Asking For Expired Listings From Your Realtor...

Asking For Expired Listings From Your Realtor...

I have read threads on this site that say contacting people with an expired listing from is a great way to get sellers, however I do not know what to say to my realtor to get her to give me this highly guarded information.

I asked one realtor that I am working with and she said she could not give me the info then she wanted to know why I needed it. I told her I would contact them, possibly offer them cash and give her the listings.

I am sure I have done something wrong.

My main question is what do I say to realtors for them to give me the expired listing.

Thank you in advance.



It sounds like you asked the right question. Did you ask the agent why she couldn't give you the information? Your explanation to her is right.
Man, I should copyright, "No you can't do that", I'd make a fortune off of a lot realtors, lol.



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Expired Listings

I mail out to them every week, If your agent wont supply the list, Find yourself a new agent that will. Its just that easy to do. A lot of them dont even know how to get the info in the first placed, just save yourself a lot of headaches and find yourself an agent who understands how to get the info and will supply it to you. Theres nothing illegal about it, good luck out there, action= success.


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Thank you for the responses.

Hey Jocely. Have you read

Hey Jocely. Have you read through the threads for the "30 Day QCF'? If not, check out the link below and read through where it say WORKING WITH AGENTS. Hope this helps!

30 Day Quick Cash Formula - Table of Contents


Realtors won't work for free unless they have some incentive, except if he/she is your spouse, friend, or family member who will do it as a favor. Maybe you want to give this realtor an incentive, such as like the agent will get 3% of sales if you get into a contract from one of this expired listings. In this part of the country, sellers pay about 99% of the commission, so you might even have the seller pay this 3% commission to the agent.


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