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Still Scared and do not know what to do

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My book arrived and have read about 186 pages so far. While there is wealth of information.

I am still scared and have questions like;
1) Are there Buyers.
2) Will I be able to do it.
3) Which strategy best suits me.
4) I have not money to invest.
5) Are the different documents easy
to follow.
and many more.

I intend to do atleast one deal before the end of the year.

Any suggestions.



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Congratulations on getting Dean's book, it is packed wit hgreat information. You may want to consider doing an assignment to get started. The key is to create an action plan and do a little each day to work the plan. Another key is to find a property and get it under contract, the more profit potential the better. This will allow you more options as to assign it, buy and hold it, flip it or take in a cash partner to purchase it if you do not have a down payment if needed. Good luck with investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Thanks, Joe

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Thanks for your reply I am also inspired by you and watched your success story video as well.

I will prepare an action plan and as you said get a prop under contract, just to let you know I have no money to put down and currenlty going paycheck to paycheck and falling short every month and eating into my Home equity.

As you always say Achieve and Believe.
I will do just that.

Wish me Luck...

Thanks again....


Sheriff Sales List

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Hello All,

I came across an Shetiiff Sales list shich contains auctions that already took place and auctions that are going to happen in future.

Here is my question..

There is a judgement for $20,000/- against the property, the FMV as per Zillow is around $600k.

I called the Owner and left message saying that I ould like to make an offer and when can I go and look at the property.

Is it possible for me to place an offer prior to the auction date, if Yes, what should be my offer given tha fact the Judgement is around 20K and the FMV is 600K.

Thanks for your time.



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You may want to join a local investment club in your area and network with other real estate investors. The key is finding some great deals and the rest should fall into place.

Once you locate a great deal and get it under contract you have so many options with assigning the deal to finding a partner with cash. If you get a great deal under contract and show potential partners what the deal can do, you should be able to locate several people that may have an interest and the cash, if any, that may be needed. Keep up the good work. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Trying to get in RE business once again

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I purchased Dean's book about couple of years back, started taking action saw few properties, put a bid on one property but after that I got sidetracked as I purchased a painting franchise and have failed in generating any business.

My Goal is to make 1,000,000 by 31-DEC-2015.

I have forgotten all that I have read and would start on my second read of the book. I am also reading Peter Conti's book Making Big Money Investing in Foreclosures without cash or credit.

I think lack of focus, perseverance and dedication has been the cause of this bump towards success.

I also want to see myself on this site helping out people and dishing out suggestions on how to be successful as a Real Estate investor.

For now any suggestions from any of you is welcome.

Welcome back into the game of REI bimal !!!

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Build your MINDSET around achieving your REI goals!!
STAY on this site Dailey , even if it is for 1-3 posts then read a few pages of deans book 30 days to real estate cash !!!
Cood luck and stay DETERMINED !!!!!

Focus and Action

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Just wanted to say as long as you stay focus and put forth action towards what you want in life you will succeed.
I also shift my focus back and forth on several things at a time that I have interests in; and I can accomplish success as I keep setting small goals and putting forth action.
You can do it too! You will do it as long as you are willing to put forth action!


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Congrats on staying tuned in!
I hope you have had some rei successes since your last visit here. Success comes in many forms; and mean different things to different people. However, we all love the kind of success that puts money into our pockets hahahahaha!
Good to see ya!
Freedom Seeker,

Challenge with getting COMPS

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My biggest challenge has been getting COMPS, I have lead to three properties but no COMPS. I asked my realtor to send me COMPS but one useable.

The house I am looking is a REO, 814K asking, but there is nothing sold in last 90 days, nor is anything on sale, the houses in this property sells once in awhile, is there any other way to arrive at ARV.

The area is great school system is great, but no COMPS.


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Thanks for stopping by my journal hope all is good with you.