Hello every one,

I have started my on line classes and BREM. My stratagy is to use assighmnt of contract to aquire the funds to start my REI business, and aquire rentals to increase my passive cash flow to the point it exceeds my expenses( financial freedom).

I was recently laid off so I have a welth of time and energy. Im a union sheet metal worker so I have Benifits and unemployment up to 6 mo. Also "sighned the books" so I will be contacted when work becomes available again. However this could take awhile since there are a lot of other pepole "on the books" and the industry is slow right now.

Enough about my J.O.B.

So after groceries and bills I had just enough to purchase Deans A.F.F. & PFRERN. I set up my internet sight and 800 # earlyer this week. Although I havent started marketing them yet.I would like to first understand the process, paperwork and aquire a decient buyers list. (any opinions on this order would be much appreciated)

So, as I was reading BAREM I encountered a minor bump in a major research catagory. I can not find a site or information on the current flow of investment funds in our country. So if any one out there can help id be soooo thankful!!! If not I guess Ill just skip it and move on. Although I feel thats not a good idea.

Ill try to keep the rest of my blogs short and to the point!



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Hello & welcome. Thank you for sharing your journal.

There are some great posts about building your buyers list. In case you didn't see it already you can go to the top left hand side of this site (search/enter) and type in the topic you are searching for you will find a lot of great info.

We found many cash buyers by running ads on CL and some from our REI group.

I wish you much success in REI.

SPR Property Solutions, LLC


sweeet dude! being able to start your website and 800 number is amazing! your most deff on the right path to bring in them buyers and sellers. i cant wait to hear about your first deal! lol.

good luck in REI, keep us posted! (:

Congrats Shane

Welcome to the DG family and congrats on taking your first steps towards your goals and financial freedom! There is an endless wealth of information on this site. You sometimes have to do some digging in the forums, but its worth it! Look forward to following your journey! Remember - knowledge plus action equals success, and you are well on your way already Smiling


Welcome to the DG websotye communtiy. Each day work your action plan and you can gain more knowledge to move you closer to your goals. The journal is a great way to share your new found knowledge and kepp everyone updated on your progress. Good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Success knocks at your door, you are already taking the steps to make your life successful. I am so excited for you and your family. I do understand the urgency of your current situation. I am wishing you the best.


Erika, REI
Brownstone Investment Group

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Welcome Shane!

Dear Shane,

If you haven't read Dean's latest book, "Profit From Real Estate Right Now!"
you will REALLY be pumped when you do!!

I just found a link someone mentioned that I think will be very helpful in starting a buyers list.

It is ****

Congrats in your positive attitude!



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Shane, welcome to the DG family and a website full of valuable information on REI. You lull in the working arena now gives you the leeway to begin your real estate investing business. Despite the fact that you are on unemployment, you still know that there is a chance they could call you out to work tomorrow, for this you could be grateful. You have surely started the ball rolling by purchasing your books and putting other things into place. I will like to wish you all the best in your new career. God Bless.



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Welcome aboard!


Congratulations on making your "jump" into Real Estate Investing! You'll find many new people here, as well as experienced investors - nearly all of them will happily help or motivate you. I'm sure you are enjoying your "time off" from work, but now you have plenty of time to begin building your business. As I'm sure most of the experienced people will tell you, your first efforts will seem the most difficult. But after a couple deals, your momentum will build on itself, and next thing you know, you'll be happy to be buried in work! About looking for info. on investment funds, I went to a search website, like Yahoo! or Google, and typed in "flow of investment funds real estate." After that, it's just a matter of checking out each one until you find the one that gives you the best data. Here's a link to the one I picked out... Take care Smiling



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Gaining speed

Hello again,

First of all, Thank all of you for the warm welcome and the helpfull advise.This site, group of people and the atmosphre is amazing.I can already feel my life changing, and this is only the very begining! wow!

So I traded reading barem for pfrern, and I am soo glad I did. What an Amazing book and reality check. It was delivered on Friday shortly after starting this journal. I listened to it on audio while following along in the book(to keep me focused)and I couldnt put it down.I didnt go out on fri. or sat.night. You wouldnt of been able to pull me away with the jaws of life. At times I was jumping around my living room with excitement.The only one who could pull me away was my 5yr old daughter. She had a soccer game that I had to attend or I was gonna be in deep trouble...

On the way I spotted a bank owned for sale sign. I called and left a message.Later during the game the RE agent called back. I asked to view the property, he said he couldnt unless I had a pre-qul letter.Out of now were I found myself convincing him that I was a RE invester with a network of investors who might be interested. I also told him I was looking for an agent. He questioned me and my motives at first, then got excited. He gave me the lock code to view the house on my own and urged me to call him back!!!

This was a major hurdle for me.As I am typicaly shy and passive. What a boost of confidence that was.So I thought why stop there. After the game the kids went with there mother and I went to an open house around the corner. I pulled up, parked and sat there convincing myself to go in. I got out of the car, straightened up my shirt..... Then got right back in car and almost left. It was then I decided if I drive off my confidence will surly suffer! I MADE myself go in. The RE agent turned out to be easy to talk to and claims to work with "REIs" all the time. The home was a short sale in which I know very little.I made no offers, just took buss cards of the two RE agents for future referance. Getting out of my shell was the important step for me.

I feel bad, I lied to the first agent and gave him false hope. I have NO buyers lined up or know any one who is looking. So Ill have to call him back , be straight and honest and just interview him as well as the other one i met at the open house to see if they fit my criteria for a RE agent to work with.

I started pfrern again. This time to complete the most important parts, the action steps.Ive successfully completed chapter one and the steps. Also completed questionairs for retail & wholesale buyer Criteria as well as a wholesale follow up worksheet templete.(sucess team H.W.) Emailed some local RE clubs.Offered some helpfull advise(I hope) to other DG memders and this journal entry! Wow, what a weekend.

Only the begining though.Im off to the next step!!
Thanks for reading,


Make an effort, Not an excuse.



Just A Quick up date.

I filed for my LLC on Monday, EIN Filing and started an Orginiztional system for my wholesale and retail buyers as well as a marketing stratagy and tracking system on Tue. I have plastic corrigated signs and My new business cards ( with company logo I drew up on Mon also)in route.I plan on researching / implementing internet advertizing methods as well as finishing touches of my toll free automated answering service the rest of this week. Brown House Investments LLC's Full marketing campaign is to be launched on Mon Nov, 16th.

Im sooo excited, I can't wait!!!!!

Thanks for Reading and Happy Investing


Make an effort, Not an excuse.


Baby steps!!

Hello all,

Well the marketing campaign didnt get off to as quick of a start as I would of liked.Setting up the AFF was not diffecult, however it just took some time and research on my part to implement the stratagies properly. My call center is 90% complete, I still must set up a couple more extensions to match my advertizing targets.

This is some what frusterating, as I want things to move faster. I am reminded of a phrase I once read "maintain a long term vision and plan, Believe in DELAYED Gratification". Its the delayed part that kills me...

So.. For now I am Just focusing on the near future. I have commited to making a list every morning. In which there are items that move my business forward one step at a time. As well as things to keep me motivated, Encouraged and learning. Simple things, like viewing properties then establishing a FMV on them, Reading My Goals daily or making sure I tell at LEAST 1 person a week that Im an Investor and giving them my business card. The most important is to read or listen to Dean for no less then one hour a day. This has been very helpful in my focus as well as my constant productivity. Slowly Im gaining courage and taking action on his principles.......Baby steps!

Happy Thanksgiving,


Make an effort, Not an excuse.


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