3 Deals From Bandit Signs

3 Deals From Bandit Signs

I just had some home owners call me from an old bandit sign. They have a big nice older home on 1/3 of an acre, but the house needs some work and it's in an undesirable area in SW of town. The wanted $150,000 but I got them down to 125K Zillow says it cud be worth over 220 K but after advertising it for 140K nobody wanted it.

Until I got a call from a Realtor that has a client that wants it. The Realtor and client went out to look at it & They offered 120K, I explained I had it on contract for 125 so I wud take 130K.

They came back with 128K offer.

Now I shud be happy to make 3 Grand for doing practically nothing, but, I want more, cuz why, why not?

Now my plan it to go back to the seller and re negotiate a lower price. Sellers mentioned they wanted to get this done in a hurry and this cud be enuf motivation when I tell them I got a guy ready to buy now, but were at 120K

This is 3 deals I got now in less than a year from those cheap ass bandit signs. That is some serious profit from a $2 plastic sign.
It's funny cuz seller said I was the second sign she called on, I asked what was the other guy's offer, she tells me 120K.
I never gave a lot of importance to those signs before cuz most the time they get pulled down or sit there for months with no action. But now I'm gearing up to put up the rest of mine, I got 300 sitting in a couple of boxes.

Let's make some Money....





Motivates me to drag mine outta the box, too...thx Rando.


"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phil 4:13

The power of negotiation

I re negotiated & I got the seller down to 115K, Got it sold for 128K that means I'll walk away with $13,000 Frikin Dollars. I cuda got her lower, but hell, let's not get too greedy.

This is another nicer home, not the boarded up junk houses I usually wholesale. My regular buyers didn't want it and I ran some ads on Craig's List.

All from a $2 bandit sign that my helper nailed to a telephone pole last summer.

I got my helper coming over tomorrow to put up another few hundred signs.

Then I'll have her walk the neighborhoods and put up my door knob hangers.

I have another nicer home that we started escrow on a few days ago, partner and I are splitting the assignment fee of $5,750 each.

I have a goal to double what I did last year.

Time to chew gum and kick some ass, and I'm all out of gum.

Let's make some Money.......




I am inspired

Hi Randy,

I have been putting 25 bandit signs out every week and it does yield me results with people calling me.

You success with Bandit Signs inspires me to keep on doing it regularly.



Wish Everybody a great success in their Real Estate Business

I Never Tried But I Will Now

Great job Rando the Power In Bandit Signs!


"With God All Things Are Possible Matt. 19:26"

"Give a Man a Dollar he's Rich For The Day, Teach a Man To Make a Dollar
He's Rich For Life" - T. Grant

nice man

rando sweet i got a deal from a bandit sign 3 mos ago for $3,800 sign cost me same $2.00 had more go up last weeek but no calls yet but hopefully soon. question? your door hangers, are they for nod's? or on which props do you have them placed? thx.

it inspires me to hear about your signs



Go faster do more! GFDM!

Give me a Nod

Hey Tony, I target distressed sellers that have houses needing repairs, so I go to neighborhoods 20,30,40 years old or older. Also Distressed sellers that have lost jobs or have medical bills or etc.
I havnt done any NOD's The ones I come across I try to get them with "Sub To" or Lease Option, but they just end up staying in the house for 2 years with no payments until the bank takes them.
I offer to save their credit by making up the back payments and keeping loan paid, but, they like their house and the thought of living mortgage free for a few years is an attractive option. Who wants to move to an apartment and make rent payments more than they were paying on their house?



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