cash down payment, many of these homeowners are willing to accept your offer so they can move out of the property and get on with their lives. Depending upon the homeowner and their level of desperation, they might be willing to take a down payment as small as $2500.

Keep in mind, other homeowners may need or want as much as $10,000 in order to make it worth their while. As a real estate investor, this is still well worth the effort. If you had $100,000 cash, you could buy one property and exercise complete control over that property. However, a subject to transaction might make it possible for you to control up to 10 properties for the same amount of money.

In my experience, most homeowners are willing to accept this offer because it adequately addresses their short-term needs. However, you may eventually run into a homeowner who is concerned that you might not make the monthly house payment. An inexperienced investor might head for the hills with his tail between his legs at this point, because it might appear that there would be no way of overcoming this valid objection.

By using your head you can address the seller's security needs and still get what you are looking for out of the transaction. Instead of walking away, you can offer to have an attorney act as a neutral third party to ensure that the monthly mortgage payment is made. You could forward the payment every month to the lawyer and he could cut a check to the lender. Problem solved!

You're going to want to make sure that you are covered in the event the property has a fire, extensive storm damage, flood, or any of the other myriad problems that can take place. You can easily resolve this problem by obtaining insurance coverage on the property. Be certain that you name the mortgage company as payee in the event of a loss.

The length of time that a seller is willing to allow a subject to transaction to continue will vary. They may be willing to give you as little as 6 months or as long as two or three years. It's up to you to convince the seller on a time frame that makes sense to you, but regardless of their decision, the subject to transaction is an excellent way for you to control property without a huge financial investment.

Utilize this transaction regularly and you will not only increase the size of your investment portfolio, but you'll also become an expert in executing successful win-win transactions. Every property owner has different needs and wants. It's up to you to figure out what they are and find a way of addressing them.


George Towson

Canadian Student

Hi Dean,

Thanks to being your student, I just bought 6 properties in the U.S with great cash flow. Nice meeting you at the Buying Summit in March, Dean. From the Buying Summit I picked up some ideas and was able to source out some great cash flowing properties, built my power team and I am now the proud owner of 6 properties in the U.S. all cash flowing with CAP rate of at least 8 to 10 percent. Right now making some minor repairs and hope to turn them around to other investors interested in buying these great cash-flow properties already with tenants and great property managers in them. Actually I don't mind keeping them myself as these properties pay for themselves. Like what you said at the Buying Summit, Dean, I picked up these properties at such good prices, it really does not worry me if the property market goes up or down or stays where it is as I am collecting my rents month after month.

But I do have 1 problem, as a Canadian investor, I need to find out how I can open a Bank Account in the U.S. Hope someone Can point the way. I am having a lot of difficulty just trying to open a bank account in the u.s. to collect my rents! Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Scare and need a push

my name is leon and i live in Silver Spring ,MD.Father wife and 3 kids 2 boys 1 girl,lovem with all my heart.I am the dad that want to do and give them thing that i never had.Financially in todays world it is hard. My 9-5 is not cutting it, also struggling to keep my home and not even getting in to my other struggles, O'yeah i also live with my mother space is tight.

RealEstate Investing i know is my ticket to financial happiness.Dont know what to do. I see homes for sale ,FSBO PROPERTIES FOR RENT LEASE WITH OPTION TO OWN OR RENT.

Money for the SUCCESS ACADEMY i have but do to finances scared to give up that money up,bout i know that the knowledge that i will recieve will be worth its weight in gold.

I drive to work every day and see homes on the market. Some homes i see have been on the market all summer there is even one that been on the market 4 a year and has had a price reduction.

I heard that you should start small so i'll BIRD DOG for an investor if you'll have me , i like to drive kids in sport all over the place.

Well signing off now.Have more to say but feeling BLAH BLAH.
SCARED AND NEED A PUSH. Sorry but cant figure out how to post on the forum.


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Hello Everyone,

My name is Charles Wandless. I live in San Antonio, Tx with my wife Joanne and my two boys Maxim 2yrs and Charlie 7yrs old. I started buying and holding properties back in 2005 without any special coaching or training.
My first was definately a hard one and I paid my "stupid tax" with bad contractors and mortgage officer but learned good lessons from them. I thought it would be a good idea to get my Realtor license so I did that after my fist property. I went on to buy 1 more while working a fulltime job as a car salesman. Then I decided to treat myself and family to a new house of our own and rented out or old home.
The new house was kind of a strain on our budget but I figured things were looking good. A few months after I decided to put in my 2 weeks at the dealership and go fulltime in Realestate. I had built up a few buyers and sellers that I was juggling with my job and wanted to just focus on Realestate. All the while I was putting in offers on my 3rd multifamily property. Well that was when the mortgage crisis hit at the end of 07.
I had locked in on a deal that was really good on paper and was going with 100% financing. Well that bank shut down. They said I had to come up with 10% and I thought well it is still a good deal but that bank shut down too. In the end I had to come up with 20% down but figured with the deals I was working and the few thousands in my savings I would still give it a go so I did.
Well after a few weeks I got very worried because I couldn't find anymore buyers and sellers to work with as a Realtor. My comissions paid out and went straight to bills. I even put out some resume's to some of the other highline dealerships in the area but no one was hiring. Many other Realtors had started jumping out and things were not looking good. I had to make some money somehow so the only job that I could find in the pinch was as a pizza delivery boy. This sucked bad. I was actually delivering pizzas to neighbors I had never met in my new subdivision. I walked up to the same model home as ours and after I got my tip I told the nice lady that I had the same home as hers right up the street. She kink of nodded and smiled. Like "sure". She later became our baby sitter for our youngest son.
After a couple of months at the pizzaria gig I got an email from a stranger that must have seen my profile as a Realtor on Myspace. It was something to the tune of "Are you a Realtor struggling in this horrible market....Check out this site and join the many Realtors, Mortgage Brokers ..... Well I clicked the link and it was one of those online big ticket BizOps that I never knew existed. It was a very convincing presentation. Only about 15 mins. long but it was just shy of 1k to get in. I didn't have that kind of cash but I was compelled to call the gal. Long story short I got in with my Amex card about a week later.
I jumped right into their training and in a short time became one of the top money earners with our Team and the opportunity. I later even became one of the trainers that we had on our Team calls. I was making more money than I ever had and it was fairly easy. I rode that program till it sort of just fizzled out. I jumped into a couple more but they just didn't take off the same. I tried my hand of affliliate marketing with mass blogs and CPA networks but it has been a tuff road. The one thing that I think I can take from it is all the online marketing that I have learned from the likes of Frank Kern and John Reese. I took on a few regular jobs since selling BMMs and Harleys but the commissions were horrible considering the price of what I was selling and I had the taste of the freedom I got from working from home for those years and just couldn't find myself working for "the man" again.
A few months back I got a postcard inviting me to one of Dean's events here in San Antonio. I had nothing going on and have always loved Realestate so I thought I would give it a go. I wished I could have signed up after the presentation but at this point my credit cards were maxed out and just couldn't afford it so I grabbed my free digital camera at the end and with my tail between my legs I walked out. In the back of my mind I knew I would kick myself in the @$$ for doing it later but the cards were not with me.
Just a few weeks ago I had started my own carpet cleaning business. I am on so many peoples email lists and one guy had sent me a link to see the live webcast for Rock Bottom Blueprint. I really dug it and when I saw Frank Kern there and Joe Polish...I said this must be meant to be. I am so glad I clicked on that link in the email just like the one I got from that gal from Myspace but I can see this has no signs of fizzling out. My little carpet cleaning biz is taking off pretty well with bandit signs I have out and Craigslist posts but I want to eventually just outsource the work and make my cut but right now not having a J.O.B. and needing every cent plus no extra calls to warrant hiring I am going to hit it hard till I start rolling like the other fantastic students that Dean has.
I am so glad to be here and from the bottom of my heart I am going to thank you in advance Dean and all of the mentors you have for taking my life to the next level and giving me and my family the true financial and life freedom that we want, need and deserve.

Your Friend in Success,
Charles Wandless
A.K.A. RhinoInvestor


deangraziosi wrote:
Hey Guys

I have been so blessed to get hundreds of emails, letters and videos from students all over the country sharing your success. I have even been able to become friends with many of my students and that has been awesome.

Each of those stories inspire me to work harder and create tools to get you making money right now when you need it most. I consider my students as an extended family and when you do that, then YOUR best interest is always on my mind. And the truth is, I love it;-)

We have so many videos at - I have hundreds of emails and letters and please know I read every single one. But tomorrow I am doing a TV show and I want to mention a few of you and tell your quick story.

So even if you have sent me an email, a letter, a video or we are now friends I would love for you to tell your quick story and how real estate has changed your life. It will also be a great inspiration going in to a new week.

The DG family as you guys named it is an awesome place and it is an honor to have you all here;-)))

Now post your story.


P.S - I love hearing stories of a mind set change as well. All stories are good to me not just the people who made their first million. so please share how what we teach or this site has changed your life. You never know you can see me on TV sharing exactly what you say below.



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