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Grace Chrysler
Phoenix, Az
About Me: 

I wanted to do Real Estate since 10! I love it and it will be my job like forever..........well really I like it so much it’s not even a job! I feel if I let Jesus tell me were some deals are he will! I hope.... No WAIT I will retire at 25. Laughing out loud Im also taking some personal power courses lol! Goal setting, wow is that a big talker abouter (not even a word)!

REAL ESTATE! full heartedly

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Real Estate!

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Mainly Just This One



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Welcome to the DG family

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Welcome to the DG family Grace.
I really am so amazed that someone your age is interested in REI.
I hope you succeed and enjoy a financially free life at the tender age of 20.
Good luck to you and your family.

Hi Grace,

Welcome Grace to the Dean's Team family. You're in good hands. How lucky you are at age 20 you involve yourself alredy in real estate. Hope to hear from you, your first real estate deal. Good Luck...dom


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Hi Grace, welcome to DG, as you read around this site you will learn tons of information. I think its great that you show so much interest in real estate at your age. I wished I would have, I'd be worth lots more money. Anyway, keep us informed on how things are working out for ya...

Ok! I got 120 points!

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Ok! I got 120 points!

158 lol

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158 lol


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Just anote to say welcome aboard. The forum is a great way to get most questions answered. Keep focused! Much succes to you...........Lubertha


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Keep at it

I finished "Make Profits In

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I finished "Make Profits In Real Estate Right Now!" Now Im going to read "Be a Real Estate Millionaire"!

It was great

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It was great

Oh wow i see your 16! Us

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Oh wow i see your 16! Us young birds need to take advantage of this real estate opportunity! so we can retire young!

SWEET 300 points! lol haha

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SWEET 300 points! lol haha anyway.....

how do you get site badges

I am not 100% sure how you get each individual badge to be honest. You post your experiences, you offer advice to newer people, you let others know what specifically in the materials will help them and inspire them onto the next phase of their RE success story etc., and the next day you log on and you have lots of points and all of these cool badges and you are not sure why and speaking for myself I do not care exactly how I got them I just love that I got them and I am inspired to keep going - At this point there are not many badges that I do not have and I know what will change that. Just keep posting, before you know it you will have your points and your badges and you will experience first hand how inspirational they can be! Smiling

Todays the day!

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Todays the day!

The conference was awesome!

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The conference was awesome!

Just posted my journal for

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Just posted my journal for today


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I am guessing that you must have have finished the second book by now. Yes?

So, what is your plan now?

(Apart from getting another medal of course! Smiling


HAHA! lol I'm going to read

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HAHA! lol I'm going to read all my highlights again from both books then start on another coarse! Smiling


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I am in awe...that you are only 16 yrs old! Congrats on your decision on becoming a Real Estate Investor. Keep at it, don't ever give up! Seriously...I am blown away, I hope you are successful and able to retire as a millionaire at age 25...




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GREAT JOB ON FINISHING THE BOOK GRACE.i admire your endless interest in real estate at such a young age !! keep up the good work i am behind you all the way!!your parents must really be proud of you !!i know we are
.......".do something you love to do and you will never have to work a day in your life..."harvey mackay

NEVER give up !!

congrats grace

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on your NEW contribution badge, you deserve it


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Bob Ross

hi grace!!

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was just wondering what personal power courses you were taking?

It's Personal Power II

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It's Personal Power II


HI Real Estate Master,
I once invested in the metals of life and found out...Only i can reward myself!!!
REM-Money is, Nothing! Our actions make the difference...So go buy your property and i do like your...Fresh start.

Invest in Yourself





I have been busy with things in my life and could not check in on my emails and the DG site for almost 2 weeks!
I see that you have not been around much either .. I hope all is well with you and that you will be back and posting with the rest of us really soon!

I'll explain in my journal

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I'll explain in my journal why I haven't been on

16!?!?! Awesome!!!!

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At 16 I was flipping pizzas for $5.00 per hour. I wish I knew what you knew at your age. Perhaps I'd be retired by now.

Great job, best of luck and be sure to post your successes.

Greg -

I will but I'll keep my

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I will but I'll keep my secret deal secrets to my self for now...or forever HAHA jk or am I! Eye-wink


Hello everyone:

I just joined a few minutes ago and just want to let you know how great and exciting this venture is! I look forward to being an asset as a member of this sub-group.

I just read your age Grace, and I must tell you I am so inspired by your guts, faith and determination! Many blessings to you! I know that with the Lord's help you will attain your goals as shall all of us.

What Up Grace?

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Hey Grace,

Pretty cool what you are doing... I wish, as well as probably most of the rest of us do, that I had started doing this real estate thing a long time ago. As many have said, you are an inspiration and you WILL be a huge success as long as you don't stop. Just keep learning as much as you can and by the time your 18 and can legally sign a deal, it may be you we are watching on the infomercials! lol

I'm in Phx too and as you know the market is hot (just like the weather is today) for what we are trying to do, so learn, learn, learn! Think about this learning period for the next 2 years as kinda like a "real estate college". Once you graduate (turn 18), you will have a license to make millions!

I certainly wish you the best of luck in your real estate career! Remember too that when you have to start filing tax returns or need help with business type of stuff, I'll definately be there to help. Never hesitate to ask!

Take care,


Oh no no...

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You have to share your investing secrets with all of us. Lol.



I want to wish you a very happy birthday I was trying to figure out which thread to post in. You seem to have 2 new journals going and I cannot find the original one !

Anyway I hope you had the best time on Saturday!
I have noticed again that you have not been posting much lately, (neither have I) I hope that all is well and that you have been enjoying the summer.



Good luck!

Hi Grace

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Wow I am completely blown away by you lol....Only If your goal is to retire at age 25 there is no doubt in my mind you won't achieve it


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Homes for $26,900

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The company I am partnering with sells them for $26,900 yes that's right $26,900 and you own it. Wild huh. I am buying one now too. There are investors here buying 10 at one time and company will give you one FREE. So for $269,000 you get 11 homes which cash flow on average $500 per month, or $5500 per month cash flow.
You are definately at the right place to learn to invest.

Foreclosures for $26,900 includes rehab

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Hi Grace,
I sell properties that Cashflow $450-$650 per month. Or flip and sell for $90,000 with 15 year note at 10% int. $500 per month cashflow. Help families get into homes for $500 per month and own them after 15 years.
If you would like more info click on my name and send me a private message.

Hey Grace

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How are you doing

Just stopping by to say hello

God Bless

Hi Grace!

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I just came accross your page and wanted to say hi. I am just amazed at your age and will at 16 to get into a career so great so young. I think its amazing. I wish I had known about all this when I was 16. Then again, everything happens for reason.

Well, I wish you the best of success. Keep your dreams alive and never let your fire for success burn out.

Thanks! I havent been on for

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Thanks! I havent been on for a while because I have been studing!


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I am back on the site more regularly these days and am really happy to be talking to "old RE friends"

You have been crossing my mind a lot and I find myself wondering what happened to you!

A great young woman once said:
(If Donald Trump can do it YOU BETTER BELIEVE I CAN!!)

Where is that great young woman?

Talk to me Grace,

Your RE love


I have no doubt you'll realize all your dreams and goals.

Can you picture how retiring at 25 will allow you to keep making your relationship with Jesus stronger.

One thing I'd like to do is use what I learn and gain in RE to assist the homeless upgrade where they reside.

It shouldn't be to hard since they reside mostly in alley ways, under overpasses, caves, and similar ambients.

It's not about "fixing" them or all their circumstances, but rather compasionate steps to share the gifts we find ourselves having.


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Just wanted to post a hello. I came here looking for the same answer on how someone gets all those badges, wings, etc. and what that takes. Guess I gotta wait my turn, not that it's the reason I do anything. Anyway, also, great to see you are in PHX. Let me know how I can help. I am always seeking partners to help with the other side of the deal or step in the middle somewhere so that when I make an offer, I have flexibility and of course it could be what you're looking for. Thanx Grace, Regards...

One reason I'm here

I would to thank you Ms. Lubertha for being who you are in this industry and not giving up, I have almost all of Dean's book and even Think A Little Different. He has always kept simple and straight forward but you and Ms. Bernadette really made me see a small light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Ladies and Dean very much!!!!

I didn't kknow you lived in

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I didn't kknow you lived in AZ. I haven't talked to you in a while? how is everything going?

REI Club

Hi I'm interested in joining the team. Is this team still active? Do you actually meet? If so, how often? How many members participate?