I recieved a PM from someone who calls herself girl24..She asked me to contact her so we could talk, and she said that she had some things to tell me? I have no idea who she is, and it sounds very strange. Has anybody else had any contact from her, if so do you have any info about her??


Me too!

I had the same thing happen.


Get rich or die tryin!! you you though. I was hit with $26M capital to invest in Millbrook, AL. And in her search came across me, and knew I was exactly who she'd been looking for. I only had to provide my address, full name and bank account so that they could send a secure transfer for immediate deposit. bbhhaahaa!

so if she tells you anything to promise to share. I'll also spread the love of the $26M as soon as I find that banks account # thingy I seemed to have misplaced! LMAO!

girl24 has been canned

I noticed she spammed tons of profiles, went to check her's and it didn't exist anymore.

Good job Mods! Smiling


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That's good

she sent me one too, I deleted it. Definately sounds strange.


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Thanks for your feedback DGers, i thought it sounded like another scam.....

Girl24 Scam

Sorry about this guys! I deleted her account early this week but when an acount is elimninated, only comments are deleted not personal messages. I apologize if you have been receiving messages from this member and/or other members resulting in spam. We are working as fast as possible to get the new site rolled out which has a more efficient spam blocker! Smiling

We appreciate your understanding with this matter.



Thanks Jeremy for all your hard work.....

I Get it Now...

Ah, so that's why everyone here insists that you completely fill our your profile info (which I have since done) before they'll interact w/you personally! I get it Smiling


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These kind of things creep me out...& scare me. Good thing we all stay away!

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