Quick Tip To Build A Quick Buyers List

Quick Tip To Build A Quick Buyers List

Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I've posted but It feels good to be back! I just want to give everyone a quick tip on building a buyers list. You can easily add 2 to 3 names a day without changing your normal schedule and if you actually devote some time to do this specifically, you can build a very decent size list in a couple days!

First thing you'll need to be able to access is your local county auditor website. Most will be able to do this. Somewhere on the site you will be able to do a property search by address. If you have yet to use this tool in your area then you are missing out! It can be very useful in a number of different ways! If you currently own a property or have a particular address in mind then do a search for it to familiarize yourself with the site. If you can do this then you are all set for the next step.

Now next time you are out and about (or you can even use craigslist in the property for sale and for rent areas, but craigslist will take a little more work because the address is now always listed and we are not particularly focusing on MLS listings.) jot down the address of the house you see for sale by owner or especially for rent. Once we have these addresses, we are going to do a property search on them one by one.

The property search will provide key information about the particular property but what we are looking for in particular is for the owners name. The owner's name will appear in the property details page probably at the top as a clickable link. If the owner only has one property then the page will simply refresh. However, if they own more than one you will be taken to a page where you can view the owners other properties. (I hope you are starting to get the picture!)

Your goal is to take the addresses you've compiled and find out which properties have an owner with a multitude of other properties. If you find the owner has more than three you have a good chance they are an Investor! (Also look for the owners name to be an LLC). The more properties any given person owns the more likely they will be searching for more and have the finances to pay for a great deal you will forward them in the future. (You can also do this on vacant houses to find out who the owner is and a lot of times the owners address and phone number will be provided in the property summary.)

Now, some might say "well why don't I just call and ask the person if they are an investor once I see the for sale or for rent sign?" and you could do that by all means. But you should still do the property search. The point in doing it this way is having better insight and also it let's you know how serious and experienced of an investor they are. You've heard the term "People lie, the numbers don't"! This gives you the chance to prequalify your investors!

Keep in mind, this is not the only way and just because a person doesn't own 4, 5, or 6 houses doesn't make them a non serious investor. Once you get familiar with the site and all the stats it follows you will be able to narrow down owners who only own 1 or 2 properties as well.

Hope this helps wether you are reading this for the first time or seen a similar post!


great tips!

Good information! Thank you for sharing! There are alot of great resources to help with your buyers list. This is a great way to get facts about previous buying and you are right - numbers don't lie. Don't overlook that power of real estate investment clubs. So many investors connect and network through these investment clubs.

keep up the good work - we're glad you're back!!




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I am going to give this a try! So, I need to type in county auditor, right?


www.tw4homes.com website
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Great info!

Definitely worth seeking out.

Hard money lender

Find hard money lenders in your area and search the records for loans they have made to investors. Then search the investors they have loaned money to and see if they borrow from other hard money lenders. You can also uncover some private lenders this way. The recorder's office can be a wealth of information if you know how to navigate your way around.

Thanks Markus!

Thank you for sharing your tip.
Also, as Markus says, when you're out and about, driving around looking at empty houses, don't overlook recent sold houses that are being rehabbed, chances are, it was bought by an investor, who is probably looking for more properties in the area... There's another buyer for your list!



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County Auditor or Assessor's Office

I might be missing something here. I went to my county's auditors website and didn't get anything out of it there. So I went to the Assessor's website but it would not allow me to get any info on the owner of the property. I would have to physically go to City Hall and look on their computers and I could get the owners names that way. Call me lazy,,,,,,,,but,,,,,,, maybe I'm looking at the wrong web site?

Definitely County Auditor

You definitely want to check the county auditor's website. Not every county will have one but most larger one's definitely will. If you let me know which you are in I will see if I can find the website and direct you to the right place for the property searches!

OK, Auditor

Thanks Marcus for the PM. It was totally unexpected for you to help me out. Again, Thank you very much,


Sorry about the typo. I guess I'll get more points for it though. Smiling


That's what this site is all about right! But anyway I stand corrected! for your county it is the Accessor site. I did find where you need to enter the property address at and I will private message you the link and definitely don't hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions. I'll do what I can to help!


This is so unreal. I have been reading left and right about ways to find buyers but this just blew me away. How is it that these websites exist. Its unbelievable. After about 5 minutes to learn how to use the website I started to put it to the test. I went on craigslist and searched properties for rent and for sale and put in the address up on the quick search ( reg search is too complicated ) It came up with the info and the owners name. If it comes up Doe, John & Jane I just searched Doe for last name and John for first name only. If he had a middle initial I would ad it > Doe: John E < to the search. It would pop up all his info and all the properties he owns. I just read this at like 1 in the morning but soon as I get up im going to do some serious searches. Thanks man. This is so awsome. Kudos!!

Very Welcome!

Very happy to read that this helped you!! I'd wish you luck but I believe success is all about being prepared and this is definitely something that gets you one step closer! So let me know when you build a great list!

Am I just not looking in the

Am I just not looking in the right place? I looked at the Auditors website and can't find anything there but I could search for properties at the assessors website. But the only info it would give me is the information on the property with tax values nothing about the owner.


Thanks for the tip, I've done this before I started real estate to just look up info on my parents place. And I have not thought of doing this . Thanks again....

To the Lost Boy in the Dark Alley

Lestat611 wrote:
Am I just not looking in the right place? I looked at the Auditors website and can't find anything there but I could search for properties at the assessors website. But the only info it would give me is the information on the property with tax values nothing about the owner.

yeah thats basically what it is. You go to the site and put in an address on the quick search. theres also a standard search for owners, property address ect you go to owners to put in the owner name. It should have thier names on it. Also there should be somewhere you can click that says reports. It shows the monthly sales ofproperties and it should be divided in catagories like 1-49,000 50,000-100,000. click on one of them, look for the option to show more than 20 and you got the names there. Also I cherry picked at first ( Im a lazy boy >_< ) and just searched for all the properties of the Owner names that had LLC in the name.

hope this helps. If not send me a pvt message with your county name and the website maybe I can fiddle around and find it for you.


I checked the Lancaster Assessors site. Every county handles the records and information they provide to the public differently. All thought in most counties it is the County Auditor that provides the info, in your case it would be the assessors. It seems that they keep all their records in house and if you want anything other than tax info when doing a property search it tells you what office to go to in order to get the desired info. I'll keep looking as well and If i come across a way for you use property searches as the rest of us do in regards to building a buyers list I'll let you know and hopefully kubankhaos can figure out something as well.

Thanks for the great tips!

Thanks for the great tips! We're going to give this a try. We are actively working on building the buyers list and this should certainly help!


Let me know If you have any questions!

Finding Buyer's

Hi. My name is Francis and I would like to say thank you for this information.
It will go well with the pile of other ideas that will help me make deals.

I can't stress enough how this site can help the new guy..any new comer.

I enjoy this site and again thank you for your time and effort to help others.


'Fortune Favors The Bold', Francis Lambert

No Problem

Glad to be of service to you!

Newbie to being a real state investor!

Anyone went to a local(in your area) Real Estate investors club and built a list of buyers that way? I know i am between 2 huge markets and i know i can find good deals easily using the 25:1 method, I just need to build a list of investors!


Yes, I highly recommend attending your local REIA. Majority of my buyers have come through my networking efforts at my local REIA.


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Here is a FREE property analyzer I've found:


It's a great tool to use to help analyze your deals (and did I mention it's FREE)! But, you really should spend the $97 and get the full premium edition! IT'S AWESOME!!


Thanks! So my plan is get some business cards made so i am taking serious by these guys just like dean suggested! hopefully soon i will post about my first deal! Everyone who writes in these forums thanks for building up future investors!


Hi. Michael.joslin85.

I have been on this site for some time now and I ONLY read how the BEST way to meet those you wish to deal with in this field is in person where they hang out "Real Estate Investment Clubs".

This site could not tell you enough times I'm sure.

It is wise to bring your business cards as you intend to.

A list of questions for these buyers would help, such as

1. where would you like to invest?
2. Type?; condo, single fam..
3. Square feet
4. Bedrooms?, bathrooms?
5. Pool, Pool house?
6. Driveway, gagrage?
7. Buy, Rent?
8. Paying cash, need financing
9. 20% down? more-less
10. How much equity do they need?
11. School system
12. City or quiet suburb
13. Near their employment?

...and so on.
I hope this helps.



'Fortune Favors The Bold', Francis Lambert

Great Advice!

Definatley helps me be more prepared for the meeting coming up! its beginning to feel more like business than just an idea!I will get started on my list of questions :-)Thank you

This subject box is annoying

Michael.joslin85 wrote:
Anyone went to a local(in your area) Real Estate investors club and built a list of buyers that way? I know i am between 2 huge markets and i know i can find good deals easily using the 25:1 method, I just need to build a list of investors!

Real Estate Investors clubs are good but not great just remember that. Unless your in a major city and go to a well known one your usually going to be in one that only has 20 people or so and of those 20 people only about 3 are Buyers. Not including the people that are puting it together, they are usually a RE agency from my experiance. So dont rely too much on it unless theres a ton of people. Im a newbie and havent done my first deal but im obsessed with buidling a strong buyers list first before I do anything and RE clubs are not that great you need a combination of everything. IMO everyones number one method is bandit signs. Im searching high and low in my city for cheap materials for bandit signs until I asked on the forums. Post "Bandit sign materials" theres a site there a guy gives me with super cheap signs that are plastic ( florida rain sucks ) and very durable for really cheap and in yellow.

3/2 For Sale!!
Owner Desperate

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On the same page it seems

I too am finding myself to be obsessed with building a strong buyers list! i live right in the middle of Sn Fran and Sac. So i guess i should try one of their reia's! If you dont mind what is the site of the guy that you buy the bandit signs from? and since you have began building a buyers list have you started on your sellers list yet? i have been given several ideas (by dgers) that i want to implement!


I feel that clubs are a sea of like minded individuals looking to buy & sell as well as do other types of deals. when I lived in jacksonville fl I belonged to jaxreia.com and we would have 150 200 people in attendance at each meeting. it was great. they also had educational classes one could attend for free as part of your membership fee on how to wholesale lease option etc..... classes were held every tuesday if you didnt want the education then one could go just for the networking opportunities. every tuesday really helps you to stay in the loop. seemed like a heck of a deal to me. if thats not enough sometimes vendors (people like home depot sherwin williams plumbers electricians window sellers etc...) will give discounts to members.

as you can see I live in Mississippi now. when I go to the club in Jackson, Mississippi we have a great meeting. so I think it is well worth it. you can find people to sell your deals to and buy deals from.

hope this helps,


type LLC in the space on your county website and all the companies that are llc's will come up and look for ones that say "xyz properties llc" etcetera....


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