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Ruben Frye
Houma, Louisiana
About Me: 

(The ninja is in the middle!)
I love to practice acrobatic martial arts and TKD. I am a motorcycle enthusiast(I hope to soon be riding when I get my license). I love to be outdoors enjoying the green grass and fresh air. I am also into fitness: weightlifting, circuit training, and bicycling.

I was introduced to real estate by my dad at the age of fifteen. I went through a couple of real estate courses and read books on the subject. All great information, but for two years I didn't seriously pursue real estate until getting the RockBottomBluePrint. The RBBP is a great course, it made everything else I had learned click and gave me the courage to take action. Please don't let other people stop you from taking action. People who say you can't do something, are most often the people who are unable to do that themselves. Houma is about sixty-five miles southwest of New Orleans. Please PM if anyone would like to network in South Louisiana to discuss what's working, what isn't, and to encourage each other.

Music, Martial arts, Motorcycling, Weightlifting, working out and real estate!

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Aspiring Real Estate Investor
No Children
In High School

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Just poppin' in to say hiya and wish you well. Smiling


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Thanks smurfy!


awsome,im not from louisiana

awsome,im not from louisiana but i also have the rbpp and so far so good.i will not do it in 30 days but i will do it. you sound like you got it going on so keep it up,and good luck.

Thanks bud39!

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Two years is too long of a time to waste. I don't want to be looking back ten years from now and have done nothing in investing. I will soon be finishing high-school so now is the time to build an income stream to support myself when I get out.
Thanks for the encouragement!
I strongly believe in what Anointed1 always says, "Start where you are! Use what you have! Do what you can!, thats just what I'm trying to do.


Hi Ruben

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Just signing in your guestbook to welcome you to this site and wish you great success on your rei journey!
I'm sure we will hear great deals from you-keep that momentum going!



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Thank you for the encouragement!


Hi and welcome

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Hey, just wanted to welcome you here and say that i love martial arts myself(doing Tai Chi). It gives you physical and mental balance.
Good luck in Real Estate Investing.


dtupak, cool!

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Thank you!
One of my goals is to use the money I make
from RE to someday travel to China and study wushu. So, got to get things rolling!



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Emoticons are hard to figure out.
Tested it out, but could only figure out three of them

Hi there

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Hi Ruben, my name is Derrick Burns and I was once in your shoes. I also was introduced to real estate at the age of 15, but my mom taught me.

keep up the good work and remember that you to can achieve your greatest goals and truly live beyond the limits of lif.

Best of Luck,
Derrick D. Burns
Southern ILLinois university carbondale


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Thanks so much for the encouragement!
I wish you success!


What?! Really?!

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I thought most people didn't know that there was anything below New Orleans, lol.
Sure I'd love to have your thoughts on any deals I'm doing at the moment, when you come down.