Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to take a few minutes and talk to you guys about remote investing. I have been doing this now for about 4 yrs. and its going great! People have big fears about this because they are not there physically to see the deals or establish a power team. I can tell you your fears are false. When doing remote investing work it just like your local market, find your buyers first, then find realtor and plug into their power team. Guy's your realtor can be your biggest asset! They already have, attorneys, contractors, title company's, escrow officers, appraisers, inspectors, etc.... that they can refer to you. That means you don't have to spend a lot of time finding everyone individually, because all you have to do is ask your agent to refer you to someone local and they will. Plus you agent can be your eyes, and ears for you in that market. Make sure when you are finding and agent to be confident when talking to them and letting them know you are an out of state investor and you will need them to preview properties for you so you can get pictures and videos on the property. This will help you get a visual of the property and help you run your rehab numbers. Just remember your safety net in all of this is your local buyers whom you will be wholesaling the deal to so, that means if you are off on your number they will let you know and you should have plenty of time to fix any issues or cancel the deal. As you guys all know some markets are drying up faster than other so the best thing to do is expand your market even if the means investing your time in another state. Below are a list of states and cities the big boys are playing in so you better get there too.

* Georgia
* Missouri
Kansas City
St. Louis
* Ohio
* Tennessee
* Indiana
* Florida
Ft. Myers
Ft. Lauderdale
* Alabama
* Wisconsin
* Michigan
East Pointe

Hope this helps in furthering your business success.



Eyes and Ears on the Ground

Shah's comments are spot on with my personal experience as well. I do have one additional suggestion that I feel is very important. In addition to your real estate agent being eyes and ears on the ground, I prefer to have an independent source of verification, and one who specializes in the physical condition of properties.
I have added a handyman to my team members, and made sure that I found them through other means than my real estate agent or other team members. I want them to be totally independent, because that's the only way I can get an independent opinion on a property that I found through my agent.
My source for finding the best possible handyman is through a $20/year membership with People can rate service providers like handymen, contractors, etc., for free, and I use their ratings and reviews to find a superstar. I can pay this person for inspections of properties, or other work that I may need done in the area, the rates are more reasonable than hiring an inspector for every property I place under contract, and I feel confident that I can trust the information I receive from separate independent sources. It's like getting a second opinion from a doctor.


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Still a Nice Long List of Cities and States

to make money in.........Thank You Coach Shah......for this helpful post......Smiling



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Thanks for the info coach Shah, I am in this situation now, I have access to the success academy is there anytime you think we could talk more about this? I could use a little more help.


I know it can and is being done, but it was very encouraging to hear you say your doing it. I want to do it in big cities. I don't want to work in my small town.


How do you get buyers remotely. I know one way is to ask your realtor for cash solds. Craigslist is a good way. I'm also very familiar with JEFF JENSENS 80 ways BUT HOW DO YOU DO IT REMOTELY ????


for natchez

Hi Natchez,

To respond to your question, "how do I find buyers remotely? The answer is below, the order of websites I use to find my buyers:

Find the city you want to search in, then go to the “HOUSING SECTION”, scroll down on that section and find “REAL ESTATE FOR SALE”, click on that link, this will take you to all the property for sale, look above the listings you will see a “GRAY” box and in there you will see the words “SEARCH FOR” followed by a white box you can type in, put your cursor in that box and type in “BUY HOUSES, then go to the next box it will already say “REAL ESTATE FOR SALE” followed by a black arrow pointing down, click on the black arrow and it will bring up a drop down menu for your, from that menu click on “ALL HOUSING” once that is done leave everything else the same and either hit “ENTER” or click on the “SEARCH” button. This will bring up all the buyers that are advertising to buy houses in your area. Go down the list one by one and click on the listing and read their advertisement and talk to them and get them qualified. Also, you know where you clicked on “ALL HOUSING” you can also go back there and click on “ALL SERVICES OFFERED” it is at bottom of list and see more buyers that are advertising.

* www.****:
Setup free account at www dot lead tackle dot com, and get access to 1 free buyer leads a day, go there daily on a 24 hr. clock to get your leads. Click on the link in the right side column under the login section that says “click to register” then it will ask you to select type of account you want, click on “Professional Service Provider” then it will take you to your account info, fill it out and toward the end select when it ask you “ I AM” select “REAL ESTATE CONSULTANT or INVESTOR”. Then login to your new account and on the right side of the screen you will see the words “I AM LOOKING FOR AN INVESTOR WHO IS INSTERESTED IN” then it will have three white boxes you can chose to set your criteria, fill those out and hit search at the bottom, then it will pull up a buyers list, simply click on the profile you want to view and write down there information and contact them.

Type in search box at the top “buy houses in (then your city and state)” or “we buy houses (then your city and state) and a list of buyers videos will come up, watch the videos and contact the buyers.

These are the best sites for me to start my search for buyers and to get a quick result from my work. Hope this helps.


definitely working remotely...

As I am currently living in Canada I do have to work remotely. I must admit I have been a little fearful but it is just like you say - work it like you do in your own backyard.

I am currently working in states that are close enough for me to drive to if I have to as I can't afford to be flying everywhere just now but this really isn't an issue as I am focusing on wholesaling right now to build up some capital with which to buy and hold.

I shall be checking this forum frequently as I have already been reminded of some things I have taken note of and filed somewhere in my stacks of notes and which are extremely useful.

Thank you,
Lisa Richardson

Hope everyone gets this

So many think it can't be done or are scared too death to try investing remotely but you break it down nice. Thanks and thanks to Dallin for adding to it as well!


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Other Ways to Find Cash Buyers in Remote Areas

First, Thanks Pitbull for your kind comments.

Three additional ways of finding cash buyers in remote areas:
1) Using or or, find investor associations in the remote are you are working with. Each one will have a contact person--they may be a good cash investor, or have a few suggestions of people in the organization who could use your assistance. If you can find a website for the club, they may have a list of their officers, with contact numbers that you can call for this purpose.
2) Call on Rental properties--you will either be talking with a landlord or a property manager. If it is a landlord, find out if they are in acquisition mode. Or ask them if they are interested in selling any of their rental properties, you may find either a cash buyer or a property from this call. If it is a property manager, ask them if any of their owners have notified them that they are looking to buy properties or sell one or more of their properties. This could lead to either a property or a cash buyer.
3) Go to, the National Apartment Association website. Click on the state you are working in, and find affiliate organizations. Again, call the contact person using the same approach as with the Investor Associations.
You can probably tell I am a big advocate of adding landlord buyers to your cash buyers list. I find it gives you buyers who do not need as deep discounts for a property to be attractive as would a rehab buyer.


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Another List

There will be some overlap here, with what Shah has posted above, but the Realty Trac Rental Top 20 (which means that prices are low and rents are high)for the last quarter is:
Memphis, TN
Saginaw, MI
Toledo, OH
Ocala, FL
Las Vegas, NV
Palm Bay, FL
Atlanta, GA
Jacksonville, FL
Deltona, FL
Springfield, MO
Tampa, FL
Port St. Lucie, FL
Orlando, FL
Phoenix, AZ
Detroit, MI
Lakeland, FL
Kansas City, MO
Dayton, OH
Syracuse, NY
Ogden, UT
Good places to build a list of Landlord Cash Buyers, and then find them some properties, or to buy a rental property for your own business.


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Thanks so much for all the helpful information. I like the side note about landlords not needing as steep a discount. More food for thought and definitely another approach.

I love this site! I love this site because of people like you!

have a great week!
warmest regards,
Lisa Richardson

Thank you Coaches!

I had already made a note of this thread; but like to see the updates as well. Tammy

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remote investing

Hi Lisa and Others,

Cash Flow buyer's, a.k.a Landlords want a property that is ready to move in so they can rent it out and make monthly cash flow. Most of them will do light rehab but would prefer something that is turnkey ready. They don't mind paying market price or just below because they will gain positive equity on the property over the years they hold on to it. They look to hold their properties for long term financial gains.

Here is a great site to find Landlords to possibly work with: : This is a great site to get possible off market deals directly from landlords. All the places on this site will be for rent, when you get to site there will be a white box on the right side, put in your city and state and hit enter. This will bring up your area, click on all the red bubbles and get owners info and call them tell them “I am a local investor and I am sorry I am not calling to rent your current place, I was wondering are you in the market to buy more investment property for yourself?” this will get the conversation started and if they say yes let them know you can help them find what they need, at this point use any of the script’s you like to get all their buying criteria.

Hope this helped.

Shah Ali

Thank you again

Great info !

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Shah I checked out padmapper

and have a question? It seems padmapper is for apts, so how does this help with calling landlords for houses to wholesale to them. Are there also houses on this site, or landlords for apt also have houses? Thanks for your help! Tammy

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Still wondering about landlords for houses versus for apts that are found on padmapper? Thanks! Tammy

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Tammy, I was going to allow Shah to respond first since he is the one who brought up padmapper. I personally have not used padmapper a great deal, but it could be a source for finding landlords who work with residential properties. Many of the listings are apartment complexes, and it is likely that we would be contacting a property manager.
In speaking with a property manager, we would identify ourselves as a real estate investor who provides a special service called "Properties to Order" for a few select landlord buyers, and do they know if any of their clients are in the market to purchase properties. Often owners will alert their property managers to be on the lookout for good deals.
We can also tell them that we'd like to meet them, give them a few business cards, and if they refer either a property or a buyer to us, we will pay them a referral fee, and do everything we can to help them have more properties to manage. This should be a win/win in their eyes, and you may have made a great new contact for building your business.
I don't know about you, but I love working with cash buyers who are interested in bigger properties, because the money that we can make from these deals increases dramatically. Hope this helps and Shah may have additional suggestions to supply.


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Hi Tammy,

Sorry for my slow response, I am in Brisbane, Australia doing a Boots on the Ground event and my computer time is limited. Dallin has given you some great advise about landlords. Yes, the site will help you find both, the more outside of the city you get you should find SFR's vs. Apartments. Keep searching this site will give you phone numbers and/or emails to contact people.

Good Luck,
Shah Ali

Thank you coach Dallin! Thank also Coach Shah

Great information Coach Dallin! I understand what you mean now. Coach shah looking outside the city I now also see how I can find potential in the sparse areas out there! Great information! Thank you both!

__________________ website FREE SOFTWARE FOR WHOLESALERS, REHABBERS AND AGENTS! Present professional looking deals to buyers and lenders as well as run your numbers and get the ROI.

Thank you all

This is why we love this site so much,everyone is so helpful.
After our 3 day training class 8,9,10 in Kansas City this month we are going to hit the ground running...Right now we are getting the knowledge we need to succeed.
Thank you all again


great thread...

Thank you Dallin and Shah!
I invest remotely too; it isn't much more difficult that investing in my own backyard; however, you absolutely must have A players on your team; if you have B players it won't work!
Also, make sure you research the city you're investing; you may start with city data (link below) to look up crime, school, employment, etc.



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Some updated areas to keep your eyes on..

Great information from great coaches Dallin and Shah.
I got this list from Forbes for areas to be aware of and keep in consideration. There might be some duplication as to some of the previous lists.


Kentucky and Indiana-
Louisville/Jefferson County

Fort Worth- Arlington

North Carolina and South Carolina-
Newport News

Virginia Beach-Norfolk

Nashville- Davidson-Murfreeboro-Franklin

Atlanta-Sanday Springs-Marietta

Oklahoma City

Tampa- St Petersburg-Clearwater
Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach-Deerfield Beach

Las Vegas-Paradise

Bosie City- Nampa

Grand Rapids-Wyoming

Salt Lake City



Minneapolis-St Paul-Bloomington

Amazing information

Thank you all for this great information. Coach Shah, this is Michael from Vancouver and we've talked previously.

I have been struggling to build the buyers list almost from the get-go but as with my previous career endeavors, I've tenaciously figured out what needed to be figured out. As a Canadian, I must do the investing remotely and talking on the phone or by emails is somewhat difficult when there is no face to the name. I also don't think I'm alone in this struggle.

I am constantly looking for information to help me in my new investing career and I must say that the coaching information keeps me very motivated.

Well done coaches and other users, please keep the information flowing.



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thanks this is great news.

God bless you always.
Keep up the good work.
Add us to your buyer and sellers list asap.


IM a Diamond in the rough looking for partners I would like to be apart of dean's elite team in the very near future my goal is 100 properties a year

god bless all the members may we all shine bright like diamonds.



This is a response to Michael's post above. As one of the coach/trainers, I've spoken with a lot of people who find it a challenge to get on the phone with someone. I'm not sure what point you've reached with your program, whether you are looking for cash buyers, or interviewing sellers or agents, but for some of these things, I've compiled little scripts that help with your anticipated results. If you wish to private message me and provide an email address and what you are working on, I'll be happy to respond.


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Contact info

Hello sir, I've PM'd you and I hope I did it correctly



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Thanks for bumping this thread up. Somehow, I missed it.

This is an excellent thread!



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Coaches outstanding. This is not only helpful but necessary even for one investing in their own back yard, because the clearer your sources to establish buyers the more momentum one can gain and thanks to all who participated here


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