KEB'S later years

KEB'S later years

Well, I guess I should start at the begining. After spending six years in the military and marrying a great Korean lady (25 years and counting). I went to work for the DOJ even though I had a burning drive to do my own thing (several small start ups). After several years (13) I had the honor (haa) of meeting a well how do we say, bad inmate that gave me a wake up call. Yea I lost the fight,lost some vision in one eye and had brain surgery (shunt placed in head) and retired medically. Present times: Bought a metal recycling company right before the 2004 olympics and made really good money for several years. Took the money and bought several homes free and clear in Ohio and California (can you say cash flow and ROI). I found that I love teaching what I know to others, that want to learn and to work with them on what I teach them. After I found this site looking around the web one day on vaction in HI when it was raining (12/10) and having read all of dean's books it was time to put it to good use. I have helped a few on the site with my insight on trust deeds, tax leins and others. I teach and invest until i am dead or can't hold my head up. This journal will be a log of what I do every week with real estate. Here we go boys and girls....


I must say that I have been blessed with a great team. Man they make me look I start with the best..Roberta Eastman...I just can't keep up with her, she has learned so much on her own about this business and has passed it on openly. Ground team in ohio...Freaking outstanding agent OMG dude is on it 24/7. Clean out guy..I call he comes and takes all home stuff for free, cleaning lady is spot on with deep cleaning for $65, the best one is our VA overseas. She is off the chart at 75% of what Roberta can do, and once the last member gets the bugs worked out (insurance man) we are set for 15 closed and leased by Dec. Great to have a team working for us..NOW YOU GO GET SOME

Fixing bugs

I am still getting all the little bugs out of our team in ohio. We have most of it down but things pop up. Returning calls from bandit signs today to fill the first one. NOW GO GET SOME

LLC and Trust work

Hi All
Just wanted to let everyone know I am still alive and kicking. Roberta and I have been finishing up the last part of the banking for the eight companies own (yes that's right eight, I know what were we thinking right?) They are all needed for the way we are doing things in Ohio and the teaching part of our business. It is however a real bear to get set up CORRECTLY. Properties are bought in a trust, trust is under a LLC and the LLC flows up to a Corp. So, yea it's a pain but that is the right way to lower your taxes or not have any at all.

On to the fun stuff. The houses are all ready to go and our ad's have been pulling in great leads which I am thinking we will have two or three gone next week via lease option. Finding some great deals here in town and in Ohio. Life is good so GO GET SOME..Keith

I'm glad you are still

I'm glad you are still kicking!!! I love reading you adventure please keeping them coming Keith. In our busy lives it is easy to not post as much but keep them coming. Congratulations on all the stuff you and Roberta are doing. Love always


"Don't tell me I can't, Tell me how I can."


Hi All
Hi Donna Doo
Just saw your reply. Well it is hard to post here much... But I will do my best.
Looks as if we are filling two lease options this week at 5k down and 825 per month with a 20k kick at the end. Two more to go and we will fly back to ohio and grab five more.. You can bet we will spread out the %^^%&%%^&^( it was a nice word) closings this time around even tho we have the system down. Learned that one the hard way... Anyways, we have to get all the auto pays set up and then it can run it's self....Smiling Just think we make 25k on each home or more using OPM over a three year period. Times that by four. How many do you think I want.... By the end of the week we will be putting a 45 year old mother in here first home.. Love it.. She cried twice already with me on the phone... Proud to do what we do...NOW GO GET SOME

Filling up

Looks like we have filled two of our four LO in ohio as of today. Great numbers and win, win ,win deal for all. Heading to VA for the holidays in Dec but stopping in ohio to pick up four or five more now that we have the systems in place. NOW GO GET SOME

Sometimes it works and sometime it doesn't

Ok, its been 20 weeks since posting last (shame hat) but we are out there helping families get into homes and that is good right???
Well we filled a house in Ohio with a young couple that just made it inside our cut off numbers for income. They put 3k down (option fee) and prorated rent of 300? and paid the first month lease of $800. You know what's next...They broke up
She lost her job because of a dirty UA test.

Here we are with our mouths open in shock as they both start called to tell on the other..REALLY, Had to unload the hammer and tell them that we are the bank on this deal..would you go to the bank teller and tell them what you are telling me???

Anyway not to vent here but to show that they all don't go as planed. Dog crap/pee in the basement because she put the dog there when he moved out (no wonder they took her kids). They are out and it's been cleaned and resold in just five days so it worked out in the end but WOW.. People

Checking in

Been some time since last post. Just wanted to stop in and say hello and post about deals.

Bought home in NH off of hubzu which we never do but ended up being a good one. ARV is 330k and we bought is for 226k. House house was remodel before it was take back by bank in Dec 2015. We will LO for 6k and 1,800 per month rent and the sell for 310k. Used OPM to purchase so great return..
Always keep moving forward guys..

deals deals deals

Sorry i have not be here in some time. Just crazy with deals and education. Bought hubzu house and leased optioned it out. Two weeks later the well went dry. NH is in need of water. We drilled to 625ft today and not good. Will fracture in morning to try to open it up.
Picked up hud house for 41k worth 140k and will do a lease option for 6k and 800 per month lease. final sales price is 140k three years out..Home run
Bought another hud today for 53k and is worth 100k. Big home like the other in great area with land. Same deal on LO.

Another great day

Had a great reia meeting in santa maria and had a great turn out of 14. Club is growing and people love our training format.
Let everyone know what we are doing and how we know if they want that first deal that they needed to focus on just one thing. Beat the crap out of it until you master it and move to the next. Heading to Ohio to buy up more deals.

keep rolling

been a while since i was here but just stopping by on my busy schedule driving across the u.s in a semi. roll on


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