KEB'S later years

KEB'S later years

Well, I guess I should start at the begining. After spending six years in the military and marrying a great Korean lady (25 years and counting). I went to work for the DOJ even though I had a burning drive to do my own thing (several small start ups). After several years (13) I had the honor (haa) of meeting a well how do we say, bad inmate that gave me a wake up call. Yea I lost the fight,lost some vision in one eye and had brain surgery (shunt placed in head) and retired medically. Present times: Bought a metal recycling company right before the 2004 olympics and made really good money for several years. Took the money and bought several homes free and clear in Ohio and California (can you say cash flow and ROI). I found that I love teaching what I know to others, that want to learn and to work with them on what I teach them. After I found this site looking around the web one day on vaction in HI when it was raining (12/10) and having read all of dean's books it was time to put it to good use. I have helped a few on the site with my insight on trust deeds, tax leins and others. I teach and invest until i am dead or can't hold my head up. This journal will be a log of what I do every week with real estate. Here we go boys and girls....

House in Taft

Well it looks like it is sold. Always do a follow up with people that look at your homes. Called the family the day after they looked at the home with my property manager and we worked our a deal.Here are the details:

Bought for 50k using someone elses money that cost me 1,500 to use. Went over budget by 3k but it worked out.
So I borrowed 52k (cost 1,500) so I will return 53.5k
Put 6k into repairs
Sold it on craigslist (72k)to a family with 15k down and I will carry the balance (57k) at 8% for 5 years. This will give me an extra 6,400 dollars over five years but the family told me they want to pay 2k per month so it is done faster...Ok by me.. We will meet the day after I get back from the edge..NOW GO GET SOME

Log off

For the first time since I have been on here i will log off for the edge:

I know you are logged off

I know you are logged off for the EDGE Woo Hoo. but i really enjoyed meeting you and I truly meant what I said thank you so much Keith!


"Don't tell me I can't, Tell me how I can."

Thanks Donna

I am back home now and will write about everything in a day or so...Great Weekend!!!!

Quiting the J-O-B business

KEITH! I am SO happy for you! You are an awesome person, through and through! I enjoyed meeting you! PS.. I lost 1.5 lbs at EDGE! (Probably because I didn't eat the kids food leftovers LOL Sticking out tongue) So, I'm now down 8.5 lbs. I think I still owe you lunch or dinner, because the original 7 lbs I lost was only 3.3% of my weight. Sticking out tongue

Keep kicking butt! Smiling

keb64 wrote:
I will be a full time investor monday at 4pm when I close the doors on my business in lompoc. Contract with the city is over and I am glad before I killed someone...Dealing with city departments is so crazy...NOW GO GET SOME

Thanks Tammy

I just want you to know I meant every word I said in your post. I just couldn't bring myself to take it when you needed it so much more than me. Yes, we played it back and forth during the contest but when it came down to it you had helped more people to get their butts off the coach and do it. Anything I can ever do just ask..

Wow what a great time

I am now recovered from the lack of sleep from the long weekend. The edge was so great and the people were just off the hook. From Val (my partner), Tina, John, Bruce and his wife, Bama girl (you rock), kimberly from L.A.,Cacoon, Jay and all the other hundreds of people there. The training was great, the food was beyond great and the hotel staff were the best I have ever seen.

Now to the other stuff: I did not get first place and like us all, we all want to be first but after meeting Tammy and talking to her for weeks before this happened I would not have taken the spot if I had won. I said this in another post and I meant every word of it. I had set my mine on Saturday that if I won I was going to shock everyone and give it to her. I didn't know how to tell it to dean so that he would not be caught off guard so I just didn't. I think it would have looked like I was being cocky if I had told him or his staff. It is something we don't have to worry about now but could you see the look on peoples faces when I stood there and said that we are a real family and because of that I want to help my sister out and give it to her...It would have been great or really bad. Tammy crying ,me crying hell everyone crying... I am glad she won because of the work that she has done on the site and the work she has done at home even though she was not supported.

Now to the deals. I have a buyer for Taft home at full price. 15k down and carry at 8% for 5 years but they are going to pay it off in 36 months. That is good because it is my money starting next month. I have flipped the house in ohio to an investor on facebook for a great profit. Bought it for 10k (signed via email the day before I left for the edge). Posted it on facebook for 22k with free PM and home warranty for one year. She ask me to increase the price and carry for 5 years with 5k down at 9%. I ask for 5k down, 3 years at 9% and a balloon (20) at the end. She agreed and I am doing the contract now... NOW GO GET SOME

Cleaning House

I am clearing all the junk out of my life so that I can raise this up a few levels. I am learning how to post stuff on facebook and the cashflownetwork. I will become a lean mean selling machine.

Great Deal

Before I left for the edge I had put an offer in on a kelly williams listing in ohio. The house was really nice and was rented for $500 per month. I placed a full price offer with one clause in it. I had to get a walk though before we closed. Now this house was listed at 10k so, my guy there did the WT and found there was a water issue in the basement (bad pump, paint). The repairs will run 4,500 retail. I ask for 2,500 off the already accepted price and with a letter from the agent who was there I got it...Bought it for $7,500 with a renter in place. I will spend 2k so I am in it for 10k total now. You don't ask you don't get.. The CAP on this is nuts...53% I will resell this with a property manager (free for one year) and a home warranty. Love it stuff..NOW GO GET SOME

wow 53%!!

Thats amazing buy it for 10k and rent it out for $500!!Smiling and to top it off free property managment for a full year lol cant beat it GREAT job!


yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the "present."

"Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still"

Sick of best and final

I am so sick of hearing best and final from greedy agents that I could just upchuck...I found a great house in a hot area that had been on the market for 30+ days? You had to sign a mold release to go in the house because a water pipe broke upstairs and the house was empty. Can you say flood...The walls and flooring in a 20ft area are toast and need to be removed and sprayed with clorox. The basement is bad with mold: walls, drywall and everything down there has black mold. My cost to fix it all would be 6k and the were asking 13,900 so I offered 4,500 because my cost is not retail cost. They came back with we have a higher cash offer what is your best and final offer (boa). They pull this crap all the time. Who the hell would sign a mold release to go look at a house other than me or a smart investor? I was told that they had a full price offer at 13.9k and I told them that my offer is 6k cash or I am done...If they fall out I will go back to 4.5k when and if they call. Always hold your ground...don't chase....


What do you post on Facebook? I was thinking of posting stuff there but not sure how to go about it. BTW, I love how you end all of your posts with "Now go get some". Smiling


keb64 wrote:
I am clearing all the junk out of my life so that I can raise this up a few levels. I am learning how to post stuff on facebook and the cashflownetwork. I will become a lean mean selling machine.


College Station, TX
"Declare that you will prosper despite every difficulty that may come your way. Don't just survive; thrive!"
-Joel Osteen


I am talking about posting houses for sale to facebook and cashflowclub on facebook.

Best and final

I am sick of this too Keith. It totally turns me off. I am out if they say that. There are far better deals out there. I swear sometomes I think they just try to creat a little buying frenzy... Oh brother....
Sounds like you are doing great my Friend Keep going


"Don't tell me I can't, Tell me how I can."

Best and Final

That is so annoying. And what's funny, a month later, there it will still sit on the market. I just beat the banks at their own game today. Not sure how much I can say, so I'm keeping it hush hush until I hear more. But, I will say this. Bank's stupidity CAN be used to our advantage in more than one way Eye-wink


Keep going Keith, you're on fire!!!!!! Smiling

Took a break

I took a few days off from my journal here to spend time with the wife and kid. So, here we go. Every week I fax an offer in on the house I have the deed and keys for in the village (lompoc,ca). I think they will do something with the house or they will get sick of me and tell me to **** up a role...Had a ton of calls from taft on the sign that is in front of the house that I sold at the edge. I will leave it up as long as I can and build my buyers list more.
I have started to mentor a paying student in California. They have a deal lined up and got stuck on what to do. They paid for Robert K. program and are not that happy with what they have done. I am also starting a reic in my city because no other person has stepped up to do it. It will be great to teach and have a place to offer my deals at the same time...NOW GO GET SOME

Hey Keith

Hey Keith stopping in to show some luv! lol Honestly haven't been on here much at all lately.

You are so rockin it! Both in RE and fitness goals!

I will go a back and read this thread through n through. I'm intrigued! haha!

Awesome on starting your own club!

You are such a winner! Enjoyed connecting with at the Edge. You have character, integrity and perseverance. Traits that no doubt are sadly scarce these days, so YES easily recognized. And not to mention you are a hoot to be around! haha!

You get the results you get, because you do what you do! Smiling

God bless,

Hey Bama

What's up girl...I thank you for the kind words...Why can't we have an edge every month...Well i guess that would not work because no one would get anything done. Work out this morning at the base gym what about you??....You will not even know who I am next year..i WILL BE 200 lbs, I will be in shape, my tatoo will be gone, I will have hair or it will all be gone, skin will be healthy and the chin will be gone....Oh did I tell you that real estate will make all that happen????? I have an easy goal...12 this year, 24 next year until I hit 5 deals a month...The end goal is 50k net per month and Bammm I am done....Travel, cars, wives in different states...ok not the last part but I can dream wait
I look forward to seeing you again at the edge and here on the site...Hey pm me I have a ?


You are too funny! about wives in different states.

Heck yeah, RE cures everything!! hahah! (almost anyway)
Sweet Keith! Do your thing and rock your new self next year!!

Yeah, I've been training 6 days a week. (4 are doubles/2 a days). Along with RE I have some serious personal, health & fitness goals to hit 2012. Stripping it down a bit. Guess what?? I'm adding CrossFit to my regimen in June (when new beginner class starts) if not familiar with it, search on You Tube. It's hardcore and I LOVE that! Also am about to register for Tough Mudder. Still working on the dates/location (thinking Oct'ish). Check it out, let me know if you'd be interested. Would be so cool that have a 'runnen buddy' so to speak. But either way I'll still do it solo.

k. back to RE, Dude, you are kickn butt!


What a week so far

The mentoring thing is doing good. I have two now and one that is on the fence. I am only taking on three so I hope he makes up his mind soon.

I found a locale hotel that is willing to front the first three months of my REIC meetings for free. This will be a great outlet for my deals and it will help wake people up to the deals that are out there.

Finally closing on the deal in taft sunday. He will be handing me a check for 15k and his first payment will be in July 1st. Next...

working on a four house short sale deal with Tina1 from here. We are also trying to get a big deal done in beverly hills.

Always put stuff in the pipeline so that you have deal following all the time...

Hey Keith

I have a deal in ES if you want to help wholesale it. If you have buyers in this area, let me know. Its 73% of ARV (with adding wholesale fees). Lets make some money together too! Smiling

15k in my hand

I just got back from taft and the family that bought the house just handed me a bank check for 15k. That is the profit from the 504 phillippine house up front and now I will make 6% over the next 5 years if they don't pay me off early. On too the next one..wait I have three lined up...small smile. Also, drove around and wrote down addresses and put up 15 bandit signs ..NOW GO GET SOME...

The look up's

I just finished doing research on the 32 homes I found in less than an hour while driving around taft the other day. Most are free and clear of any loans (big smile). A few of them are under water so I will work on the easy ones first and then come back to them once they are bank owned. For the people that say this is hard....Come have to get out there and look. I found 32 driving four streets for nine blocks each. This is my hot spot area to do deals and every city has one...You just have to go look. The MLS is dead here because they have ten offers on them and they want your best and final offer...More like I am finally done with you...... Research took me about 1.5 hours and I will do a yellow letter mailing on monday to all of them.. I will get about 5 calls and end up with one or two deals... Then I will mail them all again in 60 days and get a few more. This is what you have to do week after week, month after month ,to keep deals flowing in...NOW GO GET SOME...


I just got two calls from people that saw mu suv (wrapped) and wanted to know if I buy houses.... Will work on them Monday after I mail all these yellow letters out...I did it today..Got the bug...NOW GO GET SOME...

Looking up mortgage information?

Hey Keith, you are really kicking BUTT! Hey, I look at Proptrend to see what loans are on a home, and it has not been accurate yet. Is there a website or program you use to get the current and correct information on the loans on the property or are you having the title company look that up for you?

first american title

I use their agent site which you can get free if you run escrows through them.

A week gone by !!

I had a full week the last few days. I had placed bandit signs in taft as well as mailing out 32 letters to homes that looked run down. I have gotten two calls so far. One was a lady that wanted to sell her lot in taft for 15k..She didn't want to sell her home.. The other wants to sell his house and I am about to call him back.
Setting up for the meeting on the 14th here in lompoc. I am shy at first but I will get over it quick. I put it in the paper and on craigslist. So, we will see how it goes.
Closed on yet another house in ohio today. Nice 3/2 with big back yard. I will put about $1,500 in repairs and will sell it for 20k owner carry. Have several more lined up now... NOW GO GET SOME

The deal

Well the guy that called from Taft about selling his house returned my call. Here is the detailes on his mess: He owes 80k on the house in a 75k area tops, his loan is 30 years with 5.5% interest fixed, taxes are 1,800 which after looking because I thought it was way high turns out that the house was bought in 04 for 174k and no one complained about it so it has stayed that way. Most people would look at this and say there is no deal because if he hires an agent he will have to put money into escrow to close it... Wrong guys...there is a nice deal here...First i break it down to him what will happen if he hires an agent, what the market is there and so on. If it sits for six months and sells at 80k he will have to pay 15,200 to get it to close. If it takes three months it's 7,700 without and agent and 12,500 with one. So, I told him that I would take over his loan if he wrote me a check for 5k.
They are trying to buy a new house close to this area so if he takes my offer the bank will credit him 65% since I am paying the mortgage and he will get a new house. I will sell the house for 90k with owner financing in place (his) or as a back up I can rent it out (two houses on one lot) for a positive cash flow of 400 per month.. Recap: he gives me 5k the buyers gives me 10k = 15k in my pocket or I get 5k and rent to own with 10k...and on...and so on ..endless ideas on this one...I will let you know by friday...NOW GO GET SOME

REIC Meeting

Had my first meeting for our new club that I set up. I had 12 people there which I thought was great. I guess the word did get out there to alot of people. Started good and I told everyone there who I was and why I was doing this, what I had done over the years and so on. Then i ask them to do the same with why they were here and what they hoped to gain. We had everyone there from seasoned to brand new. I know this will grow and grow from here..NOW GO GET SOME..

Taft deal

Well I just got a call from my agent in Taft to let me know that our offer was accepted at 40k. Well, they called for highest and best last week and I told her that was it for me..You know what that means ..I paid to much! It is a 3/1 that is rented out for $600 per month and they want to stay. I guess they do because the rents for a 3/1 is 750 in taft. I have to do some work on putting the funds together for this one but I will make it happen. Have buyers in place if they move out so I am not worried about the renters once I move the rent up..

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