Meeting real estate please

Meeting real estate please

I have talked to an agent using matt's script and found a real estate agent who is ready to represent me.
Now he is asking me for a meeting...?
What should I say...?
Should I agree. ..if yes....what should I be speaking to him...?


check you out

Hi they probly want to meet you and see what your after and if you have the means to make this happen, you want to ask for some one who works with investors and knows the investors needs and is an investor to, now having said that some one new in there field as a Realtor maybe be willing to learn, but that maybe to early for you but maybe not, just do as it saids in the books Dean has, We all feel a little nervious at first thats normal, thats because you are growing and thats how we grow, it gets easier in time, Jim




You mean...
I must ask does he know any investors..?tell some stuff for whatever he asks which must make me look like a investor


I meet with as many people in real estate as I have time for. Networking and meeting with someone will let you know if you are on the same page or not. You'll find out if you can do anything for each other. I've done deals with people that I just met by networking. The more you talk with people, the more you'll build your business. Just think of what you want them to do for you so you can explain that to them. And don't forget, what can you do for them? It has to be a mutual business relationship.


I personally don't meet with agents I feel that it can be a waste of time, more often than not they are not players & you can just tell them when we do a deal we will meet. It doesn't further your biz really meeting them in that time you spend meeting you could have made 5 offers or been calling clist ads. I'm just sayin.

I do meet buyers tho sometimes, rarely, but sometimes if they seem serious.

Make sure you are following 30 days to RE cash or whatever training you are studying ok, study & then do. Educ with action, congtats on taking action.



Go faster do more! GFDM!

I dont like Realtors

I recently got a call from a Realtor saying she seen my ad on CL that I buy houses. I told her yes I do. I am looking for fixers. She tells me well I have a fixer, I say great, tell me about it. Well it's a 2/1 and were asking 140K
I stop her and say "I would never pay 140 Grand for a 2 bedroom, I just purchased one for 18K"
I tell her this is why I cant work with Realtors, they bring me this over priced junk and there is no way to profit on it.
I told her I deal directly with home owners and that's how I get these deals. She wanted to know how I found the 18K house. I told her I do mass marketing, I send out thousands of postcards. She then says, your doing the job of a Realtor, why don't you get your license? I tell her Realtors make chump change.
I suppose some people need them, but I haven't found much use for them when I'm buying.
Except ironically, many of my buyers are Realtors, that's when they come in really handy.
I wish I could find a Realtor that can find me junk houses, but the listings on the MLS are retail.



Working w/ realtors

I'm hearing pros & cons regarding realtors. Dean's 30 Days says to use a realtor & I did find one who agreed to work w/ me, however I got off track..I guess using a realtor right away to put in those 25 offers is probably the the fastest way to cash, right? I have been tempted to ask, in light of how some of you feel about working with realtors, is the 30 Days blueprint still the best way to go for starters?


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I applaud you for sticking to it and keep studying . Great job and I also read that you had a realtor and got off track. You need to immediately get back on track and get back in touch with the realtor that you Already done the work to connect with . Keep reading 30 days over and over until it is instilled in your mind and you will begin to take more action because you will have built confidence learning the steps . Let's just say you make those 25 offers and you get one excepted now you have to start finding buyers so I would suggest to start finding buyers right now by putting craigslist ads out there and keeping a list of all who call you including their names, what they are looking to buy ,how much money they have to spend,how many deals they have done and what area they are looking to buy in. I would suggest focusing on those two things and doing them well then you have now build a buyers list and have made some offers . When you become efficient at both of those things you will be making money


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Real Estate Agents/Realtors can be a great asset, but you need to find the right one. I called several agents and offices before I found one that I could work with or that would even work with me. I followed Dean's 30 Days book along with additional training I did with Dean and Matt. The process can be frustrating, but rewarding if you stick with it and see it through. I was amazed how many agents said they would work with me but when I simply asked them to send me listings, they just didn't do it. I found many agents are just looking to get the listings and sit back and wait for buyers to show up, so they can make the commissions off of just having the listing.

BTW - Realtors are Real Estate Agents or Brokers, but not all Real Estate Agents are Realtors. (Realtor is a formal designation)(A "Broker" is usually the "Owner" of the Real Estate office)


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