"We Buy Houses" bumper stickers - Do they work?

"We Buy Houses" bumper stickers - Do they work?

I never thought of using them, but I've thought about trying the magnet bandit signs. How much are they, and what is their success rate? Thank you. Smiling


Yes and give some college

Yes and give some college students $10 a month to put them on their bumpers. Tell them to come by once a month and if it's still there you will give them another $10 they will forget about it untill they need gas.

Yes, they work

and so does just about everything else that's out there because you only need one "hit" to pay for the effort. I'm thinking about paying for fortune cookies for a local Chinese restaurant that has my message inside. Don't know if I'll do it, but again, it only takes one.


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Bumper Stickers

D.C. Aren't they nothing more than a modified Realtor sign that Agents use for advertising the Agency and themselves ? The only part is that I think we know how much people dislike bumper stickers that they haven't approved to be there. Most of them do not have a phone number to call on them so beware.
Magnetic bandit signs on your vehicle and others that approve of it , GREAT IDEA !

Fortune Cookies

Laughing out loud Bill if you do it be nifty if you tell us what the messages are and the costs . It'd sure get the patrons attention without them knowing it ! That's the best way to get something stuck in their mind. Great idea ! (Of course you know you'd have to watch your wording real well.) I love the idea. So there is another idea to go with the stickers and signs.

car magnet signs

here is a link to some...



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advertising supplies

another great site for things like this and much more is vistaprint I order my business stuff there mostly and they have good prices too.

Bumper Stickers

Glad he is out in sand box with those stickers !

Print Windshield Sticker

Custom bumper stickers are a great way to advertise and can be personalized with your own message or slogan. The branches of the military armed forces recruit or use them to attract the attention of people, like many popular colleges and universities.


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Custom guard stickers are an

Custom guard stickers are an extraordinary approach to promote and can be customized with your own particular message or motto. The branches of the military enroll or utilize them to draw in the consideration of individuals, in the same way as other prevalent schools and colleges.
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As long as magnetic signs

As long as magnetic signs are visible, it’s bound to work. It will get you what you want. It will be effective but it needs to be striking.

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