I am a rookie student that bought Deans book two days ago but have not received it yet. Long story short, I have a friend at work that has given me the opportunity to find a buyer for him, but has a real estate agent. His house has been on the market for 7 months and is willing to do whatever it takes to sell his home. WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS OPPORTUNITY?


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Have him pay u set fee or finders fee for assigning the contract over to another buyer.


What will the house ACTUALLY sell for? NOT what it is listed at obviously! It is overpriced right now or it should have sold. What can you get it for and what can you sell it for and how?
Does the seller need to cash out or could you do a sandwich lease with option to purchase or assign the L/O?
He needs to get rid of his agent.

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What do I do with this opportunity? SLC

As michaelmangham said, you need to find the true value of the home. How quick does your friend need to sell?You can sell the property quick if you make it an attractive deal to investors. You could have your friend ask his realtor to pull a list of all cash purchases in the last ninety days. If the realtor says they can't do that, tell the realtor to call the MLS helpline and have the MLS support staff walk them through the process of getting the list. Once you have the list, search your county tax records(either the tax office or see if you can get to the records online) find where the tax bills are being sent to. When you get the same address for multiple purchases you have found an investor. Get a name or phone number, mail a letter with info on the property or call and say, Hi my name is _____ I see your making frequent purchases in this area, I have a property you might be interested in, would you like me to email you the information?". You could try networking at real estate investment clubs. You can ask the club if you can present the deal to the members. You can run ads on craigslist saying Home in rentable condition must sell. You would probably need to find buy and hold investors(I am assuming the home is in excellent condition) to market to. A buy, fix, and flip investor won't be interested, because the home will be priced according to the value of other homes like it, that are in the same condition(again assuming the home is in excellent condition) and the investor won't have such a big profit spread since he can't justify making a low offer. The key to selling properties quickly is having a buyers list. Dean's book should give you plenty of ways to build that list. Make sure your friend understands that if he wants to sell quick, he will probably not get asking price. Like oertelaj said, if you have the time to learn how to do an assignment of contract, read the book when you get it, search the forums for how to do an assignments of contract, and click on the Forms and Docs below Student Resources to download the Assignment of Contract document. Make sure you run that contract by an real estate attorney to see if it is legal in your state!
This is all pretty abbreviated, so search on the forums to find the best way for you to market and sell the property.

Good luck! I hope this helps and everything works out!


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