Tammy's journey to refinement and FREEDOM. GREAT THINGS ARE HERE!

Tammy's journey to refinement and FREEDOM. GREAT THINGS ARE HERE!


My name is Tammy and I bought the Dean Graziosi books on my Thanksgiving vacation. I bought them in audio format as well because I am a stay at home mom to 4, and I homeschool them, so I don't get much of a chance to read these days!(Unless 'The B Book', 'Goodnight Moon', 'Skippy John Jones' and 'The BellyButton Book' count) My children are currently 2,4, 10 and 12. My husband is employed for the county and makes a decent salary, more in flexible benefits.

I have been a REI since 1997, but here I am in 2010 and I have 5 mortgages and my cash flow is pretty poor. I own 5 properties, rent out 3 of them, 1 is my primary home, and we just acquired a sweet divorce sale property in the California mountains. (100K below FMV!).

But, as we secured that sale on our 2nd home, we required a cosigner because of all our mortgages (4 first and one 2nd), and in the end, the bank didn't even WANT us on the loan, despite have a great credit score and proof positive of no vacancies since 1997!!! (Banks will only count 75% of any of your rental income when analyzing income, because they expect you to fail at it; even with 13 years of proven record) My in laws were gracious enough to be on the loan alone while we make all the payments and cover all the expenses. Its unofficially our first PML.

You see, we got traditional financing, secured and guaranteed all these homes ourselves. Our ratios for credit are bad due to having the 5 mortgages, and rental income, so no one wants to extend credit to us. I've never had any lates or collections, and pay on time, there is just a major credit crunch right now and banks unrealistically only counting 75% of our rent income, but 100% of our rent expenses. So now, with the economy the way it is, we were going to have to stop investing, in the BEST market we've ever seen to invest in. I just couldn't accept that and was determined to find something that will work.

After being told by at least 10 people we will not be able to invest in real estate any more, and being stubborn about not accepting that my business was dead, I flipped the channel and found Dean Graziosi. Timing couldn't have been more perfect! (I think God played a big role here, because I rarely watch tv, let alone late at night!) I quickly ordered the books profit From RE right now and Be a RE Millionaire. Smiling That is where I am and where I started.

I waited 3 months to start posting on this site from my initial sign up, didn't realize what a valuable resource I was missing! Stick around! Its invaluable!

**edited 5/16 to add Edge 2011 photos :P** (I wish I hadn't had surgery the Friday before as I'm still filled with whatever it is they fill you with, but I wasn't going to miss this event for anything! Laughing out loud)

**edited 1/24/2012 to add my video (recorded March/April 2011)

Here is the video link. http://www.deansmedia.com/play.php?vid=243 I hope it conveys some of the struggle as well as the triumph. This was recorded in March, so I've since done many deals; but it will have to wait for the 2012 video. Sticking out tongue

I have also started a new 2012 journal here: http://www.deangraziosi.com/real-estate-forums/investing-journals/99510/...

Hope all of you are turning your ideas into actions and making it HAPPEN! Do it NOW! Smiling


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You are such an inspiration

Thanks for your recommendation. I ordered Dean's book totally fulfilled today.while waiting for the book, I made a point to read all your journals. I can't wait for 2-3 years later that I can read my own journal and be proud!
Well, aside from getting your jokes, I decide to make notes on certain things you mentioned. I don't think I'll have so much time reading later on, might write down the informations you've provided for near future use.


Never Give Up!!!

Awww, Li Yu

How kind of you! I'm glad that you got my jokes Eye-wink I think you are one of the first to get them. LOL Sticking out tongue

But, I am always so happy when my journal has helped someone. This journal really kept me accountable, but I tried to always make it so people could learn from it as well! I wish you all the best on your journey! You will do great if you keep taking action and don't let failures bring you down. Its all about how you come back from a fall in this business! Smiling


I posted this in my new journal, but thought I'd put it here too!


I made the top 7 finals for the Send me Away contest! I am SOOOOOOOOOO happy about this, it is so incredible and I am so privileged to be chosen as a finalist! I know how you all felt during the essay contest!

They put the wrong video in the link to the contest and that version was actually a really bad version I didn't want anyone to see and doesn't convey the extent of how Dean, his staff, the coaches, and the success academy has really helped me and changed my life. They have now updated it. For a short while the other version is up, you may have had a chance to peak at it, but please know that wasn't my entry to the contest. I didn't want anyone to see that one. So keep that in mind!

I am so ecstatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I posted this in my new journal, but thought I'd put it here too! Please goto my new journal too see the details. Btw, They put in the wrong video on the gallery until about 8pm PST, but the correct one is now up. Megan's got them to fix it fast! Smiling


Awesome job!

Tammy, I've seen some of your posts and I can see that you're so passionate about REI AND helping people out. I believe with those 2 you will go as far as you want.
Your journey has been amazing and I hope you keep on the right path to success and financial freedom.

REI for life!


"You deserve to be successful"

Gabriel Do Carmo

Thank you Gabriel!

I am so glad my journey and posts are a help to others. I've certainly had quite and up and down path, but I'm hoping that lets others see that if I can do it, they can too! Smiling I am doing so many things now I never even knew about when I started this journal. ONe day I hope to go back and read my own journey to see just how far I've come! You'll be there one day too, with a positive mindset, you will succeed!

When I FIRST joined the Success Academy

I gave the guy that was trying to get me the 20 questions and literally must have spent over 40 hours on the phone with him before giving the go ahead to join the academy. I was looking back at my initial notes on that call and he was talking about how you never pay full price for anything and he went on about this, and so, when he told me the price of the academy, I used that analogy he just used on me to try to get the price down 66% of what he was offering it to me for. After all, he did use it as an example and I immediately put to use the tidbit he had just told me. I would have loved to see the look on his face when I did that. Turns out, that didn't apply to the success academy. Sticking out tongue But, he gave me a lot of credit for trying. I joined the SA and went on to do my 5 deals and got my refund anyway so it ended up costing me nothing but the lost interest on the money. Smiling

I am so glad I joined the academy and that Kevin was so persistent with getting me to join even though I didn't have the money at the time. Best investment I've ever made; and definitely has much better information than any of my college courses, both graduate and undergraduate studies ever gave me, because it was all practical and could be used in my life immediately! I just wanted to share this story, because I chuckled when I looked at those initial notes I took talking to Kevin. Smiling I called him today to let him know I won Dean's send me away contest! Sticking out tongue


I noticed that a big thing with u is time there is a very valuble key i learned it's called a mini day system type it into google and read up on how u use it works great try it and see if u can't do the work of 3 women in less time
Have a great time


What are friends for? Eye-wink

Thanks Chrishone!

I'm looking it up. I have a system, but I still find managing time is a difficult thing for me to do; ESPECIALLY with the summer break coming up. Smiling

Tammy's Journey

Hi. I just need to say that I think about what has been done through your efforts and I see that If I apply to what I've read so far in the way you have dealt with this, I must say that I can do better than I currenlty am.

Your story is very inspiring..encouraging and lively.

Keep it up! Oh and if Dean reads this..Thank you also for your inspiration and perserverence. The DG Family is my mountain. Francis Lambert


'Fortune Favors The Bold', Francis Lambert


Thanks for reading my journey, which continues on. Smiling You most certainly WILL do better than you are currently doing if you take action and accept the journey with all its ups and downs as part of the experience. Each obstacle presents you with unlimited opportunity!

It is CERTAIN we will SUCCEED!!! Smiling

You are an inspiration to

You are an inspiration to us! Seriously, I've enjoyed reading about your journey. Also learning quite a bit about finding buyers (especially with the opportunity you've given us to find one for your properties). Its been quite a challenge, but I have gained quite a bit of buyers now!

So thank you, and I look forward to hearing more about your future ventures.


Together, we can be successful!

Great Stevin!

I know that the buyer's lists must be huge. I am going to talk to the seller this week about lowering the price some; although its already a screaming deal, finding investors that want to put up $785K plus rehab is not the easiest thing to do. Smiling


I sent you an email on the house as well! Got another caller today.


www.tw4homes.com website
https://tvallc.isrefer.com/go/RehabLite/reigirl/ FREE SOFTWARE FOR WHOLESALERS, REHABBERS AND AGENTS! Present professional looking deals to buyers and lenders as well as run your numbers and get the ROI.

Great Tammy!

I will look into it. I added a registry cleaner and for some reason it erased my ability to search for things, and it is making me SO unproductive Sad

Live webcast

Hello Dg Family!
I have been MIA for the month of August to be with my kids a little while they were off school. If you watched the videos for the Insider's Elite, you saw me on Video #3. I will also be on Sunday at 11:15am PST on the live webcast. I am nervous! Laughing out loud But, I hope you will all benefit from my story.

I feel healthy, I feel happy! I feel terrific!


I Loveeeeeee your Journy

So Inspiring so motivating , im getting my feet wet , im about to finish my Boots on the grounds and im so nervous to success , I live in southern California as well and would love to pick your brain and have on my side .


I am recruiting people for a big endeavor I'm undertaking to move to the next level. Been comfortable too long, time for a big change up! I'm building a team and we're starting from the ground level. Rebuilding and refocusing towards the next level. I'm looking for YOU if you are a go getter that isn't afraid to put in the work to succeed and to fail a lot along the way. If you can't handle a lot of failures before success, this probably isn't something for you. Other qualities I'm looking for are:



FUN environment
REWARDING experience
TOP NOTCH training
CARING approach
FAST TRACK to results
NO WORRYING ABOUT circumvention and people wasting down your contract

I will see everyone who's going AT THE EDGE! Laughing out loud

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