What does the trinkets under your "points" represent?

What does the trinkets under your "points" represent?

I am new and started with a bronze medal. Some of you have many trinkets. How do you earn them and what do they represent?


No one wants to answer

No one wants to answer Sad


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The trinket icons are earned as DG Members contribute on the DG website. If you put your mouse arrow on the icon, it will tell you what it is. The real value here is to just be a part of the DG website, join in, ask questions, learn new things about real estate and have fun. Be an active member that gets help and provides help.

The icons will come as your knowledge and level of participation grows. So be a part of something...BIG. Something that will make a difference in your life.... the DG website. Good luck with REI. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Thank you

For all the newbees

It has been really fun to watch the badges appear just for participating on this site.

Now I know.....

I didn't even notice the trinker icons until now. I went to my account to check it out and I have a bronze medal....hurray!!!! Thanks Joe for the explanation.



Hi Joe,

We attended the E.D.G.E. event and did not get an icon for it. I also called the PMI Advisory hot-line and found they had 2 accounts for us which may be part of the problem. They did at least link the 2 accounts so now there is only 1 of us again. No wonder we were getting tired doing double duty and all.(HAHA)

use your mouse

put your mouse on the medals and it will tell you what theyre for


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