Wholesaling Joint Venture Agreement

Wholesaling Joint Venture Agreement

If I wanted to work with another wholesaler who would find the endbuyer on the property I had under contract. What will be the Joint Venture Agreement I sign with that wholesaler. Can anybody provide me with a Joint Venture Agreement Gear toward working with another wholesaler in this manner. Can that contract be writen where I could work with a number of wholesaler and who ever find me the endbuyer so that I could assigned the contract to is the only wholesaler getting compensated.


All info will be greatly appreciated


What you really want is to

What you really want is to assign your deals over to other wholesalers. That is on each property so you can do that with as many as you want to.

No joint venture on those type deals. Maybe if you were looking to partner up for a rehab and flip.

Call it

a marketing agreement or consultation fee. You both sign an NDNC agreement and split the wholesale fee 50/50. Escrow will put on the HUD that he/she was paid for marketing the property. This way they get paid out of escrow and there is no issue.


Please understand that you are selling deals - not houses. I would recommend if another wholesaler wants to work with you on a deal that you assign the deal to the wholesaler and be done with the transaction. Get paid and move forward.

Remember in most instances, you will at minimum have earnest money on the line - so at minimum the other wholesaler will need to match the earnest money so his money is at risk! I hope that this information helps!


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Is there a better way to do this?

How can we make it less confusing with the buyer and seller, so both wholesalers and the buyer/seller win?

Joint Venture Wholesale and Fee Agreement

I am looking for a good JV/Wholesale Agreement.
I work mostly with buyers and i find wholesale properties for my buyers through direct seller reps.

Does anyone have one they can recommend? Any suggestions you can email me at:


Cornerstone Real Estate Group


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