And Then There Is The Rest Of The Story.......

And Then There Is The Rest Of The Story.......

When I got started, probably a lot like most of you, I didn't have money, experience, or knowledge, but I had a massive DREAM. My dream was so big that when it was sitting there in front of me it completely blocked out all of my obstacles. I really couldn't see my obstacles. All I could see was the prize. Because of all that I was very, very nieve. I thought that real estate was like a recipe. When you bake a cake, you add the correct amount of ingredients at the right time, put it the oven at the exact temperature, and take it out of the oven at the right time-YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CAKE COME OUT. You don't second guess the ingredients or the mixing and baking instructions. You just follow the instructions. I have never seen, to this day, someone follow the instructions to bake a cake and when the timer goes off open the oven door and have a steak in the pan! It is not possible. A cake always comes out. It is so weird to me that people say things like "I am going to give this real estate thing a try to see if it works". Well I can tell you I never decided to give real estate a try. "Try" is the most poisonous word in the english language. When I decided to do it, it was already done in my mind. I bought my first property on November 10th, 2005 and on that day I set my goal to be free from my job in 3 years. I didn't know how I was going to do it. I just knew I was going to do it. I ended up comepleting my goal 3 days early. I left my job on November 7th 2008! Now when I set that 3 year goal to get free I started to tell people. Some people told me to be more realistic. Some people said it wasn't possible. Others told me not to get my "hopes" up. But most people just laughed at me. Some people would even bring it up every time they saw me. They would say "Matt did you retire yet, ha, ha, ha!" they would even say it in front of other people. My blood would start to boil and the hair would stand up on the back of my neck. I would have to remind them by saying "I told you it is going to take me 3 years". They would say "yeah, right, OK". I would get so mad and fired up I would work harder than ever. THEN THERE IS THE REST OF THE STORY. One day they woke up early and flipped on the TV. Dean Graziosi came on the TV talking about the current real estate opportunity. They got interested and they were watching real close...."wait a minute, did Dean just mention Matt Larson? I know a Matt it can't, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! He did it!" They they had to go to work the next day, and the next day, and the next day after that....for 30 more years.....


You've got to find your obstacles and call them out! Unsheath the sword, and do battle with whatever it is that holds you back!

You Said it Right.

Its awesome how you explained your illustration because its so simple and yet for me I'm the kind that most of the time I used 'what if'. Now I'm going to use some Pacific Islands illustration to keep me motivated, 'just pick up that rugby ball and score some tries'. By the way Matt, you have some great attitude going keep us inform at least you inspire me a lot.


Matt, I am like you! I have

Matt, I am like you! I have no money, okay credit but I am just so positive this is going to work. The only problem I have is I have thought this way before and have had 2 businesses not fail, but definitely not take off like I wanted. So this time I am still so excited but I'm not telling anyone! When the cash starts rolling in I'll let them assume it is from my other business...

Thanks for the affirmation! btw..I looked at my first property yesterday. I have 3 more lined up to look at today. I have set up a s-corp and am thinking of trying to get some business credit from my other s-corp to get some capital.

What I want to do is buy a 2 family with HML and then refi and take some equity to continue growing.

In your opinion how easy/difficult is it to get a bank to refi through your s-corp?


Fantastic Attitude

Great Story! Congratulations on completing your goal. You are very inspirational for us all; especially new investors like myself. I look forward to hearing more. Thank you for continuing to contribute and letting us know it can be done.

If you are ever in Des Moines drop me a line. It would be great to pick your brain.



Thanks Matt

Thanks for still contributing to this website.I fell really lucky to have found you guy's and your posts just keep picking us back up.


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Your welcome

It is my pleasure to be associated with such a great group of individuals.


You've got to find your obstacles and call them out! Unsheath the sword, and do battle with whatever it is that holds you back!

deans new book

newbie to the site, need to get deans new book does anyone have the number to order it. gotta have it!!!!!!!

lol! had

lol! had to bump this. This is one of the threads I read every single morning. I guess because of some stuff I've experience lately......this is hitting home more than usual!

What is the 'rest of your story' going to look like?!?

What you do today, determines your tomorrows.

Go hard, get free, die empty!

Winners play hurt!

Game ON!


Thank you Matt for this and Jen for Bumping

Hmmm maybe I should read this everyday too, Jen. I get all positive and ready to make another offer, and this attorney search and paperwork get me off kilter. I come back to this site, and receive some valuable wisdom about how to go about what I need to get done.

I used to say I will try this and didn't believe this was the real deal. Now my mind has accepted this as real and I just need to really get organized and do "all" the work and get this first deal "done!!" Thank you all who contribute and Matt as such a great example to us all!

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Thank-you Matt!

You inspire me!!

To Big Dreams!

Hi Matt,

Wow! Great story! Thanks for the encouragement.

I need to focus on my DREAMS!!! not my obstacles. Make my dreams so big that my obstacles disappear. I love it!

I was not looking at the obstacles I encountered as a foe to be vanquished, but they are, aren't they. Now, I will unsheath my sword as you say and my obstacles, well they just have to give way to my DREAMS!



The Eye has not seen, nor the ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him. - Bible

Great Story

Just what I needed to hear today!

Thanks MATT

Awsome story Matt

i think we all look at our obsticales way to much and let them stand in our way.It is time to unsheath our sowards and slice our obsticales into little pieces and then focus on our dreams.Thanks again!
Matt B

Fire Up

Sometimes all you have to do with that negativity out there floating around is to fire up with enthusiasm to make it all work and show the naysayers who comes out the winner!

Your awesome

What can I say, Iam running into the same thing, oh well my hearing is getting impaired and for some I cant see past my nose, isnt life so much fun.My goals are set and my dream is big and who needs these people anyway there dead weight and dont have time for there negativity.You cant soar with the eagles if you dont get off the runway, I never was much of a ground guy.I like climbing the mountain the view is much better and I love to feel the wind to my face and oh the freedom you get seeing the view, no turning back for this young Lad.Its so much fun stepping out of your comfort zone and the rewards are awesome, Iam reaching for the Sun and stepping on the Stars as I climb higher and higher, not sure what I will meet but its going to be fun, Jim



Thank you...

It is great to understand a bit more of how you started, time frame for goals and the motivation that helped you to push harder!


I am a Professional Real Estate Investor! And I see a whole army of my countrymen, here in defiance of the J.O.B. You've come to fight as free men/women... and free men/women you are! What will you do for that freedom?? Will you fight?!! Lets fight for it together!!!!


so take note.



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