Low earnest money deposit with agents

Low earnest money deposit with agents


I have a question about wholesaling when a real estate agent is involved.

When doing this through an agent, how do you do to pay the lowest earnest moeny deposit possible? Agents will usually want to see higher deposits, since they believe it increases the chances that their clients will sell the house, when in reality it changes vey little. Is there anything in particular that you say to convince them to take a very low earnest money deposit?

I dont have more than 300 dollars to use, but have seen ggeat opportunities form my agents. I dont want to miss them because of the fact I cant make a big deposit.
I am looking at houses priced from 170K-400K. In this cases my deposits would be tiny, so I really want to convice the agent selling the house.

What should I say to convince the other agent? How do I explain this to my agent, so taht he can help me convincing the other agent?

Thank you!

Alfredo Roberts



Hi Alfredo, agents can work out something with you if they want to and having a cash buyer that will buy it and let them come up with a deposit that works for you and them then you would have enough for deposit, be creative, Jim




just answered this question in your other post. Dont worry about the amount try to get the lowest amount but sometimes you have to come up a little bit. if the prop is a pocket listing or REO & you have a relationship with the listing agent for that assett mgr then you have to play ball.

Just make sure you have at least 20 buyers that would take that deal, until you do dont even make offers. also move quickly with these deals you have a couple of days to put the emd in, just stall the agents until then, i do but I have a strong buyers list & they the buyers will tell me within a couple of days if they want that deal or not. dont sress just make offers & make sure the emd is low either way.

Also make sure you are offering on hm's your buyers have told you they want, the price range, bc you mentioned 140-400k which is a wide range. starter home are the easiest to wholesale i would recommend you start with that like dean/matt say. ask your agent what starter hm prices are there.



Go faster do more! GFDM!

Another Option

Another option is to state in the addendum of the contract that the earnest money deposit (standard amount for your market area) will be paid upon partner approval (which can be another contingency in your agreement). Your partner is your end buyer. Once you find the end buyer (usually within 2 weeks right?), then your end buyer puts down the earnest money.

I agree with Simon and Tony

these will help you to make the deal, but make sure you have buyers!


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I had my agent give me a bout 2 days to come up with the EMD, I just simply told her I need a day or 2 to move some funds around in my bank accounts. I use that time to ask my buyers that were interested in the property for a deposit higher than what the bank wanted, then my problem would be solved. In most cases I tell my agent I only put $500-$1000 on my EMD for any property. If you have a solid buyer try borrowing the money from a friend or family member and tell them you will pay them back with interest if the deal goes through.


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love it I will use that one


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