KEB'S later years

KEB'S later years

Well, I guess I should start at the begining. After spending six years in the military and marrying a great Korean lady (25 years and counting). I went to work for the DOJ even though I had a burning drive to do my own thing (several small start ups). After several years (13) I had the honor (haa) of meeting a well how do we say, bad inmate that gave me a wake up call. Yea I lost the fight,lost some vision in one eye and had brain surgery (shunt placed in head) and retired medically. Present times: Bought a metal recycling company right before the 2004 olympics and made really good money for several years. Took the money and bought several homes free and clear in Ohio and California (can you say cash flow and ROI). I found that I love teaching what I know to others, that want to learn and to work with them on what I teach them. After I found this site looking around the web one day on vaction in HI when it was raining (12/10) and having read all of dean's books it was time to put it to good use. I have helped a few on the site with my insight on trust deeds, tax leins and others. I teach and invest until i am dead or can't hold my head up. This journal will be a log of what I do every week with real estate. Here we go boys and girls....


Thanks for stopping in and reading my post. I sent you a PM in regards to what happened to the ticket you had posted after your sister passed. I thought it was great that you did that and that foxylady got to go to the edge! Please let us know what happened...


Thanks for the post. Itry to keep it updated weekly so that new people can see what goes on when you push hard and do something everyday. If you tell everyone you met when you shake their hand that your a investor and that you buy and sell homes they will tell two friends and they will tell two friends and so on...


Hey Lady
Glad to see you posting here. How goes the battle? That first deal here yet? you can do it!!!!!!!You keep us posted...

city meeting

Well what can I say: It's government..What a mess this one is..Peter got robbed to feed paul then sally came in and took all the money. All of the units have covents that are senior to everything so I have to really check those out to see if there is a time line (years)on them. If I am right and they are only for five years than I will buy the deed from the city and make the payments to the loan holder. Some work but a 8 plex for 150k at 3% interest.Yea I will do that...

Off to training

Today I will be attending a workshop in Santa Maria, Ca all day. The class is on pretty houses by Dana Klaft who runs the local REIC which will be on subject too's and others. The last class I went to I ended up buying the house in Maricopa and flipped it for a nice profit. Dana always brings something new to the table. Also, the DGER that is buying my ohio homes is here with check in hand for two of them and we will write up the contract for the other one that he is making payments on as well. Turning out to be a good Saturday..GO GET IT

wish I could have attended too!


sorry I couldn't make it! couldn't take off work yesterday-crazy day! Is it raining down there? It's raining here non-stop all day long!

Learn a lot at the training! Say Hi to Dana Smiling



“And will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!” ― Dr. Seuss

"I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends; I am surrounded by angels, but I call them friends" - Unknown

My journal:

rain is coming

Hi Val
John showed up..Nice guy..Training was good but long when you wake up at 4am for no reason. Dana and I played back and forth most of the day. I ordered your dvd of the event so, they will let me know when they come in. I have your last training dvd as well..


I can finally talk about the edge event and the send me away video I sent in..As you can see from Dean's weekly wisdom blog I have made it into the finals. To Val: thank you for pushing me to turn in a video....To all the people that I have helped (or tried too) I would like to do this full time so please give me the chance to help others reach their goals by voting. Ok, with that said here is what I did today.

Tammy and I have a bet going (right tammy...) about who can loose the most weight before the edge. So, I did my 2 mile walk this morning and while I was out I wrote down every foreclosure that I saw (went different way) 14 total. Wow, that's alot of homes in two miles. When I finish this I will send out yellow letters or find the bank and call them Monday. House in taft will close at the end of the month and we go Monday to walk it again to quote repairs. Flip with 15k down and five year carry with Ron... Life is good now go get it...

That bet...

Well, with the wrong video posted and me only losing 1 lb, I'm pretty sure you'll beat me in both contests! Getting 4 hours sleep doesn't help, but I haven't been able to walk more than twice a week.

Congratulations on becoming a finalist! It feels incredible, doesn't it? Our competition is fierce though, everyone's story is so compelling. I KNOW how hard it was to narrow it down by doing that essay contest now. WOW!!!

My correct video is now up Smiling. But, 100s of people have seen the old one I'm sure. Shocked I'm a little bummed about that, but hey, people get to see info on another deal I did; instead of the things Dean did for me and my greatest triumph.

Great to hear about your deal closing soon! I'm working on one too; will cashflow 1000/mo; my JV is putting up the $35K, and I have to find a PML no ifs ands or buts, I'm not going to let this one get away from me like the last ones that have. Do you know any PMLers (not hard money) that can lend for 18 months-3yrs (probably much shorter, but just to be on the safe side) PLEASE let me know about it!


You should be able to work the deal with them Tammy. They will fix you video..relax


Funny how things happen...An older man that lives up the street from me ask me what I do last night as he was walking his dog. After telling him he told me that his wife passed away last year and left him a free and clear property in indio,ca. It's a MH in a senior park and he would like to just get rid of it. I ask him if he would carry with a small down for a few years and he replied yes... Bingo He has current pics of the house so I will start marketing it this weekend..Go get some

and the workout pays off!


that is pretty cool! a win/win at its best!



“And will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!” ― Dr. Seuss

"I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends; I am surrounded by angels, but I call them friends" - Unknown

My journal:

Taft trip

So the door bell rigns at 7:30am and it's the overnight carrier for the escrow company for the house I was just walking out the door to go see. We (ron and I) head to taft,stop in Maricopa to fix some cheap sprinklers that the contractor put in at 414 poso street. Even thou the house was closed, it bugged me so I spent $30 bucks and replaced them (always do the right thing). While there, a car circled the block twice (i notice too much,cop i guess) and stopped in front of my suv which I just had decals put on (big,yellow letters)we buy houses. He asked if we bought houses!!!!! Did I say he was smart...Told him yes I do and he went on to tell me his mom had passed on and that his dad wanted to sell the extra house they owned....So,If I had not stopped to do the right thing!!!!!!
Stopped and looked at the house his dad wanted to get rid of ..Wow it was trashed and had no foundation and old wooden windows. He wants 20k but it is worth about 5k at best. Stated he would carry the note, but even with that, I would spend 20k just fixing it enough to live in...Really bad.....but i have their contact info and the son wants me to look at his dads house later on...

On to taft...House only needs too be updated in a few areas. About 5k total will make it pop and sell fast with an owner carry. Will ask for 15-20k down and carry the 50k balance for 5 years at 8%.. The investor backed out on me today but I found another one... Hey this thing closes on my the cards i guess.

Funny things

So, I was driving down town just now and this lady ran out in four lanes of traffic to ask me if I buy houses. I am trying to get seen but wow not kill someone. She told me that they (her family) was going to loose their home in less than thirty days if she couldn't find the money or sell the house. Took her info and went to hand her a card. She dropped the card and bent over to pick it up...She fell face first into the curb. She was drunk as hell. I can see why she is loosing the home. Lets see, she is drunk, loosing her home, half dressed and wants me to come over late tonight to see the house...Some money is not worth it...I will pass...


too funny! Smiling



“And will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!” ― Dr. Seuss

"I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends; I am surrounded by angels, but I call them friends" - Unknown

My journal:


That is too funny Kieth! So I take it your car sign is kicking butt! Sticking out tongue Sounds like its bringing you leads right, left and center! Smiling

Some Good some not

Yes it is but some of these people are out there let me tell you!!!

Taft Again

I close on Friday on a 3/2 home in taft that I picked up from a wholesaler in my home town. I had a buyer in place and they fell out about a week ago so, I found another to put up the funds for the purchase and repair work. Monday we went and looked at the house which needs about 5k in upgrades and on the way home he tells me that he doesn't have enough to fund it. After I recover from the trip I made two calls and found the funds and we will now close on time friday the 30th on my Bday. The details:
45k total to close the deal
5k in repairs
3k in assignment fee to wholeseller
Total: 53k
Will sell for 70k with 15-20k down and will carry the balance for 5 years at 8%
I will split the down with Ron who is helping to do the repairs. The person with the money will get 1k and his money back (didn't want to stay in for five years) and I will make 8% for five years when I cash him out.
I had to brain overload to make this work..Think outside the box on your deals and make them work..Now go get some..


The escrow will not close until Monday now because we are waiting on the grant deed from the kids to get here. Picked up the CC check from the investor and agreed to pay him back 1k for using his funds (53k) for about one month. This will set me back on some of the work I had planned to do on the six plex in ohio because I have to use my funds to replace his. I guess I will just have to hurry up and do another one...GO GET SOME

Thanks !!!! too you guys

I want to thank all the many emails and pm's from you guys on the video that is in the finals. The two coaches that sent me PM's to wish me a big congrads on being in the finals and providing me with info on teaching deans info to others. I will and have played it forward...

We will leave monday at noon with all the material we need to work on the house flip in Taft. Pulled comps for the area and they really range widly 25-138k. I think with the owner carry we will have no issues getting 70k. GO GET SOME.

Out of town

Going to taft in about two hours. I will be back after the voting has ended so if you have not voted please do...everyone counts.. The spam blocker had me down for three

Keb-you're back!

good luck with the contest!




“And will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!” ― Dr. Seuss

"I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends; I am surrounded by angels, but I call them friends" - Unknown

My journal:

Thanks to all who voted

I would like to thank all those who have voted and ask the one who have not to please vote this week.

He's back

Just got in from taft..Wow what a week..The house looks great but I am torn up..12 hour days with three guys in a trailer for 5.5 days gets old real quick. Went over budget for the first time but what do you do..Finally got the posting problem fixed by taking off my links on the page...Will put the back once they fix this mess...

The edge is coming

well the voting is over and now it is up to the computers to tell us who won the contest. I have already won just by being in the finals and helping others on this site. I had several people this past week contact me and ask me for my help which I will do IF THEY are willing to help themself first. Life is short and time will get away from if you don't move forward. Now go get some...


Got the first check for $500 for the short sale I did for ron...See it works...
Going to taft to finish the doors and baseboard.

Went to REIC meeting and gave dana a check for 6k ouch for the deal he wholesaled to me. Showed everyone the check and that this works....At the meeting someone new from lompoc offered to buy my village reo property for 100k which if we can get it closed that will be a 23k profit. I could up 25k into it and resell it for a 40k profit but I will take the money rather than the weeks of work...sweet

Working out like a mad man (two mile run in morning and power 90 at night) but sleeping like a baby at night. Down 8lbs but need to get to 210lbs. 21 to go for my goal to be reached....

I will be calling the bank every week from now on until they do this deal.

Looks as if I have found the guy I have been looking for in ohio. Contacted me from an add i put on craigslist and we are hitting it off. Great backgound in contruction and he has just started to learn about buying rentals (has two) and wants to learn and team up for some great deals..Need to check him out more but I like him so far... Now go get some

Dean's remarks

The man said it was real close until the last few days. Well we will see what happens on the stage i guess.
I had several people call on the house in taft this week. Have three showing up at 9:30 am on monday morning to see it. One is an investor and the other wants to just buy it for a discount. I told him 70k cash, credit or foood stamps we take it The third was a 19 year old kid that wanted to do a rent to own...Sounds like No down so he will be out if mom and dad don't help...
I will be a full time investor monday at 4pm when I close the doors on my business in lompoc. Contract with the city is over and I am glad before I killed someone...Dealing with city departments is so crazy...NOW GO GET SOME

10 days and counting

time is going fast this week because I am moving stuff at work.
The showing on the house in taft went ok but the investor saw that there was no cash flow for him for five years. I will run and add in the local paper this weekend...


I have been doing some research on a hard money company called Private Money Bank International. They seem to check out with everything I have read and seen so far. I just got off the phone with two people that have borrowed funs from them to do there deal and then at the end of their loan tern (6 months) converted the loan to 8% interest only for five years... I signed up to work with the company. Money to loan for your deals..sound good...I will use this type of loan on my next deal..NO GO GET SOME

it's time

Well in 60 hours I will be on the plain to AZ. Have my business cards for real estate and my cards for hard money lending.. Should be a blast..See you there gang....

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