Arkansas law favors landlords, but wow

Arkansas law favors landlords, but wow

tenants can go to jail for failure to pay rent. Landlords do not have to even maintain their properties. Great for landlords, but very harsh on tenants. Watch just a few minutes to see.

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That is

That is unbelievable that you could be arrested for allegations of non payments, and have no legal standing to defend yourself just goes to show you how state laws vary


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I can't believe it

This is crazy, people are going to jail or getting charged as a crime committed because they are late on making rent payment or didn't leave the property in 10 days of notice. These people in the state has to set up some type of protest to change the law. I understand giving someone a fine or giving them a longer eviction time but not arresting someone. If I was to purchase property in Arkansas now I would never press charges on someone because of late rent or failure to leave n 10 days. This is just unbelievable


Reynold Orozco

Tough Lanford Laws are GREAT

Hey, let's be clear here...
If you eat a meal and don't pay for it YOU GET ARRESTED. It should be a crime to steal the use of someone else's house and not pay for it. Evictions should be quick and Criminal penalties applied for theft. I would NEVER live in a house past what I had paid for, beyond that is stealing.

it is a very bad

it is a very bad

Mark while I agree that Landlord laws should be available

to landlords, but sending them to jail after 10 days is crazy. The jails are overcrowded as it is, but I do think they should have swift laws to get them out of a property. Also as the law stands now slumlords could abound. One should have to maintain a property.

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That's what happens when

That's what happens when republicans get elected. Now the people get to suffer going to jail b/c they are one day late on their rent. Criminal jail time for a civil action. Are there any updates on this law that should be posted here?


it said in the video. but i dont know if it has or not. Maybe Tammy knows she lives there. do you know tammy ???


Actually I just found it...

A judge ruled it as cruel and unusual's the link:

only monsters would have passed such a about OVERKILL on those who have almost no extra money to spare.

Cruel and unusual punishment?!

I love it! PAY YOUR STINKING BILLS! I am not in this business for charity, I have bills to pay and expect others to hold up to their end of the contract. I guess that's to much for some folks to expect or to actually carry out. Have to laugh about the repub comment, yeah, those darn repubs, they expect people to be honest and accountable, now that's just crazy. HA HA Wait until you have renters that don't pay and your bills are still due. I think if folks are late you should be able to lock them out asap, no questions asked, come back with my money or I should be able to sell it your stuff to get what you owe me.



jackk09....the laugh is on you dude

Yea, I was waitin on someone like you to chime in. Laughing out loud

If my renters don't pay their rent in a timely manner, then I'll have whats called their "rent deposit". Ever heard of a rent deposit? I'm sure you're still new to the business and haven't a CLUE what that is.

Successful landlords nowadays will charge 1st AND Last months rent Upfront plus an additional deposit if need be for pets and such.

Problem solved.

If the renter decides if they can't or won't a 3-day and they're out.

But as far as sending people TO JAIL for failure to pay rent...that is a violation of the U.S. Constitution on the grounds of 'Cruel and Unusual' punishment.

If you're not smart enough to charge a deposit upfront from your renter...maybe you shouldn't be in the business.


Ha yeah Joe, new and should get out, great advice. I see you haven't been to involved around here, I look forward to you sharing your wealth of knowledge. Have a good evening buddy.



Yea it is great advice

and you take it so well...

Now thrall me with YOUR acumen Laughing out loud

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