So your new to this: A guide for the new

So your new to this: A guide for the new

Hi All
I just wanted to post here on what I thought was the most important things a new person should do when starting out. Below you will find a list of what I think a new person should do first before diving head first into this great world of real estate investing.

#1.Ask yourself the real reason you are doing this. Why are you really doing this...We all can say money but it is more than money, let me tell you! Do the seven levels deep that dean talks about on here under his weekly wisdom. It will help you to put your feet firmly on the ground.

#2. Set goals: Don't just say them but put them in writing and put them up so that you can read them every morning and evening. It will help you so much you will not even realize.

#3. Find a mentor: Go to your local REIC meeting and find a seasoned investor and ask for some schooling. If they say no ask someone else. Check this site for help..There are several mentors on this site including myself. If you don't ask for help you will not get any. If we are to busy we can point you in the right direction.

#4. Make a to do list and carry it with you. Make the list on a piece of paper with three columes on it. Now, soon and later. Now is stuff that you need to you need to get done for real estate and other things in your life this week. Soon, is for stuff that is coming up like a website or LLC for your business. Later, is stuff that you want down the road like the house paid off or to take your family someplace special for a week. As you get things in the now area done you mark them off the list. At the end of the week you do a new list and move everything forward. It helps to get stuff done and before you know what has happened your goals are getting done. Got this from the edge (dean). He has the list in his pocket at all times...That is great stuff.

#5. Tell people who you are and what it is you do. Say it like you mean it too. If they don't know who you are and what it is you can do for them how are you going to get anything done. I have had tons of people come up to me and say so and so told me you buy houses or help people that need to sell fast.

#6. Advertise: Put signs on your car, make business cards, do fliers, get your name on the web. The web is the number one area to get your business to the next level. 86% of first time home buyers look on the web first for their home. What does this tell you that you need to do. Put it on your list under soon or even now if you have the funds.

#7. Build a buyers list: Run adds on craigslist for a house or go to the county recorders office and get a list of all cash sale in the last 30 days in your area. Send them a letter (yellow letter) telling them what you can find for them and ask if they could contact you back (business card).

#8. Get a deal and make sure it is one: If someone calls on your adds or signs and has a house, get all the info you can but the main thing is to let them talk. They will give you 99% of what you need to know. Then if you are unsure ask someone here or your mentor.

#9. Get an Agent: Some say this is a must..I have two great agents for items on the MLS but I have found most of my deals before they are on the MLS. Yellow letters, bandit signs and word of mouth. There are too many people on the MLS looking at the same thing you are. You can get deals there but so can everyone else... follow the road less taken.

#10. Don't stop: Most people get turned down and give up. If you do that you will do that with everything in your life...Life is hard so get off you &%## and make this happen for you , your family or ??? If you have seen my video then you know what can be done. There are stories on here that will make you cry but that will not put food on your table. You need to do that yourself and be the next story here. So, why are you still here reading this???Go do your list and start marking crap off...NOW GO GET SOME...

YES! I love loud in your

YES! I love loud in your face motivation, if I ever become a motivational speaker I'll be the loud one lol
I actually didn't know about mentorship, well I did but are there free one's? At least to kick start then when you're ready for the next level u take it there....

But is there a such thing as a free mentor? And if so...anyone here willing to take a chance with me?

I have been to Dean's 3day event and edge 2012,amazing stuff that I am putting into action, Thanks for the in your face,loud motiva, LOVE IT!!!

Loud I am

I think people like it when I am up front with them and don't sugar coat the truth. You can find help on this site anytime of the day or night. I may have met you at the edge but without a pic? I don't think anyone that is doing deals will mentor for free but you don't get if you don't ask. NOW GO GET SOME

LIst - Now/Soon/Later

Thanks for the List! I'm a newbie getting feet wet so I can use all the help I can get! I'm making my list today!

Clarify newbie

Joined the website but then lost job, computer broke so I'm just getting back to DG. Really tired of working for other people/companies who don't really give a HOOT about their employees but they are interested only in their own profits. It's sad that companies don't take care of their employees like they use to. Anyway, that's the past and today is the now! I'm willing to learn something new and I believe that DG is the way to do it! So thanks for list!


You are welcome...Always move forward..

deals are there if you just look

Driving around today found a guy loading a uhaul up. I stopped and ask if he was moving in or out..Out...So, I ask what he was going to do with the trailer he had lived in...Sell it to you I hope!!! That was the right answer...8k in a family park which I will sell for 12k and carry with 3k down..Have to look and talk..that's all...


New MHP in my area. What can I DO..What are my options... new kid on the block. Thanks for the list.




vquest...get the numbers first to see if there is even a deal there. The above list should help guide you along the way but ask for help here too.

Making offers

If you are not making offers then you are not investing...Just talked to Jen on facebook and she made 57 offers this past month..Put up 200 bandit signs....closed on 6 deal?? or more....Matt dude you better look think if they were dating...WOW

Monday is coming

Monday is only a few hours away..So, what have you done in your real estate business to get ready for the new week? I hear you....But that is not going to cut it... Did you talk to people this weekend, put up signs, hand out cards, look at houses, make offers, send out yellow letters, look at the new listings on CL, the MLS....If you didn't do one or any of these items...GO BACK TO BED BECAUSE YOUR not working this like you want to win it... I can say the I did.......six of the seven things I just pulled off the top of my head....Found three houses in a nice area on my walk this morning....Go get it because it will not come to you....NOW GO GET SOME..

New to this


I am new to this and my goal this week is to build my buyers list as I will be starting out with assignments/double closings. I have a few questions and I have spent a lot of time on this website trying to get some answers...but tomorrow is Monday and I want to start, so here are a few questions

1) I will be contacting 'For Rent' ads from Craigslist. Some of them have phone numbers, but many do not. When contacting the landlords via Craigslist messaging, do I use the same script as the yellow letters (for mailings) or is there another, quick and effective message to use?

2) When calling potential investors, if I get their voicemail, do I leave a brief message letting them know what i do and how I can help or is it best to not leave message and continue to contact them until I actually reach them? Which way is most effective?

I know simple questions, but I want to maximize my first time out and be prepared.

Thanks in advance for answers, you guys (and gals:)) are awesome with the posts.


New guy

You stated that you are ready for monday so that you can get started. My question to you is this, have to done the work (books, shops,reic club, mentor) to get the education you need? If the answer is yes then the same answer applies to the above.

New to this

Thanks for responding. I have attended the BOG and I have the books and workbooks but I didn't find the answer to that detail. They review in general, i.e. contact all the 'For Rent'. Now that I am writing this, I guess the answer is evident..Smiling. I will contact the 'For Rent' and speak with them. For those that do not have numbers, I will email them using the yellow letter verbiage (with some minor tweaks). When calling, if I don't get them I will leave my information. Something is better than nothing and I will keep going until I get some buyers.

Thanks for the response.


Keep on keeping on

You got it right. If you need a mentor contact via pm....Good hunting


Real estate investment clubs really help new people get off the ground and network. We had our meeting last night and 12 people showed up. Sold two properties and signed up a student to be mentored. Great night for all with training on how to find buyers and sellers.


I am keeping this up so that new people can read it and ask questions..

Keeping it up

I hope this post helps some of the many new people that PM me..


keb64 do you know of any REI clubs in the Fresno,ca area or how to find some. I have checked out a few sites that give list of clubs but none of them seem to be open anymore.


I don't know of any up that way. Try goggle on your area and see what comes up. Post on CL that you are looking for a reic in fresno. In a city that size there should be one..

Thank you

Thank you for this guideline. Having people like you on this site really help motivate those of us who are new to this.


Josette Augustin-Bisserette



Thanks for the list!

I saved it to my desktop so I can read it every day. I have been lagging behind and really needed something like this to get me going!

Hello from sunny CA

Hope all is well in your world this morning! I am new to investing, if you count six months of studying and worrying investing. My partners and I just went to the Buying Summit and found that Dean's organization is determined that we will succeed. But....

We are in the San Francisco Bay area, and our market has already started up - wholesale deals have pretty much dried up. We came into the program with no cash after paying for the education. Let me be clear, the education IS worth every cent! Now we are having trouble finding quick cash options.

We've done the online ads, got folks bird-dogging bandit signs for us, and have joined and regularly attended three REI's. We also have put cash into a direct mailing to absentee owners. They are calling expecting us to pay their price because they know real estate is gaining ground out here fast.

Any suggestions on how to find quick cash deals in our area would be greatly appreciated.

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