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Hi my name i greg what part of southern california are u from.I'm from Barstow.I was wondering if you had any luck finding a investor, if you have maybe you can put me in thr right can email me back at gregg92311@**** thank you

Hi Kim

Hi Kim,
I live in Solano County in Northern California. Located between the Bay Area and Sacramento.
Are you finding any deals that don't require the use of a bank?


That's Great

Just read your post. Nice to see you get the old foot in the door. I can't wait until I do my first deal.

The best of luck,


just a newbe ?

first of all a tiny disclamer Smiling i have dislexia so please ecxuse any spelling errors i cant help them. i am hoping that you might be able to help me out. my name is Misty and i am brand new. this is my first time to sign on as a member. i came on here on wednesday for the first time and watched about 4 hours of testimonials. as i am not yet too sure about finding a buyer i have thought of what i think might be an inovative way to get one or many, but i am not sure if i can do this idea leagelly. i am going to make up the senario that i am thinking of trying and would like to know what you think of it if you would please.

lets say i find a house that is worth 160,000 and i offer to pay cash for the property at 80,000 and it is accepted, provided i can do this with in 60 days. then i sell lottery tickets for the house at 100 a piece. and when i have 100,000 (1000 tickets) sold i hold the raffel and pay the 80,000 to the seller and keep the 20,000 and give the house to the winner of the ticket i pull. what do you think? please help.

happy anniversary kimmy.

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saw a post of yours today from march and noticed that you joined 7/1/08 and thought i'd wish a happy anniversary. well have a great day.


Short Sales and or REO's

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Hi Kimmy,
It's Bryan AKA Bryski.
Thanks for your post on the land Trust.
I also live here in So Cal. in the IE and Orange Co.
I had the privilege of meeting DEAN last week.
and he has lifted my sprits to dig a little deeper and
take a good look inside to find the real me so I can
be the person that I know I can be and have the live
I have dreamed of. I have learned a lot about
Short-sales REOs and other strategies.
But something was stopping me from taking action
and to top it off my Dad just Passed away on Sunday.
I would like to network with you if you would like.
Im sure things will be looking up soon. Question
Can we still close using the land trust on a short-sale
or is an assignment a better way to go?

Not sure on this one?

Sorry it has taken me a while to respond to this, but DG doesn't give you notification that you have notes at the bottom of your profile. Okay, this is very outside the box thinking. I think you would be able to do this if you owned the house. Technically you are raffling off someone else's house. That is not legal without there permission and the homeowners will most likely be ticked at the idea. The best way to sell the house would be to lock it up under contract with and/or assigns and then sell the contract rights to another investor. That is legal and you wouldn't have to worry about any laws. Hope this helps... KimmyJ

Thank you!

Thank you Ron! That was very sweet. Smiling

Short Sales & REO's

Hi Bryan,

I would love to network with you. You have to keep the demons out of your head and FOCUS on the dream. That's great that you're taking ACTION. If the bank will go for the and/or assings my preferred method would be that route. It's cleaner and easier. If the bank won't then go the Land Trust route. Email me at and we can network.


GO SoCal!! :-)

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Hi there Kim!

My names Andre and I just wanted to say its a pleasure meeting someone from Dean's website, especially another SoCal investor as well! : ) I'm from Huntington Beach and I'm still trying to work on getting ready for my first deal. I'm just about done rapping up Dean's recent book "Profit from Real Estate Right Now" and I'm also getting ready to join the success academy, which I'm super thrilled about. I wasn't fortunate enough to obtain my own copy of the Edge home course program, even though I tuned in on the live tele-seminar. However, I still feel there's hope out there, and as a believer in God as well, I feel that there is plenty of favor and blessing in store for me....and that window of opportunity that Dean talks about is going to be a dream come true! So with that said, I hope we can keep in touch, keep each other motivated, and become strong friends under the family of DG. Take care!

Andre Pauli


Hillo everyone I'am trying to do my frist reo.I found 1 a black away from my job. I have a buyer. Just need to know the first steps to take.

Hi Kimmy

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Just to let you know that I am interested in doing Reo's and short sales and am in the process right now looking at properties with an agent, but I need more info. on doing assigning using a land trust,
I'm also from Southern California in the Inland Empire
God Bless,


Kimberly ,

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I just want to stop by yoru guest page and say keep up the good work and the deals will appear. Your determination will lead you to your success. Good luck on all your future deals. Keep having fun with real estate along the way! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Question concerning Legality

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I'm in the military and currently have just gotten back. Concentrating on building my buyers list, and just spoke to a lawyer about assignments. Heres the thing he said that basically if I am involved in a realestate transaction and its not my property that I am selling then I MUST have a realestate agent! But I know that others are doing this and wondering on your thoughts. I am a christian and above all else I DO NOT want to start off by violating God commandments on honesty. Your thougths would gresatly be appreciated. email me at edwin.epperson@****

Out of state agent

I realize a local real estate agent is the best route, but my sister is an agent and is out of state. Could I use her, to lessen my fear factor, to make all those super low offers? Or am I missing something else that would be shooting myself in the foot? I know it would mean I do the research. Can you tell me the cons and maybe a pro to using her? Thanks


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Nice Investor meeting tonight...take care

Thanks you!

We have another great one coming December 14th!

Hi KimmyJ7601

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I am new in DG Family, just finished the book today and eager to make deals!!
I am in Imperial Valley, Ca. area:
Brawley, El Centro, Calexico, CA
Wanted to received info on tapes of REO from banks?
Or, if needs help or team up in this area, just let me know.

Assignment of Contract

I will fire your attorney. Next time, make sure that the attorney you are going to work with, understands Real Estate Investing, specially the strategies you are going to use. You can ask him questions like "Do you invest in real estate?, what kind of REI deals had you worked before?"

Best regards,

fiipping houses

just starting i live in desert hot springs ca. insuranceman turning investor inralestate.

Wholesale REOs Using a Land Trust

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Let me be one of the many to say thank you for the post "How to Wholesale REOs Using a Land Trust". I cannot say enough about how mind-blowingly helpful this one post has been for me. I thought I had already had a water-tight wholesale strategy, and the few minutes it took to read your post proved that wrong. I am rarely this glad to be so wrong.

I'm sure I could have figured this out for myself, only it most likely wouldn't have happen for years. No exaggeration.

I actually joined this site just so I could write a thank you note to you. Thank you for teaching me such a valuable strategy. I will never forget you, and one day, I am going to repay you for the value you added to my business.

Abasi Shomari Baruti