Scam Alert: Lenders from our Classified Ads/ Services area

Scam Alert: Lenders from our Classified Ads/ Services area

Has anyone used the lender advertising his services here on Dean's site in the classified ads/services area? Email goes by deanwillyllc. Does anyone used them or recommend them?

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Please research everyone you deal with thoroughly. Always assume it to be a scam until proven otherwise. Unfortunately, the internet makes it easy for scammers to operate on a large scale with little risk of getting caught. They operate on every website on the web, so assume they try to operate here.

Also, if anyone asks you to pay for services or products by Western Union, wire transfer or other instant, anonymous payment methods it is a scam 99.999% of the time.



great question... i am in east texas looking for a private investor or a hard money lender to...let me know also...


i need a lendor who make hard money loans to buy properties I Am in long island New York

Just Look

There have been many post about HML on this site. Go to front page top left corner and put in Hard Money Lenders and hit enter. Anita also wrote a post with 65 HML's contact info. try looking in the What's New section on front page to the left column or check out Dean's Credit repair. Mike Rohan heads up that dept in Phoienix and I am sure he will help if he can. Just gotta look around guys....Jan

Just be careful and do your

Just be careful and do your research on them before you give them any info.
If they are asking for money upfront to file an app then they most likely scams. anything from the UK stay away from. your best bet is to go to a REI club meeting and ask around there.
good luck

If anyone does use Dean Willy ...

Please let me know the results.

I emailed him last month and he let me know there are fees to be paid upfront . That is illegal , so do not become a victim.

There are ads on here by the name Hocket , James Bone , etc . This guy is a SCAM for sure . I had a property lined up to close on Dec. 28th and he left me at the closing table with no funds and the deal fell through. He also walked away with about 1500.00 too !! Hard lessson to learn , but I did .

Remember , NO UPFRONT FEES to be paid before you are loaned the money to buy real estate.

Now, go out and start doing deals..

Randy S.
Elkton, MD

Thats a shame these scumbags

Thats a shame these scumbags even infiltrate Dean's site as 99.9% of us are here to actually find ways for everyone to come out a winner.
A great book to read is by Bob Proctor, "Its not about the money".

We need to understand something here .............

This website is for people who have bought Dean's books and joined his community here . Our collective goal is to get started in real estate with the techniques Dean and others have shared .

With that said , for most of us ( Myself Included ! ) we have many obstacles to overcome to get that first purchase done . Whether that be bad credit or no money or no job ( again this includes myself ) or whatever the situaton .
We DO NOT need to be taken with our money or time with anyone who charges upfront fees before loans can be dispersed. That again is illegal period. I have spoken to more than one real estate attorney on this and have been informed that ANY UPFRONT fees regardless ( other than an application fee - small fee only ) .

I am just saying do not be scammed .

Randy S.
Elkton , MD

Philadelphia Area

I am interested in speaking or meeting with someone in Philadelphia Area. I have the same questions like everyone was asking. I have Realtor friend who can know I am interested in Real Estate Investment. She can supply with leads on foreclosure but I am kind of stopped on the track because of money, credit. I have a job. But not enough to do anything. I am willing to talk with someone in Philadelphia Area who is an investor. Thanks

Funding Information here

Check out this company's web site and I think they are in PA. They offer 100% financing on a rehab project. The loan will be 70% of the ARV but it will be 100% loan and you do not need any funds from what I see. I just registered with them to see if they can fund some of my deals. I'm in Cincinnati Ohio and I'm not sure they can fund this area yet but I'm checking on it now.
Good luck everyone and go to the web site below. If anyone knows of a loan company that will fund projects with these types of loans or even better terms here in Cincinnati please e-mail me at I do not do deals with loan companies that are not located in the USA so please don't waste your time contacting me. I will check out the loan company very well to see how long they been in business and where! I do not pay upfront fees or send money ahead of time for anything either!
Hope this helps someone.

Check this one out

sfshelton is ok I remember this company from last year (May 2009). New investors with bad credit or credit lower than 680 need not apply.


I want to clarify things for everyone .

In December I went to closing to purchase a home but lost it because the money did not arrive . The party involved is Mr Hocket , who on this site uses James Bone , Hocket , Mr Donya Hocket ,etc. His email is almost always globalfunder01 or 02 , 05 , etc.

Again , I spoke with 2 attorneys that assured me any upfront fees other than a small application fee is ILLEGAL -- PERIOD !!

The set up is like this. These folks are from over in **** . They keep coming up with fees over the process of the loan . The scheme is that they have to pay their part and you have to pay yours.

I emailed Mr Dean Willy last month . From the beginning , I told him I had been scammed by others and insisted that I would not pay ANY upfront fees -- that is illegal. He replied that there are fees charged by the bank over in **** , and other fees as well-- where again, he pays part and I pay part.

Let me also add , that I have the emails from my correspondences with Mr Hocket and Mr Willy.

The people on Dean's site want to get started in real estate , without losing money and wasting time. It's my opinion , that these scammers should be dropped from the site immediately. I am sorry , but I find that there is NO excuse for this injustice.

Please take the time to research the companies you become involved with .

Good luck to everyone here .


THANK YOU Jan Malek for speaking up and standing up for me . Much obliged.

Investment groups..

I've found that instead of surfing the web looking for HML's, that if you'd just ask someone at a local REI group that you'll more than likely find a few who are not only investors, but also HML's. At least that way you're less likely to run into a scammer.


Bryant Slade

Thanks Max ..

Appreciate the ideas and I am working on that now.

Also plan to talk with transactional funders for the quick flip.

Good luck to everyone !

Randy S.
Elkton, MD

Dean Willy & Hocket Are Scams!

I've posted this in the threads of their profiles too - both of these guys are scams! As mentioned above, it's illegal to require upfront fees, beyond appraisal. If there's any request to wire it, you know it's definitely a scam.

Randy - thank you for posting this. At least we can help make the DG family aware of this.

I've pressed Dean Willy in the past to explain about his company "Dean Lending Investments LLC", in New York. Of course, there's no record of it, no address, and the phone number is invalid. I pressed him further on his address, and he finally said "****". Need I say more??



Thanks for jumping in to expose both pieces of dirt. If I had the time I would love to meet this piece of garbage face to face....Jan

My Last Post Was Edited

My last post was automatically edited.

I wanted to say: when I pressed Dean Willy on where he was located, it was that country on the other side of the world where scams seem to originate!

Jan - I hear you...these guys are garbage!


Thanks guys

Just looked at the scam alert posting and want to say thanks. I like to think that I would be able to pick out the scam. but after coming on this site and getting so much help from everybody I could have fallen into the scam myself.
Thats why it is so great to have you guys out there and I think if anyone has the same problems or has a question about a lender we should post right away..........Thanks guys again Philbenice


That's what makes this the best site in the world. We help each other. It is just to bad that someone will pay the money, but lets hope not...Jan


Mr. Dean Willy:

Where is your website? Phone number(s)? Someone in the business of floating PoF letters, short-term funding, and the like would be advertising at every possible chance. I checked your profile out, and there is no information at all. The email address you've given doesn't seem to be valid.

Next, if people are interested in your services, though they may not need the loan now, why would you not send them as much information as possible to help them make an informed decision? I've had a lot of people who have asked for information on properties. Although they weren't in the market for one, I still let them know as much as possible, since the inquirer today may become the solid buyer tomorrow.

And lastly I mention your total lack of professionalism. If you feel that people don't believe in you or your services, why don't you provide information that would prove otherwise? A solid website? References? Testimonials? The types of things you can post now, rather than be so secretive and require someone to be a client before you send them this. That's kind of like asking someone to buy a house based only on the seller's word of its condition. The process is called due diligence and if you're not willing to help them in that process (even if it's a speculative inquiry), I for one would be wary of you as well.

Also, do you really think a professional would make that last post that you did? Doubtful. They'd realize this isn't going to be productive and would a.) begin proving the critics wrong, or b.) simply leave. The fact you've stuck around to continue to try over and over to convince people you're sincere (but still not having offered any legitimate information) seems to me that you have little substance. And now, instead of trying to win anyone over with PROVE-ABLE facts about your business, you merely have resorted to aggressively and angrily alienating yourself from every member of this website. While this is a free country, maybe it's best you find another forum to advertise on. And hopefully, you'll learn from the mistakes you've made on this one. Best of luck Mr. Willy.



"Success should never be measured by how fast we get to where we want to go, but rather by the fact that we get there" - Joshua


Well said my friend, well said. It is about time Mr. Willy leaves our site.

In Agreement ...

Thanks guys !

It's good to hear the record set straight here.

I can assure you folks there was whole lot more than appraisals being mentioned in the emails to me . In fact , appraisals were never mentioned.

My advice to everyone here is only use lenders from this country . It is far too risky to have money wired over to the United States .

Good luck to everyone on the site.
Real Estate is where it's at.

Randy S.
Elkton , Maryland

Well Said

Joshua, I commend you on opening possible every door that should be investigated when having potential dealings with anyone that wants to finance your properties.
Newbies, if you have doubts about who you're dealing with, go through these steps and then some. Don't be afraid to ask questions to these scam artists. When you are desperate to find money and make a deal happen, you make foolish mistakes.
Thanks to our great "Dean Team" to lending their experiences.

Bruce T.
Homes On Course LLC


I see Dean Willy is back in the classified-services area advertising again.
Newbies-beware, read the above posts.

He is also posting under the user name "Loans and Mortgages" as of 5-4-2010.

Also, "Hocket" has posted in the services area.

If they ask for upfront fees, beware!


I saw that they were trying to pull the same old garbage again, believe me, I watch for these guys. This time lets see what they have to say....Jan

GRRRRrrrr!!! :(

Just before I bought Dean's book I had a number of properties locked up for
about 60% of FMV,..however the deal fell through at the last min.
The reason this deal fell through was that three days before closing
my hard money lender sent word that in order to exacute the loan I would have
to wire transfer $10,000 for a long list of charges, fees, etc.

I called them as soon as I got word and complained due to the fact that my "broker" had never mentioned this to me prior.
I spoke with her "superviser" about possably adding these charges to the loan
balance and was denied,.."You want to borrow $200,000.00, have to put
something up out of pocket. It's as simple as that!"

I had origanaly ordered Dean's books to try and find a way to quickly
get this deal back on track with them, (and found a few that would do) Smiling
and now I find that people have been trying to scam me this whole time. Sad
(Not any of YOU or Dean,..his book has tought me so many new options Smiling )

I thought I was mad about these "lenders" BEFORE?!?!
Thank you guys for pointing this out to me and so many other would be victoms.

I'm not going to let all this stop me though,...I WILL make these deals work!
If for no other reason, than to SPITE these -(WARNING! this section self cencered for the sake of good and deacent peoples everywhare)- >:)

again I thank you for your warnings about these scams Smiling

Anyone know of a leagit HML in Florida?

Although I haven't used any

Although I haven't used any lender from this site, go to
There are close to 300 lenders posted. Remember to do your due diligence on these lenders.


Thank you. Smiling
I will check this out. Smiling

scam artist's

its really sad that people are just trying to get educated from this web site and there are peolpe like that on here. but thank you all for the info i know as a newbie is info is very critial to our success, and i need all the true help i can get. oh and to the scam artists your time will come

It really is sad

especially when everyone here tries to help eachother out and people like that only take advantage

Reputable lenders

As long as you are looking for lenders, check out the following:

Site looks cheesy, but the bottom line is, it seems to work.


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