Mindset Minute (Inspiration, Motivation, and Building your MINDSET! The other 1/2 of your success!!!)

Mindset Minute (Inspiration, Motivation, and Building your MINDSET! The other 1/2 of your success!!!)

Hello DG family,
This website is AMAZING for getting information and learning techniques and strategies from other investors. It blows other websites OUT of the water! Laughing out loud

I'm going to do something a little different for you. You won't be successful unless you have or build a mindset to USE that information, and that is the aim and goal of this journal. I want to get you to get out and USE the information you're learning in Dean's books, blogs and this website. This thread is going to be strictly about MINDSET! Here's your own slice of MINDSET training to put alongside the main course of knowledge and strategy training.

This is for everyone who needs a little motivation and inspiration. (which is all of us at some point in time). I know a lot of you didn't get the opportunity... YET... to join the Insider's Elite; that's a goal to strive for.

I want you to know that RIGHT HERE and the web is where I came to help change my mindset. With this site and Dean's Totally Fulfilled and video blogs, I was able to SET MYSELF UP FOR SUCCESS! I couldn't have done it without this site, Dean's blogs and weekly infiltration into my life, and his book 'Totally Fulfilled'. I also read (or listen to Eye-wink ) many books by great authors like Napoleon Hill, Robert Kiyosaki, Norman Peale, Darren Harding and many others.

As you know if you saw me on DGIE promotional video number 3 or the live webinar, my journey has been about mindset. As of that recording I had done just over 20 deals, and while there are many others that have done many more, my journey has been majorly about overcoming the obstacles and mindset blocks that kept me from pushing forward. I turned around a business that by all analyzers and commentators told me should have been dissolved. Right now, my goals are to do more deals in a short time than I've done in my entire investing career.

My love of REI and being the determined, persistent, and dare I say what Dean called me; STUBBORNess coupled with some mindset movement brought me across several threshholds and has allowed me to THRIVE beyond anyone's expectations.

I will start this journal with a collection of mindset threads that were INSTRUMENTAL in helping me overcome humps. Yes, I went through my first post back in March of 2010 and looked for all the posts that SPOKE to my mindset. I thought that would be the BEST way to spark this thread. Many of you haven't had the opportunity to see these threads as they've been buried. But I am bringing them BACK TO LIFE for your benefit.

NOTE:(I didn't include Dean's video blogs as there are so many and they are all organized under 'DEANS VIDEO BLOG to your left)

I'm going to try to revive this thread!! It's so essential to your success!! You can help by keeping it alive when I'm not here. Everyone's mindset ideas and discoveries of posts on this site that truly inspire you are encouraged to be shared so they're all in the same place. Hope to see many participating!! Laughing out loud


Great Idea Tammy and Thank you!

I also want to Thank you for working with me; and that exercise you did with me yesterday on role playing for buyers was awesome. I encourage others to get someone on here and role play what seems to block you. For example, are you afraid or not sure you are speaking to your buyers in the proper way. Tammy had me play the buyer and she was the investor. It made a huge difference in how I would go about talking to my buyers now. Thank you again TAmmy for your go get em attitude!


www.tw4homes.com website
https://tvallc.isrefer.com/go/RehabLite/reigirl/ FREE SOFTWARE FOR WHOLESALERS, REHABBERS AND AGENTS! Present professional looking deals to buyers and lenders as well as run your numbers and get the ROI.

Glad it helped so much Tammy

Role playing is another thing that has helped me so much on my journey! I recommend it for everyone that will play Laughing out loud!

Right now I'm waiting for the spam filters to allow the links I put on the post after the first one. They are all DG links, and it still caught it as possible spam. I hope it doesn't take too long to post through. Sad

And one of the more recents post that is just so inspiring!!

Yes, Jennifer

Is another one to follow closely!


www.tw4homes.com website
https://tvallc.isrefer.com/go/RehabLite/reigirl/ FREE SOFTWARE FOR WHOLESALERS, REHABBERS AND AGENTS! Present professional looking deals to buyers and lenders as well as run your numbers and get the ROI.


I wanted to share something inspiring that happened today. I swear some people have absolutely perfect timing. I was a bit bummed today because my goal was to have a wholesale deal closed within 30 days after the mastermind event. TODAY was that day and I have NOT closed a wholesale deal Shocked. I am working on one that I *MAY* be able to get closed if I can overcome a tiny, but very large, obstacle.

I was posting about me not achieving my goal in my journal here and had written some downer words when I got a text that VERY MOMENT reminding me NOT to do that! I erased my words promptly before I submitted the post. I have written it on a piece of paper in bold letters and posted it up where I put all my affirmations in a very prominent place where I will see it 20 or more times a day so I NEVER forget it again. I don't think he realized just the PERFECT timing of that text message! But it was like another Godsend just like seeing Dean's infomercial that one night my husband was channel flipping. Laughing out loud I was literally in tears before the text came in feeling like I have just not been doing enough.

But, here it is! The text that stopped that RIGHT in its tracks:

..........................."KEEP POSITIVE AND ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!".........................

So, no matter WHAT you're feeling, or WHAT thoughts may be haunting you in a negative way, or what PERSON is grinding you down, or what THING or obstacle is bringing you sorrow, KEEP POSITIVE AND ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

I am still awaiting my posts to appear. Admin is working with the Spam guys. Many of my posts have been tagged and said it would take a few minutes for someone to manually go over the posts and approve or deny them. That was 6 days ago. Hopefully they will come up with a way to NOT mark posters who have over a certain number of posts as spammers anymore. Sad Sorry for the delay in this thread; you will love it when it gets going!

Over and out! Hope the rest of my posts come through soon. Eye-wink

An exercise I had myself and my intern do that will help you too

Hello DG family,

I want to share an exercise I did and I had my intern do last week while I was writing down everything I did and trying to narrow down just the things that I should be doing myself. In doing so, I really had to examine the things I am good at (strengths) and the things I am bad at (weaknesses).

It really helped me narrow down what tasks I need to delegate and which ones I should keep for myself to do. And, it helped to open my eyes to see all the positive things about me. Wow, I actually have a lot! I don't say that in a conceited way. (If you know me, I am not the conceited type at all!). But, I say it because it really helped me focus on self confidence in myself.

When I went to a 3 day real estate conference this past weekend, I SHINED! I really had the amazing confidence. I've been going through some rough patches in my life (as we all know, life still happens on our journey), and my self confidence had fallen a bit. But that exercise, coupled with the mastermind training re-created a confident and self assured person, and this weekend, people were repeatedly coming to me for advice, inviting me to sit with them and hoarding around me like I'm popular or something. Really, it was amazing. So, write down those strengths and weaknesses and you're going to SEE what you are good at. FOCUS on that! As Dean tells us, don't try to get better at things you aren't good at; work on the things you excel at!

And, when you look at your weaknesses, ask how you will be able to delegate those tasks off to others! That's what I'm still working on as a project this week. Got some promising news on one of my offers too. Eye-wink And I'm a bandit sign queen this week. Sticking out tongue

BTW, the spam issue still hasn't been resolved. Those links will make this thread ultimately awesome, but they are still working on the problem. I have so many threads that weren't approved. Anyhow,I'm hoping they'll put a fix on it soon!

I'd given up on posting

the links of all the inspirational threads that helped build me to the point I'm at. But, I got word today that I should be able to post it now. Laughing out loud

But first, I'm going to post another thread from Karen Ellsworth. Karen used to be a life coach for Dean and she is someone I look up to and we have a lot in common! But her thread here, though new right now, I want to preserve in this thread to be remembered in years to come! Here it is!

Do what it says, you won't be disappointed! The link is below:


Update: I tried to post the list of threads, and STILL have gotten flagged by the spam filter, so I'm going to try posting one a day and see if that works. It seems to allow me to post one link at a time. Doing it that way will also keep the thread open for a couple months Eye-wink .

If you haven't done this already

You need to do it now! Dean has spoken of this on probably 5 weekly wisdoms. But, if for some reason, you just never did the exercise 7 levels deep this should be a mandatory requirement for you for anything you strive to do in life. Knowing your WHY is what will keep you motivated and allow you to endure the disappointments, trials, troubles, despairs, and failures. The key to your success in this endevour (or most others in life) is to learn how to GET BACK UP AND KEEP ON MOVING FORTH and putting to use the things you've learned through these downfalls. If you haven't done this exercise in a while, do it again! And, if you want to REALLY be challenged... Do it for EVERY ONE OF YOUR TOP GOALS to find the WHY of EACH of your goals. (Yes, they do have different results!)

(Failure, by the way, you will learn to look at as turning points and learning experiences, because you will find you learn so much more by your failures than even your successes!)

(By now, I should be an expert due to that fact alone, shouldn't I? Sticking out tongue)

So, today's post is by Dean Graziosi. Remember, watching the video and soaking in the information ISN'T enough. You must DO! TAKE ACTION! Find your why! Find what will keep you from giving up!! Do it NOW, as there is no better time than now! Smiling The link is below:

Dean Graziosi: 7 levels Deep: http://www.deangraziosi.com/emd/videm/7levels

What ever we focus on we get

What ever we focus on we get if we want success thats what we must focus on and work in that direction to get it, it wont jump in our laps, it takes work and when we get there and get the reward we are full joy and we are growing all the way, Iam on fire and when your on fire you arent standing around, your moving, Jim



Jim you are right on!

What we focus on is what we will get. If we go in believing something will work, IT WILL! Trust in Dean's techniques and systems. Don't try to alter them or reinvent the wheel. Use them and follow them to a 'T' and you'll see what happens. If it doesn't happen the first time, keep track of what you're doing and tweak it. Sometimes it can be one little tweak that makes the difference. Keep on getting out there Jim!

IT IS CERTAIN I WILL SUCCEED! Causes of Success and Failure!!

I talked in the DGIE about this phrase I've hand typed in my posts here on DG. I have since added many other positive reaffirmations based on something I need to change in my mindset. As you know, changing my whole MINDSET is a LARGE part of what has made me successful. Opening your mind to a different way to think about YOU, to think about what you're capable of, to reprogram negative things said about or to you, or even just to motivate yourself is a KEY ingredient.

I went to a REI conference locally here. Went mainly to network, met lots of great people and I went ALONE. DO you know what an accomplishment that is for ME? I had to spend time believing that I could do something like that. To others, this may seem like a silly non issue thing, but for me, this was a huge triumph. I was able to go out on my own and face this fear I have head on because I keep on telling myself that I am BOLD, ASSERTIVE and FEARLESS. (I got that one from Jen Gray who is such an awesome inspiration! Sticking out tongue)

I want to share with you where I got my infamous IT IS CERTAIN I WILL SUCCEED post. Now, this link will not post for me, so add a www dot at the beginning, put the words YOU and TUBE together and dd aa dot com at the end of Tube, and you will have a link to a WONDERFUL 38 minute interview with NOTHING BEING SOLD and learn where I got IT IS CERTAIN I WILL SUCCEED from. It is a 38 minutes WELL SPENT! And it will get you thinking and telling yourself IT IS CERTAIN I WILL SUCCEED too! Eye-wink Savor this and take it all in. Watch it a few times.

The original thread is here on this site, but the link in the message is no longer valid and I can't update the link without erasing the post, which is why you will need to type in the info to make this link work. The info for the link is below:

YOU TUBE /watch?v=8yLOCMdlfCE

Bury the donkey, He's old anyways...

Today on facebook I posted an old familiar story. The donkey that fell in an old, deep well and after hours of attempts to rescue the poor animal, the farmer decided to put him out of his misery by burying him with dirt. But this was one smarta** and he decided to shake the dirt off his back, then proceeded to step up each time on top of the dirt and before long he stepped out of the well free from the trap of the well he was in.

In life, dirt gets thrown on us all the time. But, its how we respond to it that is going to determine our outcome. We make decisions and decide whether or not we're going to allow ourselves to be buried.

This next MUST SEE and READ THE WHOLE THREAD post is by one of my REI heros on this site. Another ordinary person like Dean and Matt and so many other rockstars, who's decided to take control of whatever life throws at her. I've watched her from the early start to where she is now and she is a wonderful inspiration. She's overcome, and has made her way past all the dirt thrown on top of her as well. You will LOVE this thread! And learn so much more from it! In fact, if you read through the thread, even DEAN had to make a comment on it it is so powerful! So enjoy today's mindset minute and GET UP and BECOME THE CHAMPION YOU ARE!!! The link is below:

MAKE SURE TO READ THE WHOLE THREAD! Smiling http://www.deangraziosi.com/real-estate-forums/everything-else/106657/gr...

Things not going as planned?

Hello DG family! I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving and are enjoying the long weekend. For me, I haven't gotten to relax too much, had 2 days and gave that time to the family. But I have a pending deal.

Went into a new area, we built a buyer's list, got a title company, got a RE agent, put out offers, and have a property under contract. Went to give it to the buyers and only ONE buyer was interested because the rest of the buyer's are out hunting.

My realtor put a date in the contract instead of the 30 day escrow I needed and I have to try to close a week earlier than I should have to, and I just found this out before Thanksgiving as I didn't look at that part of the contract because it was already discussed upfront that it was to be 30 day escrow. So, haven't been able to reach anyone from Wed on, had almost everything go wrong that could go wrong, the house that is supposed to be a 3 bedroom is actually only a 2 bedroom, and the bank is unwilling to see that it isn't a 3 bedroom because the public record says its a 3 bedroom.

Sounds like a lot to have a headache over and to just give up on, right? Well guess what? Look at what has been done!!!
1. A buyer's list! Yes, I didn't account for hunting season, but we still have buyers, one that was very helpful in telling me about the area, and another that has the same concerns I had about the bedroom count. And 6 more returning that will look at the deal on Monday (I hope, as I'm not sure when hunting season is over).
2. Built a team and have a couple of really good people on the team. And one title attorney I'm not too happy with that would only charge upfront for a preliminary title report; but it just means we need to expand our team more.
3. We have started a process with getting offers out and have successfully gotten 2 contracts.
4. We are learning a lot in the process, like where to research for liens and the building departments.
5. Have connecting with a private money lender, and am prepared to go that route if I have to.

But, to complain about it because it wasn't wholesaled to the first buyer is out of the question. This is not EASY, and not for the light of heart. The ups and downs are learning experiences. There is a lot on the line, but NOW is not the time to be negative.

If you've ever felt down, or like giving up, you have to see the response to Candace, a DG family member who persists but feels like giving up. Read the whole thread and see what the other DG family members say to her to encourage and bring her up. THIS is a classy family, and THIS is what has helped me get to where I'm at. I don't succeed every time. The only reason I do succeed, is because I overcome obstacles all the time. You have to put on your armor and be willing to fight whatever obstacles come your way! Giving up is NOT and option, and stopping 3 feet from gold is not an option. Here is the link, below:



Girl....I couldn't help but laugh. "Buyers are out hunting" haha! I automatically start playing "Country Boys Can Survive" in my head! Smiling Just a tip though.....try between 11-1. They'll come out of the woods for lunch. Seasons - well that can vary by state and game. But you can just about bet you're in it til Jan 31st.

So funny - today was Alabama/Auburn game. Literally several of the places I had to go today closed at 2:00 for the game. lol I was thinking 'really'?!?!

One of the counties I do a little in still closes at lunch on Wednesday (church night!) lol

you just have to roll with it! assess, adjust, attack again!

keep pressing on! you're doing great!


I enjoy your threads

Happy Thanksgiving, Tammy!
In a way, YOU're a "hunter," too! Heheh Sticking out tongue
Keep on huntin' those deals!
I enjoy your threads. :]


Happy Prospering! ~Kat, Liberty Residential Investment Acquisitions
• "To every thing there is a season, & a time to every purpose..." ~Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
• "Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy!" ~Dale Carnegie
• "Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise." ~Horace
• "Never, never, never give up." ~Winston Churchill
• "Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it." ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Crying doesn't help.

Hey Jen and Kat, yes, we are surely hunters, aren't we? And yes, going into a new investment area throws some surprises. I will say its NOTHING like CA! And I also got burned by not knowing how RE Agents work in this other state; they don't represent the buyer and I've had no representation on my first deal there.

These past couple days have been a whirlwind of tears and emotions, failures and pick ups, and very humbling. Then, combine the failures with the 'in your face, see you can't do anything right' mentalities, and I swear I am going to burst from the negativity I'm surrounded by; its non stop pessimism and reflection of how useless I am... a perception that has NOTHING to do with me. But I know that I am not useless and worthless, I won't let myself believe other's perceptions of me because their drive is to
1.) come home and sit in front of a tv until falling asleep snoring
2.) come home and play video games until bedtime.
3.) see how hard I work and say how I'm doing nothing and my efforts are useless.

Anyone else see a problem with that other than me? Dealing with naysayers in our journey is a HUGE part of SO MANY of our journey's. You are NOT alone if you have a naysayer in your life that is close to you. In fact, one of Dean's really wonderful students once had a non supportive spouse and started a thread for support. I'm happy to report his spouse supports him wholeheartedly now. Smiling But, this was a post that helped me SO much on my journey and I want to bring it back to life. Please see the link to that thread below, and read the whole thread.

JAY ST HILAIRE: (NON SUPPORTIVE NAYSAYER SUPPORT) http://www.deangraziosi.com/real-estate-forums/everything-else/53346/spo...

I am more blessed than I could ever have imagined!

I talked to a guy the other day and I was telling him that I was broke, down to (literally) my last penny, and needed to start popping some deals soon. His response was that as much as he would love to say he could understand, he couldn't. He's a $10m deal kinda guy and the thought of being broke was so unfamiliar that he just couldn't commiserate.

That's kind of how I feel when I'm talking to people who have negativity in their lives. My wife, parents, in-laws, and friends are either silent or supportive. People all over the country, even all over the world, are rooting for me. And, honestly, not wanting to let them down is a huge portion of my daily motivation.

Until I started seeing how much negativity people deal with on a regular basis I had no idea just how big a struggle it was for people. I'm so very sorry for you guys when you have to deal with that kind of s**t... it's not fair, and it's not right. YOU CAN DO THIS. ANYONE CAN DO THIS.

This isn't a stupid thing to do. This is smart... but misery loves company and people who can't even see a good deal when it steps on their nose really like to drag everyone down to their own level.

Tammy, you're a DG superstar and that's to be respected. We're never so good at something that we don't have anything to learn and I applaud you for moving yet again beyond your comfort zone into something new and productive. We all make mistakes, and some of them are harsh and painful... but we keep pressing on because we believe in ourselves, in our community and in what "The DG Family" stands for.

Success. Personal growth. And ownership of our lives.

Keep at it! Laughing out loud


It is so awesome to have people support you. See, although I have these naysayers in my life, I also try to surround myself with supportive people and people who see what I'm doing and want to learn from me. Thanks for being a positive beacon for others in the DG family!

Its been some time

But, its never too late to start back up! Edge 2013 has lit yet another fire under my butt. I'm on fire again! I want to continue this mindset post because the Edge 2013 event reminded me that its always imperative to keep on top of the mindset to succeed. There is no way to succeed without working on yourself, your thought process and your outlook on your journey. I'm going to share one of my old posts I wrote when I felt very down in my life. Always keep going! NEVER GIVE IN! NEVER GIVE UP!


My posts for this thread

will now also be put on the Facebook Edge 2013 page as well. But I will keep posting at this site because this is the main hubbub and I do not want to take anything away from this great site Dean provides us.

I want to talk to you about staying motivated and not giving up. There will be many times in your journey that you tell yourself you don't 'feel' like doing something so it can be done later. There will be times when you fail and you just 'feel' like this will never work. There will be times when you are SO overwhelmed and frustrated you will 'feel' its not worth it.

I'm sure you've heard of Matt Larson right? Well he felt the SAME WAY YOU DO WHEN YOU FEEL THIS WAY! Check out this thread from Matt himself! We all know where Matt is at right now, and where he came from. The destination is within reach; IF YOU GIVE IT YOUR ALL AND NEVER GIVE IN TO THOSE VOICES that tell you to quit. I STILL have those moments. HANG IN THERE! It will get better, you just need to keep your eyes FOCUSED on your destination!

Jen Gray said at the Edge this weekend the only difference between where you are now and where you want to be is your DETERMINATION and DISCIPLINE. Keep yourself disciplined and YOU will become the next Matt Larson or Jen Gray!

See Matt Larson's post here! http://www.deangraziosi.com/real-estate-forums/everything-else/104111/wo...

good stuff Tammy

Thx it inspired me of course, awesome stuff, I am pushing thru it is hard, and am also doing a cleanse, a juice cleanse & that is hard too but I am going to do it no matter what my body needs it like I need REI for my financial health, talk to you soon.



Go faster do more! GFDM!

The way this site is set up now

Once your post falls off the top 5, its really hard to find it again. Thought I'd bump this up for you to all see again. Smiling

Stay Hungry. Stay foolish

Steve Jobs was a pioneer of thinking outside the box. He was also a major failure in many things. Did you know he was FIRED from his own company Apple that he created? Did you know that he dropped out of college? He also released several failed products. But, it is only through repeated failures and getting back up that he found SUCCESS time and time again. And THAT'S exactly what YOU have to do in real estate! Fail forward! Failures are the learning blocks that bring to to victory and success. NEVER be afraid of failure. Instead be afraid of NOT DOING ENOUGH! Watch this epic speech Steve Jobs did; a true inspiration to all!

(A VIDEO OF STEVE JOBS): http://www.deangraziosi.com/real-estate-forums/everything-else/54683/mot...

Create and set your path

One of the first and most basic things you can do to set your mind is the age old goal setting. It may be cliche'.... But you must take the time to focus on what you want to accomplish. In all areas of your life.

Here is a post I did near the beginning of my journey. I've recently added a reply to it with some more info about it. There are certain SMART ways of setting goals. This post includes a pretty convincing reason WHY keeping up with your goal setting is one of the most important goals you can make. Make sure to check out the post here and read the comments after the initial post.


There's a lot you can learn from ducklings!

The key to success, right here!

These baby ducks and their momma are very smart! This short video is cute, but it is also soooo inspiring!!! There is something built into the instinct of mom and babies that they know to KEEP ON GOING even after falling down numerous times. And they all have their own pace. These ducklings are like each one if us in our real estate journey!

Even these ducklings know- you will have to keep trying and trying until you make it happen. You have to do it on your own; noone's going to do it for you. And most importantly, the only way to succeed is to get up repeatedly after each and every time you fail and just KEEP ON DOING IT until you taste SUCCESS! You CAN and you WILL do it if you DON'T EVER, ever, ever GIVE UP!!


PS: I'm going to try to keep this thread alive! It's so essential to your success!! You can help by keeping it alive when I'm not here. Everyone's mindset ideas and discoveries of posts on this site that truly inspire you are encouraged to be shared so they're all in the same place.

~Tammy making it happen despite all the obstacles!


Hi Tammy,

Thanks for sharing this very inspirational video,
Inspite of the daunting task ahead each ducklings never gave up and kept trying and that to not knowing whether they will succeed or not.


Thanks again for Sharing


Wish Everybody a great success in their Real Estate Business

Attitude is everything

And is key to your mindset. Always strive to do your very best!

Hi Tammy

I am back again, just to say that I read couple of your posts, and form those two itself I feel that for long I have deprived myslef from wealth of motivating education you have been presenting.

Thank You for resuscitating your post.



Wish Everybody a great success in their Real Estate Business

A major KEY


Great Bismal!

It is never too late to start the mindset training! It's the whole focus Dean has for his students and why HE is the most successful RE mentor out there!!

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