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Have worked many different careers! Lost job when company closed my division and got into retail again just to have a job. I've always been good at whatever job I have taken on and become a "expert" in that field. I'm looking to start working for me for a change!

Too many to list!

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This is to everyone who has used Dean's
system and has had a lot of success. I
'm a newbie so I have a lot to learn! I truly enjoy reading about the deals that ya'll have put thru. TERRIFFIC!! It gives someone like me HOPE! Thanks so much!


Why to go Linda!!!!! It's inspiring to hear the excitement in your voice and watching your body language. 11 Houses!!!! And to think that you are not done yet!!! It's great to hear that there are more like-mind people out there cause I'm sure tired of the naysayers!'s to getting off the "old duff" and moving forward. Congrats Linda!!!! Smile!!!

Welcome Aboard

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welcome to the site and the family. You should take some time and fill out your bio completely so that we know who you are and what it is you are trying to do here..

Welcome Aboard

I saw your post on the weekly wisdom today. You need to put out 30 bandit signs in a high traffic area. I have read all of the books and like the last one 30 days to realestate (yellow book). It is cut and dry and you need to follow it exactly just like the rest. We are in northampton county pa near warren county nj. We wholesale in PA, NJ and FL. Fill out your profile with some specific details it will help ALOT. PM me if you need anything I'd love to help and network together.

Keep reaching for the stars

Thanks for response

Thanks for the info! I was wondering which book was the best to go by! I'm in VA, DC & MD area - 20 minutes to DC, across the bridge in MD but live VA. I need to get started so your info helps! I was just up in NJ last weekend for something else - Elizabeth, NJ which was about 4 hrs 15 mins from me. I'll check you out on the map! I'd love to network with you!

I'm learning my way around this site! Sorry for the delay in responding.

Thanks for encouragement!