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Hey Dale Have you thought about tax sale in Florida? You bid down the rate!and its for the back taxes! Just something to look into for getting started!


hello, thanks for the words of wisdom i have read deans books and am rereading them all the time i am currently doing alot of looking as my credit is not so good was also doing bird dogging for a person on this site but gave them my reo contact # so they cut me out completly , no contract was signed, just a promise by phone to help me , well that was my first mistake and wont happen again, you never no who you can trust.anyway i am still looking at homes have alot of great deals, but no cash, so i will keep up the positive additude keep looking for that first great deal , currently trying to help out my father inlaw with his second home he needs to sell asap, wanted to buy it myself but no money, but if i can find a buyer for it and try to make a few dollars i guess that will be a good start. and yes any help you can give me would be grately appreciated. thankyou for your time. Dale


Hey Dale, Where in Florida are you? I am in Port Charlotte. I am trying to make this work here. Have plenty of drive but not enough time in the day. PM me if you want to help each other out. Diane Brian